June 20, 2024

Is it the weekend and are you interested in watching something romantic and sentimental? You are at the right spot. 500 days of summer is a combination of both love, romance and couple sentiments. The movie involves a writer named Tom who had shared a lovely bond with his girlfriend summer. But all of a sudden summer decides to dump him up over another guy. He recalls those 500 days he had spent with her and determines where exactly things got worse for them. But in doing so he recognizes his real passions. 

Cast- Joseph Gordan and Zooey

Released on- 2009 USA

Duration– 95 minutes

Genre- Romance and love

Romantic Movies like 500 Days of Summer

There are many movies related to love and romance and if you are eager to watch movies like 500 days of summer then you can take a look at the below list of movies with a brief description to decide which one to watch.

  1. Like Crazy
  2. Lost in translation
  3. Silver linings playbook
  4. La La Land
  5. One day
  6. Perks of being a wallflower
  7. Juno
  8. Before we go
  9. Ruby sparks


1.  Like Crazy

Like Crazy - movies like 500 days of summer - Click42

A major hit similar to 500 days of summer is the movie called crazy. The movie involves two young students Anna and Jacob.

Both graduated and fell in love with each other at the LA University but soon after graduation Anna decides to visit her home back. But after she leaves she’s unable to come back to meet the lover of her life.

2. Lost in Translation

Lost in translation - movies like 500 days of summer - Click42

This movie grabbed a lot of attention and it is indeed a must to watch for lovers. The movie was filmed in Tokyo. It stars a faded movie star who is recently diploid of good movie selections and auditions and visits Tokyo to give his life another chance.

There he meets a young woman who is depressed and deprived of the basics. Both come across each other and bond pretty well.

3. Silver Linings Playbook

Silver linings playbook - movies like 500 days of summer - Click42

This film was truly a blockbuster not just because it had an amazing cast but the plot and direction of the movie were way beyond anyone’s imagination. Silver linings playbook ranked number one when it was released.

The movie involves pat and tiffany, both problematic. Pat was a school teacher before he was shifted to a mental hospital. He comes out of the hospital and stays with his parents to figure out his life but he meets Tiffany who loves to dance and she is interested in him but comes with a bundle of problems.

4. La La Land

La La Land - movies like 500 days of summer - Click42

A super hit musical movie la la land is and it was also adored and loved by the lovers of romance and intimacy. The film is indeed a must-watch and never too old for anyone. The movie involves Sebastian and Mia who come to Los Angeles to make their careers.

And in doing so they both fell deep for each other and decided to bond well in the future too. The movie is full of adventure and love. So it is a must to watch.

5. One Day

One day - movies like 500 days of summer - Click42

Another great movie to watch is One day. The plot of the movie is magical and full of adventure. One day, the movie involves two ambitious people, Emma and Dexter. Both meet each other at the end of their graduation but both have different goals and directions.

But every year on the date of their anniversary they decide to meet each other.

6. Perks of Being a Wallflower

perks of being a wallflower - movies like 500 days of summer - Click42

The movie Perks of being a wallflower is a simple yet touchy story to watch. It involves Charlie who is coping up with a lot of things. He is in love for the first time and at the same moment he is coping up with the suicide of his friend.

Charlie also undergoes treatment for his mental illnesses and figures a way out to like people and to know them a little better than usual.

7. Juno

Juno - movies like 500 days of summer - Click42

The film Juno is more of a teen drama but it has those instincts of love and romance you are looking for. Juno is a girl who loves men and their body parts. She develops great love for a young boy and she decides to hang out with him.

Soon she discovers that she’s pregnant and the boy who is the biological father dumps her out.

8. Before We Go

Before we go - movies like 500 days of summer - Click42

This is indeed one of the sweetest movies one can ever watch and enjoy. The film shows a woman who misses her train and in the meantime meets a musician who eagerly helps her out the whole night.

While spending time waiting for another train they both learn many things about love and life.

9. Ruby Sparks

Ruby sparks - movies like 500 days of summer - Click42

Ruby spark is a classical piece. The film shows a struggling novelist who finds it hard to find love around him. He creates a female character according to his imagination and finds a way to find love and receive love from her.

Q1. What to watch if I like 500 days of summer? 

The above-listed movies are sure going to help you out in selecting which one to watch and not. All the movies are related to 500 days of summer.

Q2. Is 500 days of summer a bad movie?

Not at all. 500 days of summer is sentimental, romantic, and full of love. The movie explains the love life of Tom and summer and how they spent 500 days with each other.

Q3. Is 500 days of summer a good date movie? 

Yes if you are new in a relationship you can surely watch this romantic movie with your partner to enjoy and learn about love and romance.

Q4. What to watch if I like maze runner

The maze runner is an adventurous movie with lots of drama and thrill. You can watch hunger games and diverge from the maze runner.

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