June 20, 2024

If your ducts are not clean and are clogged, then you will notice that there is excessive dust in your house, and the electricity bills are increasing every month. It is advised to contact a well-known and experienced company team to maintain your duct if your house is very old.  

You may ask about the process of commercial air duct cleaning Minneapolis, MN? The best process is to use negative pressure technology. This process is considered very effective, simple, and easy and provides you with great results. However, other non-corporative companies have damaged this industry over the past few years. 

Furthermore, you may question yourself whether the team did a job when you realize that they finished cleaning within an hour and left more dust behind than before.

How Does it Work?

Step 1: Inspect the ducts

It is essential to review your ducts thoroughly before cleaning due to two factors, especially those that supply air. Firstly, you will see how much work is required and then compare the condition after cleaning to see how much change there was.  

(You can keep in mind that companies have special cameras that can reach farther into the ducts to help you visualize the buildup.)

Second, maintaining a duct is a way of finding if there are any leaks and problems in the ducts. Through this, the technician can change and fix the damaged areas.

Step 2: Create a negative pressure

The duct cleaning teams are equipped with huge and mobile vacuums that use negative pressure to take in all the dust and debris of the ducts. Nonetheless, before this process, the technicians should keep certain things in mind and do a few steps.

  • To begin with, the vacuum should be attached to the ducts near the air handler, which is the main area of the HVAC system. This is done by piercing an additional hole in the duct to insert the vacuum and then sealing it tightly.  

(The system has two sides that are supplied and the return side. Both sides are different and perform their functions of sending clean air and taking dusty air. They should both be cleaned individually.)

  • Next, the technician needs to seal each register with an adhesive cover. It is an essential step because even an extremely powerful vacuum collection device will be useless if the registers of the house are not removed.
  • After these steps, the vacuum unit will be powered on. The vacuum will utilize negative pressure and will suck all the dust and debris, which will clean the duct thoroughly. 

Step 3: Agitate the dust

After the system is put under negative pressure, the register will be opened, and the ducts will be cleaned individually by the technician. The difference between a professional technician and a non-authorized one is seen in the time that they spend cleaning the register.

Most unprofessional technicians will quickly clean the duct by using an air compressor and disinfectant in less amount. This process is useless and, in turn, sends dust back into the room. 

Experienced technicians will make use of rotating brushes and compressed air along with vacuums so that the debris is dislocated and taken in by the vacuum. 

Step 4: Remove the rest of the system

According to NADCA, you should also clean other areas of the system, such as the drain pan, air handler’s blower motor, and evaporator coil.

This process of cleaning and replacing the filter will enhance the air quality in the house and will also increase the life of your system. To know more about maintaining your system, you can read our tips. 

Final Verdict:

You may wonder whether negative pressure air duct cleaning works? The simple answer is yes. However, the condition is that it needs to be carried out by experienced workers.

The estimated time that companies suggest is around 3 to 5 hours. Even though contacting a famous company will cost you more than having it done by inexperienced teams, it will still provide you with quality service and time accordingly. 

A professional technician will complete the process in a sophisticated manner without damaging the ducts or the system. You have to always contact a professional and experienced technician to see effective results and get more details!

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