365TradingFX Review 2021–Does this broker match up to expectations? (www.365tradingfx.com)

365TradingFX Review 2021 – Does this broker match up to expectations (www.365tradingfx.com) - Click42


Are you looking for a broker to confide in? If you are a trader who has been in the industry for some time now, you will notice that there has been an influx in online brokerage firms. This has made it almost impossible to make a choice. While there might be a large number of options available, only a few selective can match up to expectations.

I have had my fair share of experiences with online brokerage firms, which is why I have been able to critically assess each one of them and determine which one is most suitable for my business. Each trader chooses a platform for trade operations based on their scale of requirement. This is exactly why the strategic ploy may vary with respect to each trader.

I for one look for two simple things when I choose a platform:

  • Solid Security Regulations
  • Dependable Customer Support

There are veteran traders out there that have strict rules for each trade operation, which is why they prefer the use of several analytical tools. Depending on how large your business is, your trading requirements will vary accordingly. CFD brokers today welcome traders from around the world. The fact that they don’t need to physically buy an asset in order to own it makes Contract For Differences a necessary trading venture in the global market.

One CFD broker that is currently making waves in the market is the 365tradingfx and I have been a customer of this company for the past year. Its new-age technology has grasped the attention of many, but if you are still wondering whether to invest or not with this firm, then maybe my review can help you out.

Attractive and Engaging Theme

As soon as you access this platform’s server, you will be directed to its webpage. Now, the landing page itself is equipped with most of the service features, thereby making it easier for you to access them. 365tradingfx has stuck to a simple interface, which makes for less clutter. Another reason why I applaud the platform is because it has kept a bright outlook. There are too many online trading platforms with dark and bland web-pages which makes for a dull overall outlook.

365tradingfx has been able to attract a wider demographic of traders owing to its simplistic outlook. Most of the time, brokerage companies ignore the basic framework of a platform while trying to introduce new, innovative features. Not only does this mess up the trade operations, but it can also be extremely confusing for beginner traders to find their way through.

Even though I like the colour scheme, I observed that the platform does not segment the graphics in their layout, which can at times make for a haphazard interface. There is no option for language selection available on the platform, so you will have to operate the server in the English language itself. The date and time are aligned on the top left corner, however, this feature is not available on the mobile browser.

Regulation and Security Parameters

As a trader, you must be aware of how essential it is to have a decent regulation on your trading platform. This is because the market that you are trading in has high-risk operations and to have a regulated platform at hand ensures that it is verified for smooth trade operations. 365tradingfx matches up to all these assessments and more, and the way you can ensure that is by examining their legal framework. If you are wondering how to do so, let me tell you that the platform exhibits transparency when it comes to the legalities that hold it at bay in the open market.

I found this transparency by the platform very commendable as it features their confidence in their security guidelines. I was able to overview everything from the terms and conditions to the risk disclosure statement. Not only did it enable my trust in this platform, but it also helped me trade with more authority.

365tradingfx regulates its services through proper verifications and guidelines. Clients have to show accordance with them otherwise they won’t be able to continue with their operations. Considering that the platform has such a loyal clientele speaks for itself as more than 1 million clients are currently registered. The list continues to grow with each passing day as the platform gains more wind.

Tradable Assets

Tradable Assets - 365TradingFX Review 2021 - Click42

365tradingfx provides you with a series of investment opportunities, and it is up to you to make the most of it. The 200 tradable assets under its domain feature alternative categories such as Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Crypto and Indices. I had never traded with cryptocurrencies before joining this platform. But as I said, I had a newly gained confidence in this platform and I decided to join the bandwagon of the cryptocurrency exchange world. While I did find the collections of cryptocurrencies updates, I felt like the platform could do more with its collection of Indices.

Charting and Analysis

I remember when I was a beginner level trader, I could not comprehend charting that well. It took me time to grasp the details of this trade information illustration. But ever since I figured out to interpret it, I always make sure to track the current positions of my assets through it. Charts are really helpful in making price predictions, and they depict the situation of the market quite comprehensively in their display.

365tradingfx offers its customers expansive tools for chart customization and analytical tools for trade analysis. This will help you get a market review a lot quicker and you will be able to make your trade reports in due time. I was able to keep a target on certain securities’ prices and assess their price movements accordingly. I do believe that 365tradingfx has enabled me to become more efficient when it comes to my trade operations. Its fast order execution and useful technical indicators can really set the momentum for you. You will be able to get effective trades using the drawing instruments and chart indicators as they will help you align your favoured assets accordingly.

Even though the chart custom features are contingent upon your selective strategy, you can still avail the many useful options available. 365tradingfx has a software design that is efficient therefore, you won’t face any glitches in your way through making various different strategies. Even though I felt like they could have aligned the custom features pop-up lists a whole lot better, the fact that so many options were available makes the experience just as amazing.

Client Support Network

Client Support Network - 365TradingFX Review 2021 - Click42

365tradingfx has a solid administration that takes count of all clients that are associated with the platform. They manage to stay connected with each client by offering different means of communication such as phone, live chat and email. Each of these options is just as effective and responsive.

The phone support option can get you a direct line to the service representatives, however, you can avail of this option only if you reside in Australia, Canada or the United Kingdom. I always sought the live chat option whenever I had any query, as I found it to be the most proficient. You see, if you send out an email; you get an automated response immediately that your query has been patched through to related service operators. While on the other hand, with the live chat, all I need to do is ping to get an active response from the service operator and within a few minutes, a related representative from the platform is answering my query.

Not only support, but the platform also welcomes feedback from its clients. This allows them to better their service operations by catering specifically to the needs of the customers. Since 365tradingfx strives to be a client-oriented platform, I am hoping that it progresses towards a lot more inclusivity. The server currently is not accessible from certain jurisdictions. I inquired about this from the support representatives and they deemed this under strict market regulations. So, traders from certain regions might not be able to make an account on this platform.

Withdrawals and Deposits

365tradingfx monitors all of the trade operations and funds transfers made by its clients. This is why you can rest assured that all your transactions are secured. There are a number of ways to transact on the platform, but if you wish to achieve efficiency, it is better that you use the same means of withdrawal and deposits. In this way, you don’t have to pass through extensive verification procedures. The platform has strict regulations for large transactions and you will be required to submit a document for identity verifications.

Last Comments

365tradingfx is a forex representative that brings a lot more to the table as compared to its competitors. Its diverse, innovative features make it stand out from the crowd. The platform takes this stance with responsibility and does not charge any hidden expenses from its clients. The affordable entry prices make it the ideal choice for beginners. So, if you are a trader who is looking for a dependable platform, this one is definitely worth a shot.

*Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation. I cannot be responsible for any inconvenience that might occur trading/exchanging with this company.

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