April 12, 2024


The competitiveness in the global market today is immense, and all this is due to this fact that it continues to grow exponentially. World investors look to take their businesses to the next level by buying and selling lucrative financial instruments. However, it isn’t as easy as it seems as estimating the lucrative nature of securities requires a certain skill.

If you are a newbie in today’s market, you may be a little apprehensive when it comes to pursuing certain trading techniques. The way traders play out their trading strategies is entirely up to them. Nevertheless, there are brokerage companies that help traders and investors understand the tricks of the trade a lot better by providing resources and reliable analytical tools. You will be surprised by the many options that are available when it comes to these brokerage companies.

When I was first starting out in the trading world, I found the number of options quite overwhelming. I tried out a number of online brokerage companies that provide services to beginner traders, however; I was a little disappointed. I was losing more money than gaining, and this made me question trading as a stable income medium.

However, it was this experience that shaped me into the trader I am today. I was able to contemplate better and make decisions based on calculated assessments instead of just throwing money at trending securities and chasing hot tips. You really need to understand the world stock market to truly excel in the trading world.

I learnt, I evolved and today I am associated with a platform that is helping me take my business to the next level. Carter-Williams is fairly new to the online trading scene, but this brokerage firm is fully equipped to provide you with real-time streaming quotes and advanced charting tools. The reason I wanted to review it was because I truly believe in the importance of sharing reliable information and my first-experience could be helpful for new traders looking for a dependable platform.


This is probably the first thing that you notice about the platform, as this is part of your initial assessment. The first impression that I had when I accessed this platform was about how appealing it looked. Even though I wasn’t a big fan of the integrated graphics, they have used and would have preferred had they stayed subtle on that front. It is obviously a personal preference of mine, as it’s everyone on its own when it comes to the design aspect.

In my experience, I have realized that a friendly, engaging interface goes a long way for a platform. You don’t realise how important this element is when you first start with trading platforms. But as you make your way through and evaluate the options available in the market, you will soon realise that the real deal is having all those services in a well-packaged server.

Carter-Williams has spent considerable effort and time in designing its server. While it is appealing from the design aspect, it is also practical. Traders can benefit greatly from the tools that are provided on this platform, and the fact that they have integrated them into the server makes their access a whole lot easier. You can click your way directly to get to pages like Trading Platform, Account Types, Education Centre and Other Info. Beginner traders won’t feel lost trying to navigate their way through the platform to find certain options.

Security Regulations

If you have been in the trading business for a while now, like me, you already know the risk factors that need to be taken into consideration while trading in the open market. Especially with online trading platforms, the risk of hacking is always there if the server is not secured. This is why for my own sense of security as I like to know the security regulations that are put in place for a trading platform.

With Carter-Williams, I applauded their transparency as they make sure that every client is aware of the legal framework behind the smooth trade operations. In this way, I rest assured that all my transactions are monitored by the platform’s brokers and service representatives. You will realise the importance of having this information at hand when you conduct your trade sessions. If you are as paranoid as I am, you won’t be able to rely on any platform that is not as transparent with their security policies.

Registration and Verification

When you address security regulations, you will foremost need to inquire about the registration process for a platform. Once I made my way through Carter-Williams’s legal framework, which encompasses documentation on everything from the Terms and Conditions to the Risk Disclosure Statement, I decided to sign up. You only require your email address and full name to sign up. Other than that, the rest of the requirements are for verification.

The platform makes it easier for clients to verify their email by sending an email directly to their inbox. So, all you have to do is click your way through to verification and once your email address is verified you can move on to attest your identity. I realized soon enough that this registration process can prove to be cumbersome for most traders, but there is no way around each step as each of them helps strengthen the security of your account.

The identity verification took some time for me, as the pictorial document was not approved on the first try. This was because I scanned a black and white copy of my government-issued ID card. Carter-Williams has stringent regulations about document verification procedures. This is why you need to send in original-coloured copies of your document. This is done to ensure that no market law is broken in the long run. With the increase in identity theft these days in the world stock exchange market, I appreciated the policy, even if it proved to be a hassle for me.

There is a disclaimer highlighting security regulations present on the platform at the end of each page. I found this to be a smart input by Carter-Williams as this ensures that clients always have the necessary legal information at hand. Ever since Contract for Differences (CFD) became prevalent, there has been a lucrative yet high-risk market for them. Carter-Williams makes sure that every resource that it provides is able to make the trading conditions easier for its customers.

Smart Tools

Carter-Williams provided an arrangement of tools for its clientele, which include analytical tools, instructive tools and specialized tools. They are not categorized on the platform, but I decided to segregate them in order to make their assessment easier. The analytical tools include the ones that help you interpret the trade data. I would even place the chart under this option, for it illustrated the current scene of the market. Now, it’s up to you to depict the positions accordingly and put in your bid. If you are a day trader, you may require this tool more often, as you will need to make multiple trades in one go. The custom-setting feature of the chart allows you to set the trade data according to your own requirement.

I would have preferred had they introduced a better layout for the chart with a better backdrop. However, the series of custom features make up for the design element once again. You can choose everything from the chart type to the chart indicators. The option to zoom in and out is also available, and the panel is decorated with pop-up lists, making it easier for you to access the various other options. The colour overlapping in these lists was not something I am a fan of, but I do see why they have stuck to the monochrome theme.

Carter-Williams are top-notch tools and each account has specialized tools for its users. The instructive tools are helpful for beginners, which makes this platform the ideal choice for all types of traders. When you have a range of options available, you broaden the horizon for your potential customers. I hope that the platform introduces more languages as this will make it more convenient for its clients. Currently, it has limited options available which makes them exclusive to certain languages.

Final thoughts

Carter-Williams is a platform for every type of trader out there in the market. So, if you think that this platform cannot match up to your expectations, you can always give it a trial run. Despite its setbacks, the platform continues to flourish, and this is solely because it always leaves room to grow. I have been using this platform for a little over a year now and haven’t faced an inconvenience that wasn’t solved in due time.

I believe that is what traders should aim for while selecting a trading platform, and that is how quick and efficient they are in solving your problems. You can’t make a platform perfect, but you can strive towards progress with it. I have managed to take the best deals to completion with this platform, even though its restricted access in certain jurisdictions proves to be a hindrance at times. You should definitely sign up and try out this platform for yourself, as its reliability is one factor that I can guarantee on my part.

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