June 20, 2024


Often times when you have too many options available, it can be difficult to make a suitable choice. You need to make a choice that is the best decision for you. This is why, despite the many brokers available online today, it is hard to select one. You want to opt for a service that is reliable. Every trading platform sells itself as the best choice with the promise of reliability. Most of them are unable to fulfill these promises. One can only speak from experience. This is why I am sharing this review of SecuredVC with you.  I started using this platform a year ago. I thought my experience using this platform will help you make a suitable choice for yourself.

I will try to give you my unbiased opinion on the platform. This will surely help you weigh out the pros and cons. Since there is not a whole lot of data on this broker, you might find yourself lost at times. You will not be able to find enough reasons to choose it because you wouldn’t know enough about it. I am going to make sure that I manage to discuss everything regarding this broker. This will help you assess its standing in the trading platform.

Trading Platform

You will find that the website of this platform is pretty basic. It addresses all of its components pretty directly. Everything is lined up on the main page itself. You have the usual language selection option in the top right corner. The representation of trading data is pretty conventional. They have not found any innovative way to present it. However, one thing that helps it stand out is the option for customization.

SecuredVC.com Trading Platform - Click42.com

The trade options include the usual Forex, Commodities, Crypto, Stocks, and even Indices. The left side is assigned to the following options of Positions, Closed positions, Deposit, Funds, Account state. They have limited amount of indices futures throughout the day and Crypto deposits have an above average commission, but they manage to give a wide range of trading options. That is very impressive. The setting option is located in the bottom left corner of the page. You can easily customize your required statistics from that page. The chart definitely takes center stage on this page. It’s easy customization is key. Set it on various different intervals to ease the comprehensive analysis of trade data. The different chart types include Line, OHLC, Spline, Scatter, and Candlestick.

Even though Candlestick is their default chart type setting, I find that a Line chart proves to be more useful. Especially when you are trading in a busy market. The chart indicator alternatives vary. You can select along with the current price indicator. I do believe that the platform needs to be a whole lot more inclusive when it comes to language selection. They currently offer only English and Thai. They could incorporate other languages such as Spanish, French, or German. SecuredVC takes good care of its customers when they visit the platform.

Education Center

The highlights of this trading platform have to be the education center. This is the centralized information center for beginners in the trade business. They will be able to access a variety of different sources; all in one place. This place will equip you to become at ease with the technical trade lingo. The market can be a brutal place to operate. You need to be able to keep up with the fast track. A heads-up knowledge of trading always helps to survive. The three different means of providing information on this education center are:

  • eBooks

The digital world has managed to digitalize its oldest information retrieval resources- Books. Twelve eBooks are available on SecuredVC. I believe they can easily work towards increasing that number. The books that are currently available are not bad. But the market is too fast. It will be no time before they are outdated. Keeping the information resources updated is indeed an imperative task at hand. The books are available for all types of traders. You are new to the game or an expert in your field. You have many options here. Books like Advanced Strategies eBook and Advanced Technical Analysis are available for expert traders.

  • FAQs

You are welcome to ask questions about stuff you don’t get. Whether it’s something related to trading or information you require from the website server. FAQs include all these types of questions. SecuredVC has managed to categorize the different types of questions that come their way. They include 5 categories, that include Funding, Open account, Platform, Support, and Trade. This allows for the efficient processing of information to answer these frequently asked questions.

  • Glossary

There are a lot of technical terminologies used for reference in the trading world. You can oftentimes feel alien to that language. This is where a glossary comes in. SecuredVC provides you such a glossary. It is all characterized in alphabetical order, so you do not have to waste too much of your time trying to find the appropriate word.

  • Asset Index

It can be hard to list down every available asset. But SecuredVC manages to list down all their assets in alphabetical order, paving the way for efficient trading.

Account Types

SecuredVC has allotted its clients a range of account types to choose from. Every client is accommodated in these categories of accounts. There are 4 distinct types of accounts. Each of which has its own characteristic features. I will give you an overview of these account types.

Account Types SecuredVC Review - Click42

  • Self-Managed

Beginner level traders usually opt for this account. The Self-Managed account can get you over 200 tradable assets, a suitable market review, and up to 100 significant leverages. I found this to be a pretty suitable deal for a beginner level trader. The minimum deposit with this account is 250 Euros.

  • Gold

Gold Account is suitable for someone who already has established a foothold in trading and wants access to more features. The minimum deposit for this account is 10,000 Euros. The specifications that come with this account include upgraded options from that of the self-manageable account. You get over 200 Tradable assets, Market review, Dedicated senior account manager, Bonus funds, Lucrative spreads: Gold spreads, Up to 200 significant leverages, Trade room analysis: Tier 3, Financial Planning, Risk management planning, Special venture promotion, Monthly webinars, and lastly prioritized withdrawal process: level 3.

  • Platinum

Even though you will receive all the features of the Gold account in your Silver account also, but there will be upgrades like Lucrative spreads: Silver spreads, Significant leverage up to 300, Trading signals Trade room analysis: Tier 2, Weekly webinars, Private analyst sessions, and prioritized withdrawal process: level 2.

  • VIP

One thing that stands out about the VIP account is the fact that it can only be accessed by invitation. Just like the other accounts, its features are optimized and upgraded from that of the Platinum account. The upgraded features include Lucrative spreads: VIP spreads, Significant leverages up to 400, Trading signals, Trade room analysis complete for access, Access to lucrative VIP events, Complete access to webinars, and Prioritized withdrawal process: level 1

Risk Disclosure Statement

Everyone knows the risks of trading your assets in the market. This is why there needs to be an understanding of the risks. The Risk Disclosure Statement will provide clients with all the necessary information and disclosures on risks associated with market trade tools. There are financial tools offered by MegaQ Ltd. SecuredVC makes sure that all of its clients are aware of the risks pertaining to trade tools and servers. This is why they highlight this information in the Risk Disclosure Statement. You can go through it to assess its legitimacy for yourself.

Anti-Money Laundering Policy & KYC

You need not worry about money laundry while working with SecuredVC. Their anti-money policy helps regulate the advent of such crimes. They ensure that their clients are aware of the responsibility of action when it comes to trade. They lay out the laws and regulations subject to anti-money laundry for guidance. The anti-money laundry policy allows clients to pertain valid proof of their identity. They are not allowed to accept any cash, undefined money order, third party transactions exchange houses transfer, or Western Union transfers. SecuredVC has the policy to direct back the funds to the original source of remittance. So, one thing is for sure, you need not worry regarding such implications because SecuredVC has you covered. Its lengthy process for verification is graded for efficiency and safety in trade.

Withdrawal, Refund & Cancellation Policy

SecuredVC regulates its withdrawal process diligently. This is why there are several verification procedures in play. This is solely to avoid any potential fraud from occurring. Security seems to be a top priority for SecuredVC. The deposit options do not show any means to use PayPal which can be inconvenient. There are three ways you can withdraw,

  1. Credit card
  2. Bank Wire
  3. Bitcoin Transfers

Customer Service

The most integral part of any trading platform is their customer care service network. This is one way to determine how they deal with their clientele. A hands-on approach is always a good sign. When I tried their customer care service I was asked for my name, email, and the reason for my request. They also managed to provide me with a series of options to select the subject of my query. Some of the subjects that they lined up were Deposit assistance, Account manager call request, password reset, Auto trader, trading platform, Pending withdrawal, Withdrawal request, Verification, Account closure, and lastly complaints. When you pick one of these options, you will be directed to a service operator who can help you in fixing your problem.

Customer Service SecuredVC Review - Click42

It did take some time for them to patch through but that is understandable considering the busy network. What you need to be assured is that you will definitely be catered to. They won’t leave you hanging. The customer care service is operational 24/7. It may be slower at night but that is due to maximum activity during those hours. SecuredVC has the UK and Australia phone through which they can be contacted in case of a query. Their support operating chat hours are Monday to Friday 07:00-14:00 GMT and for Phone support hours Monday to Friday 09:00 – 13:00 GMT

Final Thoughts

My comprehensive analysis of this platform is based on my personal experience. Each person has different requirements for trade. I can only recommend this platform from my end as I found it pretty convenient and reliable. I have been satisfied with their service for over a year now.

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