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BITTEKS 2021 REVIEW Rating - Click42





Education Center: eBooks, Glossary, Asset Index, Webinars

Security: KYC, AML, Privacy Policy, Risk Disclosure Statement

Charges: Zero Commission, expenses on Spread

Best For: State of the Art Trading Platform


Investment Products – 3.7/5

Bitteks does well in giving me a balanced scope of asset options for me to invest into. While they are prevalently centered around forex trading with several forex currency sets accessible, they additionally provide a scope of different markets incorporating CFD trading cryptocurrency, stocks, commodities, and Indices. They additionally accommodate trading forex options through their devoted Options trading service.

Inside these markets, I found an extraordinary level of extension with a lot of stocks accessible to trade in significant organizations from around the globe. If you are keen on crypto trading, at that point there are 13 crypto assets for trade sets with significant monetary forms or other cryptos. Altogether, more than 200 assets are made accessible for trading with Bitteks. This addresses a decent choice with assets to a wide range of brokers. Added to this, if you are situated in the UK or Ireland, you can likewise take part in spread wagering through the agent.

Commission and Fees – 4.3/5

Commission and Fees - 4.3 5 - BITTEKS REVIEW 2021 - Click42

Bitteks promotes commission-free trading through the entirety of their accessible account types. This is made possible due to the way that they are a market producer dealer who fundamentally works their own inward market estimating and go about as a partner to your trades. I observed that this is something contrary to certain representatives who encourage direct market access with decreased or no spread except for force commission.

The spreads no matter how you look at it Bitteks start at a serious level. When trading significant markets, for example, the EUR/USD forex market, you can anticipate that spreads should begin from 0.9 pips. This can lessen further if you open an expert trading account which the intermediary offers. For these dealers, the spreads start from lower pips, however, these accounts have various prerequisites and are for the most part simply available to all traders.

Bitteks charges are overall reasonable, and they work effectively at attempting to restrict these, however, much as could be expected. I did not incur a deposit or withdrawal expense except for if I was utilizing a wire transfer or trading unsupported base money. Likewise, with all CFD agents, they don’t charge for silly little things. The charges on this platform are very clear and straightforward.

Safety and Ease-Of-Use – 4.1/5

I appreciate total genuine feelings of serenity since the site is gotten by a secure socket layer. It additionally includes Secure registration, 18+ security, and permitting and guideline. Broker accounts are kept separate from Bitteks account, in what is known as an isolated account with a trustworthy global bank. This guarantees that traders’ finances will remain secure, paying little heed to what occurs with Bitteks. Any inquiries about safety can undoubtedly be aimed at client service.

Bitteks makes it truly simple to flip between shares, forex, indices, crypto, CFDs, products, trading devices, Education, safety, and different administrations. The registration cycle is simple to finish and approve, and one disadvantage is that the platform is only available in English dialect. I found the client service bunches to be available 24/5, making it significantly more advantageous to trade at Bitteks. The trading platform is accessible on Android and iOS, and this trading station is speedy and simple to use for any kind of trader. The Education assets are likewise simple to get to and 100% free to dealers. With Bitteks it’s a breeze to explore the most recent market news and trade with accuracy.

Charting – 4.6/5

Charting - 4.6 5 - BITTEKS REVIEW 2021 - Click42

Bitteks likewise conveys specialized analysis and research tools on the platform. I realized that these highlights are sufficiently adaptable to profit both expert and new traders. The contribution incorporates profound market information across the scope of items, which implies technique can likewise be backtested.

These instruments permit analysis of real-time prices also, obviously. So, patterns can be recognized and marked. While other forex intermediaries may score higher regarding analysis tools, I think the chart at Bitteks will suit most brokers, whatever their degree of involvement may be in the market.

Trading Hours

The platform is accessible day in and day out, however, markets might be accessible to trade when the main markets for that asset are open. So, US Stocks may be accessible when US markets are open on Wall Street for instance. Forex is accessible nonstop during the week, as there is consistently at any rate one market open someplace on the planet.

End of the week trading is accessible where markets are open, so Forex opens during Sunday and the Australian and Asian markets start the week. The best thing is that whenever I needed to know if the trading hour of a certain asset was available then I only had to check the platform’s Asset Index page where everything about the asset’s trading hour and the expiry is listed.

How are you protected on this platform?

Since Bitteks license implies its consistency with all the strict administrative prerequisites, I felt that my assets along with my personal information were kept pretty safe, as the representative totally isolates assets from the operational assets of the Bitteks.

Also, Bitteks has active policies in place for any kind of issue. For example, I read through their Anti-Money Laundering policy AML), Privacy policy, KYC, and some more. They are placed to make sure that traders know how they are kept safe and protected on the platform at all times.

Opening an account step by step

  •                 Access Bitteks Sign In option on the top of the main page.
  •                 Enter your information First and Last Name, Country of residence, email, telephone, and so on.
  •                 Select the account type.
  •                 Verify your account by uploading your identity confirmation. These may incorporate a residential confirmation, a copy of your ID, etc.
  •                 Once an account is enacted and approved you may follow with the money deposit.

Deposits and Withdrawals – 4.2/5

Deposits and Withdrawals - 4.2 5 - BITTEKS REVIEW 2021 - Click42

Regarding the funding techniques, Bitteks made it very straightforward and simple to process with a scope of funding options that will help you to locate an appropriate money transfer provider. My withdrawals were on time and never late and I never had to worry about it.

Deposit alternatives – 3/5

To support an account or to send money to it I had to pick among the accompanying strategies, which may likewise fluctuate as indicated by your nation of the root. Likewise, Bitteks is truly snappy with your deposit process, as it specifies within 2 hours money will be accessible at your account so you may begin trading quickly. I wish that the platform offered PayPal and some more deposit methods. It’s one section where the platform lacks a lot. Although the options are less the service is quite amazing and fast.

  •       MasterCard
  •       Maestro
  •       Bank Transfer

What amount of time does it require to withdraw from Bitteks?

From the second you submit and affirm the order to withdraw money from your account the accounting team of Bitteks always processes and affirms withdrawal within 2 business days. I experienced this service and was shocked that they actually follow through and make sure everything occurs accordingly while keeping the client up to date with their transactions.

However, you ought to consistently talk with client care and affirm information, as different purviews may apply somewhat various principles. Likewise, allow it a few days for the payment supplier to deal with the trade that additionally is relying upon specific worldwide or provider rules.

Market Instruments – 4.5/5

Market Instruments - 4.5 5 - BITTEKS REVIEW 2021 - Click42

As a rule, Bitteks offers a great reach of markets and account highlights among the business brokerage offering.

The trading markets incorporate 200+ monetary instruments, Forex items with more than 50 money sets including appealing Bitteks CFDs on Cryptocurrencies, for example, Bitcoin, ETH, Litecoin, Ripple. Likewise, you may choose spot metal CFDs, stock CFDs on more than 170 significant organizations, CFDs on Commodities, and CFDs on Indices. I had the option to not only invest in forex, but I also got a wide range of stocks as well. It makes investing with this broker more and with the many options available.

Client care – 4.2/5

Client care - 4.2 5 - BITTEKS REVIEW 2021 - Click42

My client assistance experience at Bitteks for the most part was satisfying. They have a team accessible on a 24/5 premise through telephone, email, and an online live chat administration. This group can for the most part answer any inquiries I had in a quick, proficient way. The intermediary site likewise bolsters a point-by-point FAQ segment which tends to a considerable lot of the most widely recognized inquiries you may have.

The only negative in regard would be that Bitteks does not offer different dialects. It only offers English as of now.

Education – 3.3/5

The dealer offers superb admittance to a wide scope of instructive material to help you keep learning and developing as a broker. This material is reasonable for all degrees of broker whether you are a novice, straight up to a further experienced trader.

There is a sum of Educational eBooks accessible through the Bitteks instructive segment which gives you an insight on forex trading. You will likewise approach some of the extra assets including the supportive asset index. This platform also offers webinars that are weekly/monthly/complete admittance depending on the account type you have. Other than that, I was not much impressed with the education material that is present to all traders whether they are a member on the platform or not. The platform neglects to update the eBooks and does not have video instructions that can be added for further enhancement in their quality of service.


Overall, my Bitteks review has discovered it to be a decent specialist decision. They are all around controlled by various regarded bodies to give an exceptionally protected trading experience, try to keep trade costs as reasonable as possible all through a wide scope of accessible markets and offer a solid customer service that can help you in improving your insight and abilities.

Regardless of whether you are a shiny new or more experienced broker in the business, Bitteks addresses a very balanced decision if you are searching for a significant forex agent with a positive, longstanding repute that likewise offers great worth and far-reaching support.

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