April 12, 2024

Have you ever watched the movie Shutter Island? Well, it is one of the mind wrecking movies watched by millions around the world. The Shutter Island shows the improbable outflow of two fellows, the US marshal Teddy Daniels and his partner to a hospital named Ashecliffe.

The hospital is more of an insane asylum where mentally sick fellows are locked. The movie explains the escape of women from the asylum-locked doors and shows how unwanted and deadly sins were done here previously. It explains how Teddy Daniels has to fight with his fears to get rid of the island safe and alive.

Cast– Leonardo Decaprio, Mark Ruffalo, and Ben Kinsley

Director- Martin Scorsese

Producer-Brad Fischer and Arnold messer

Initial release– February 13, 2010

Budget-80 million USD Dollars

15 Twisting and Similar Movies to Shutter Island

After watching Shutter Island you must be curious to know what some other movies like Shutter Island are. Well, here we are going to talk about 15 movies similar to Shutter Island one way or the other.

1. Memento

Well if you haven’t watched this big selling thrilling then you are missing a lot. The movie captures the life of Leonard who makes a plan to take revenge on his wife’s murderer plus rapist but unfortunately, Leonard has short memory loss which creates issues for him to capture the murderer. But the end of the movie clears all the suspense in the end.

2. The Prestige

Another great best-selling movie is by the director of memento Christopher Nolan. The movie involves two friendly magicians who become enemies because of the intense competition. Their tricks and illusions turn them into murderers hence exposing the precious lives of people around them.

3. Fight Club

As the name says it all there is indeed a lot of fight in the movie. But one must not disturb the plot of the movie. The movie is about fights, sex, and a lot of violence but the ending is up to the mark.

4. The Fountain

The movie is more of a Chinese puzzle. The movie explains the life of a man who is desperate to save his wife from dying and this movie occurs in three segments: past, future, and present. The movie seems confusing initially but it is worth watching.

5. Inception

Another fantastically confusing movie like Shutter Island is inception. The movie has bagged many awards because of the plot. The movie explains how Dobb and his team enter into the minds of people and try their best to steal the ideas but this time they are planning to implant an idea into someone else’s mind.

6. Source Code

This is another great movie to watch. It explains how a US pilot wakes up over a train seat and the woman sitting next to him feels that he is her boyfriend. Confused, he enters the bathroom to know what is happening and sees a difference in the mirror rather than his own.

7. The Game

This movie is indeed a brain teaser. As it explains the life of a man who is rich and has everything but he is cut off from the life outside his shell. His brother gives him a live-action game that changes his life from the core.

8. Donnie Darko

It is more of a superhero kind of movie. The world is collapsing because a second world is created and a teenage boy is incorporated with many powers where he is allowed to do whatever he wants to. But who is the boy? To know more watch the movie.

9. Primer

Primer involves a group of scientists who work day and night to create an astounding device but once created they are not sure what it is and how it works. To know more you better watch it today.

10. Jacobs Ladder

The movie revolves around Jacob and his platoon. As they are attached to war in Vietnam. They are stabbed and tortured but they survive. Once back In New York Jacob tries to fight against his war experiences and the torture he has gone through.

11. Existence

A brilliant movie with a great twist. The movie explains the life of a girl who is a game designer. She creates the game but it gets damaged while she is escaping and now she has to get it fixed to complete the game.

12. American Psycho

Patrick is a psycho who has everything one could ever dream of. He has a car and suit but still, there’s something and that’s empathy and because of this he commits murders. Not telling more. You got to watch it today.

13. Black Swan

We all know the hard work of ballerinas but in this movie case is different. A young ballerina works hard to play the roles of both white and black swan but soon she starts to lose her mind and isn’t sure what is real for her in this life.

14. The Girl on The Train

Racheal has to go through the breakdown of her divorce but during her journey on the train she starts to adore the life of a couple but back in there she doesn’t know how disturbing it is.

15. Secret Window

It explains the life of Johnny Depp as he fights to find solitude after his divorce and rest in his cabin in New York but things get ugly when he meets a farmer there.


Q1. What should I watch if I like Shutter Island?

Well if you love brain-confusing and thriller sort of movies then shutter island and movies similar to shutter island are a great option. Such as you can buy a fight club which poses a lot of violence and twisting plots and movies like the girl on the train or secret window. All these movies are best thrillers with lots of twisting plots.

Q2. Is there a place like Shutter Island?

Well, the shutter island movie involves a shutter island located in the Boston harbor but the place is considered as fiction. So currently as such no place like Shutter Island has been reported so far.

Q3. Why is Shutter Island the best movie?

This movie is indeed one of the best creations because it is intense with great gripping and with wonderful acting. The plot is twisting and the storyline explains how Leonardo fights to live a life despite his horrifying experiences and desires.

Q4. Is there a movie like inception?

Inception is a brain wrecking movie with lots of suspense as it involves a group of people who work to enter other people’s minds or subconscious to steal ideas. if you like such movies you must watch interstellar, shutter island, or the game.

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