April 12, 2024

A lot of trading platforms are being introduced and no one can tell which platform is reliable or which one is a scam. So, I wanted to share my experience with the trading platform that I have been using for the last five years.

WaltonChase offers remarkable trading conditions extraordinarily intended to meet and surpass all expectations from both expert and beginner traders. They have made a safe trading network that comprises forefront innovation and market associations. The entirety of this empowers them to be a dependable, secure, and straightforward accomplice.

At WaltonChase, you can hope to have the best trading experience. WaltonChase was established via trading experts with long stretches of involvement in the trading world. As a top trader, their way of thinking has consistently been to put the customers first and convey top-notch services. They especially invest heavily in their quick executions and unparalleled client assistance.

WaltonChase is continually taking pivotal steps to improve services and quality to adjust to the ever-developing requirements of the worldwide demographic. Their obligation is to make and circulate a legitimate trading platform that fulfills customers’ needs. The organization’s vision and first concern are to set up quality relations dependent on trust and common regard.

Procuring clients trust is important to them, so this is the reason they keep on doing their most extreme to help customers’ trading needs

I want to continue on with this review by not only telling you how amazing WaltonChase is, but I also want to give you some insight into the platform. It will help you see how this trading platform actually works and operates with its clients. So, this review will basically be my personal experience with WaltonChase. I hope by the end of the review you will be able to understand the platform a little better and be able to make a decision.

Trading Platform

The entire website is like a piece of cake for anyone who is either an expert or a beginner in the trading world. It is so simple and self-explanatory that no one will have a problem exploring it and getting used to all the settings and services offered by WaltonChase. This particular ease provided by WaltonChase shows me that the platform is actually made specifically for its clients.

The platform is a little dark in color scheme, I would prefer some bright colors but that is a personal preference. When you open the website, and the first page appears you are immediately captured by how WaltonChase has made everything so easily accessible. Everything is just a click away. So, first I want to discuss the trading platform. Again, the trading platform with the chart could have been in some bright colors as I think that would have been more engaging to interact with. As you can see there are so many options on the trading platform page.

WaltonChase review - Cick42

People can get a little overwhelmed when they see a big chart with so many options to customize it. Along with all these trading options like Forex, Commodities, Crypto, Stocks, and Indices, the collection of Indices and Crypto can definitely be improved with WaltonChase but they always provide the best variety of trading options to their clients.

The chart you can see clearly has many options to go through. It is completely customizable with options like chart type (Line, OHLC, Spline, Scatter, and Candlestick). Their default chart type is Spline which visually looks really great but of course, according to your preference you can change that along with the chart indicator, Label, Segment and you can even choose the option of current price indicators.

Zoom in, zoom out, make it full a screen, it’s all in your hands and your personal preference. On the utmost left side of the screen, you will have the options of Trade, Positions, Closed positions, Deposit, Funds, Acc. Stats, Settings, and most importantly Support.

Education Center

Moving on to the education center, you will notice that WaltonChase took the liberty of not only adding FAQs but also for the benefit of each type of trader the platform has introduced Glossary, eBooks, and Asset Index.

In eBooks, WaltonChase considers the beginners and well as the experts in trading and provides all traders around 12 eBooks. Each book is available to all clients and so anyone can go through them. They have some technical analysis eBooks, Advanced eBooks, Beginners Strategies eBooks, etc.

With Asset Index WaltonChase has truly been able to impress me personally as they have provided every single asset they offer in alphabetical order. So, people can go over and look at their specific asset which is provided with details like their trading hour and expiry rule.

Then there is FAQ where all the questions that the general public has been answered in the most basic language, so it is understandable to all, and no one is left out of the loop. The glossary gives you the meaning of all the lingo and terms used in the trading world. A lot of people have trouble remembering what a specific term actually means and so they start to feel like they are lagging majorly. Hence, the glossary is there to help all the customers remember the important terms used in the trading world.

Account Types

Since WaltonChase wants to create a platform where all traders can come together and trade safely. They have also been able to create a vast variety of account types to accommodate any type of trader out there. Everyone is able to find an account type suitable to their needs. It clearly shows how considerate this platform is to their clients and audience.

They have made these specific, well thought out four account types which anyone can come over and is able to find the right one for their trading needs.

The four account types are Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Institutional.

WaltonChase account types - Click42

Let’s look into each account type and see what they have to offer.

Silver Account

The Silver account is basically for beginners and people who may want to test the platform by choosing the starting account type. This account offers Lucrative spreads: Standard, Prioritized withdrawal process: Standard, Significant leverages, up to 300, Senior account manager, Risk management planning, and even private analyst sessions. The minimum deposit for this account is only 10K.

Gold Account

The Gold account offers Lucrative spreads: Gold spreads, Prioritized withdrawal process: Fast, Significant leverages up to 400, Senior account manager, Risk management planning, private analyst sessions, and a Special venture promotion. This account requires a minimum deposit of 50K.

Platinum Account

The Platinum account includes all the features described in the Gold account with some upgrades like the Lucrative spreads: Platinum spreads, Prioritized withdrawal process: Priority, Significant leverages up to 500, and upgrades like Financial planning, Access to lucrative VIP events, and Arbitrage trading. The minimum deposit requirement for this account type is 250K.

Institutional Account (Invitation Only)

The last but not the least account type is called Institutional account. This is an invitation-only account with everything that was included in the platinum account but with more upgrades like Lucrative spreads, Raw spreads, Prioritized withdrawal process: Immediate, Significant leverages: exclusive, and all things that were mentioned in the Platinum account type.

Customer Service

A couple of things that WaltonChase can improve on are that their platform is only available in the English language, I think they can expand the dialects to incorporate worldwide traders and offer them their great services. They only provide a phone helpline in Australia. While they do offer 24/7 live chat and email options. Their phone operating hours are from Monday to Friday 09:00-13:00 GMT, and Chat support hours are from Monday to Friday 07:00-14:00 GMT.

WaltonChase contact form - click42

When you want to start a live chat all you have to do is enter your name, email, and a message so you can get connected to the right persona and start a discussion that is directly related to your concern. WaltonChase is pretty quick with their live chat. I personally prefer the live chat as compared to the email or phone support options. The live chat is quick and easy. You are able to get reasonable solutions to your problems.

All of the staff that handles life are also traders, so they have considerable knowledge of the trading scene. This way they are very well able to solve your problem with best solutions as well.


WaltonChase follows and puts its focus on client security. It is their main priority that the clients feel safe and secure with their platform. So, they have managed to conduct Risk Disclosure Statements, Anti-Money Laundering Policy, and KYC. The KYC protocols are something that is protecting you and your funds, but it’s not so simple to complete. All in all, they have it so the clients can be protected against any harm. Then there is their Withdrawal, Refund, and Cancellation Policy, Basically, they have tried to go about every way to make sure that the clients are protected. That is very commendable of WaltonChase to be so strict on their rules and regulations.

Is WaltonChase A Reliable Broker?

Would I recommend you this platform? The answer to that is, yes absolutely. I don’t think you will be able to find a more reliable and dependable platform anywhere else. So, give this platform a try.

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