May 27, 2024

Trading platforms have become increasingly innovative in their server designs. This allows each platform to stand out from the others. There is a range of service features that these trading platforms optimize in their web-based servers. The more technologically advanced the layout and services will be, the more desirable will the platform be for traders. Traders in today’s market have a lot of trading platforms to choose from. This is why they expect more from the one they end up choosing.

The reliability of a broker always comes first for any trading platform. You need the platform to be dependable to take into account all your trading requirements. While this may seem like an easily implementable factor for trading platforms, many brokers do not take this key factor too seriously. This diminishes their liability claim. There are too many spam trade servers already prevalent. It becomes increasingly difficult to make a suitable choice.

This is why I wanted to take into account and review a trading platform I myself have been associated with for some time now. RosewoodTrust is a trading platform that has paved the way for innovation in server design of trading platforms. They have made trading simple and strategic for their customers. I wanted to evaluate their service features in order to give an overview of potential customers. Each trader has different trade requirements. In order to determine if this platform is able to match up to all of those requirements, my unbiased review would hopefully be of help.

RosewoodTrust Reviews - Click42

Trading Platform

RosewoodTrust increases your expectations with its highly dynamic home page. You get a graphic visual appeal with service features well-advertised. The easy access to most service features from these pop-ups is quite easy and straightforward and saves you a whole lot of time from exploring further. Although the displays have been well-integrated, beginner traders might feel overwhelmed with multiple new feature pop-ups. The trading platform itself is quite simple. The design is pretty standardized. This may be a disappointment from the home page. The only dynamic element on this page is the trade graph that is lined front and center. The graph comprehensively highlights all of the global market data at your fingertips.

While the home page was designed with everything being a click away, there is no colorful pop-up on the main trading platform page. The charts can be customized to suit your needs. The background of all this trade information is dark. The color scheme is something of a disappointment. I would have preferred if everything was present against a light tone. It would definitely make the layout of the trade data analysis more appealing for the clients.

Expert traders will find the option for customization of charts the most appealing precedent feature. However, I felt that beginner traders would have preferred the availability of instructive tools to guide their way forward. The trading options offered by the platform include Forex, Commodities, Crypto, Stocks, and Indices. These alternatives can be easily selected from the standardized layout. The collection of Indices and Crypto is not that impressive and may leave many clients disappointed in that regard. The platform engages efficiently with all its clients and makes sure to fix up all their concerns. There is always a scope for improvement I certain parameters.

Trading Platform - RosewoodTrust Reviews - Click42

The type of chart type you require for your trade can be set accordingly. You have the availability of options ranging from Line, OHLC, Spline, Scatter, or Candlestick. Clients set the chart type to suit their needs while the default setting is of Spline. Trade data analysis is easier and more efficient with customized charts. You have the option to zoom in and set your charts in full screen for better evaluation of trade data. You can set the visual trade information in different categories. From trending list, daily change percentage to name. Either way, all these elements contribute to the construction of a more diverse and detailed report.

One other thing that is of considerable importance is the options laid out on the left side. This panel has a list of options that include Trade, Positions, Closed positions, deposits, Funds, Account state, Settings, and most importantly Support. All these options are at your disposal to make your trading experience easy and efficient. If you face any problem, you can always contact support to help you out.

Education center

Having an information center within any trading platform is imperative. It is essential for beginner traders to find their way through and for expert traders to run through advanced strategic trade techniques. Either way, its importance is evident. This is why RosewoodTrust makes sure its education center is up to date. It lines it up with a diverse range of instructive materials.  The sources of information present in its education center include eBooks, Asset index, Glossary, and FAQs.

Education center - RosewoodTrust Reviews - Click42

Each source is well categorized and resourced. The digital library of Rosewood Trust has 12 books. The content in these books is well-suited for beginner level traders and expert level traders. Each of them will find something in this library to suit their needs. Books like Technical Analysis eBook and the Beginners Strategy eBook are lined for beginner traders. While there are other books like Advanced eBook, Advanced strategies eBook, and Advanced Technical Analysis eBook that are better suited for expert traders. Traders who have been in the field for a long time may want options for more recent versions of these books. This is why I was a little disappointed that RosewoodTrust managed to line up only a couple of books of advanced variety.

The Asset Index provides a comprehensive analysis of all asset trading hours and expiry rules. The list of assets is arranged in alphabetic order which makes selection easy. Other than that the glossary is well-equipped with technical lingo which will greatly help you in the trade circuit. These technical terminologies are commonly used among traders. You will also find FAQs as an essential information center. The common queries of clients are enlisted in this section. This will help you get a grip on common problems that clients face during trading or on this platform. It helps build a perspective in that regard.

Account Types

The account types of RosewoodTrust are unlike any you may be accustomed to. Their features are lined up for target clients. Traders will find that most of the features of account types vary with regard to the trade requirements of different clients. You can have your pick of the most suited one for you.

The accounts include Savings, Passive Income, Retirement, and Wealth Builder.


This is the simplest account with minimum features offered. It is well-suited for beginner level traders. They will be able to get a grip on the service features of the trading platform with this account. The minimum balance that you require for this account is $250. You get the option for over 200 tradable assets. Not only that market review, flexible leverage up to 1:100 and competitive spreads up to 1.5%.

Passive Income

You get all the service features of the savings account and more in this Passive Income account. You require a minimum balance of $5000. With the available options of dedicated senior account manager, bonus funds, financial planning, special venture promotions, tier 3 trade room analysis, risk management planning, monthly webinars, level 3 prioritized withdrawal process, you have yourself set. Feature upgrades with regard to flexible leverage up to 1:200 and competitive spreads up to 1% are also present.

Passive Income - RosewoodTrust Reviews - Click42


While most of the features of this account are exactly like the ones in Passive Income, there are more available options. You need a minimum balance of $20,000 in order to open this account. There certain upgrades in features from the previous account type. They include flexible leverage up to 1:300, tight spreads up to 0.5%, tier-2 level trade room analysis, weekly webinars, and level-2 prioritized withdrawal process. Either way, these upgrades are of great value if they suit your trade requirements. You get a wide range of priority features, unlike any other account.

Wealth Builder

This account requires a minimum balance of $100,000. This is exclusively designed for high priority clients. The clients that choose this account type have full access to webinars and trade analysis rooms. They have a level 1 prioritized withdrawal process. The powerful leverage up to 1:400 is unmatchable with other accounts. Not only do clients have access to VIP events, but they are also eligible for gifts worth $5000. The ultra-tight spreads range up to 0.3%.  leverage up to 1:400

Deposit and Withdrawal

The alternative methods for deposit and withdrawals offered by this trading platform include VISA, Maestro, Mastercard, and Bank wire transfer. Some clients may face an inconvenience due to the unavailability of Paypal.

Deposit and Withdrawal - RosewoodTrust Reviews - Click42

The withdrawal process is simple and easy. However, I did notice that it takes time for it to process if the method used to deposit varies form that used to withdraw. The withdrawal process may also take time-based on the account type that you have. Some accounts are prioritized higher than others. You can always upgrade to a higher priority account in order to ensure fast withdrawal processing.

Final Words

RosewoodTrust has greatly impressed me with its service features. All of them are well optimized to cater to the needs of their clients. This is why I would definitely recommend it as a suitable, reliable broker. Traders with varying requirements can go through my review to see if this broker suits their requirements for trade before making a decision to choose it as a suitable trading platform.

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