Conjuring was declared as one of the most horrifying movies of this era. Fans loved the movie way too much. If you are a fan of horror movies you must watch conjuring. You can also find horror movies like the conjuring. In conjuring, the movie starts around 1970 when the ghost specialist Lorraine and Ed Warren were called by the Perron family to eliminate the supernatural thing from their house. Mr. and Mrs. Perron have moved into a farmhouse with their five daughters. They started encountering unhealthy movements around them. Initially, things were benign but when the Warrens entered the house they came across to know the horrifying history of the farmhouse and what unethical things have happened in here.

Top Movies like The Conjuring 

All the fans of James Wan would surely be eager to watch other movies like the conjuring. So we are going to list down the scary movies like conjuring to satisfy your cravings.

  1. The Ring
  2. Sinister 2
  3. The Babadook
  4. Paranormal activity
  5. The taking of Deborah logan
  6. The skeleton key
  7. Lights-out
  8. The Grudge
  9. Insidious

1.  The Ring

The Ring - Movies Like The Conjuring - Click42

The movie ring is also an extremely uptight movie with many parts associated with it. The movie was directed and written by both James Wan and SAW movie director Leigh. In this movie, a journalist comes across a tape that has a weird and disturbing video in it. There is no explanation as to who and how someone can upload such a disturbing video and spread it all over. The journalist to find answers gets trapped in the footage spell and struggles hard to get rid of the footage.

2. Sinister 2

Sinister 2 - Movies Like The Conjuring - Click42

To jump scares you must watch the movie Sinister. It was released in the year 2015 and grabbed a lot of attention because of the terrifying portions and clips seen in the movie.

The movie involves highly scary-looking demons who intend to kill families by possessing the Father figure of every family. The movie was highly adored and it gained many welcoming reviews despite the horrifying clips.

3. The Babadook

The Babadook - Movies Like The Conjuring - Click42

The name might not be very horrifying but the movie was pretty scary from the start till the end. Babadook was called a psychological thriller.

In this movie, a mother was scared and annoyed by another world demon who wasn’t a proper demonic person but that supernatural ghost was emotionally disturbed and was after every child. The movie Babadook also managed to obtain great reviews and people loved the scary clips.

4. Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity - Movies Like The Conjuring - Click42

Who doesn’t love paranormal activity and who hasn’t watched it yet? There are a total of four parts to this movie. Each is well-approved and liked by the fans and are eager to look forward to more parts.

Each part has its horrors. In every part, the folks are shown to set up a camera to record family movements and to create memories later on. But the cameras later show all sorts of supernatural movements that are happening in the house.

Such things escalate pretty soon and start terrorizing the people living in the house. The end of every part shows how the owners die in the end because of their demonic presence.

5. The Taking of Deborah Logan

The Taking of Deborah Logan - Movies Like The Conjuring - Click42

Well, this movie has crossed the charts and has been ranked number one as compared to all the above movies. The movie is more of a documentary. This movie or documentary revolves around an aged woman who has Alzheimer’s.

But combined with Alzheimer’s the woman was also possessed and attacked many people around her. The movie is sure to give you chills.

6. The Skeleton Key

The skeleton key - Movies Like The Conjuring - Click42

Another top-listed movie ready to give you the chills is the Skeleton key. In this movie, a young girl takes the job to look after an elderly man and his old-traditional wife. Both are firm and rigid in their approach.

When the girl starts working she comes across southern Hoodoo rituals that are practiced in the house. Such rituals are scary and hard to escape as well.

7. Lights-out

Lights-out - Movies Like The Conjuring - Click42

Another outstanding major hit by James wan was lights-out. You dare to switch the lights off, you are sure to see horrifying things that are after you and are waiting for you.

This explains the plot of the movie. The movie was a hit and successfully gained positive reviews.

8. The Grudge

The Grudge - Movies Like The Conjuring - Click42

The movie Grudge is an extremely horrifying Asian classic that features a nurse who enters into a scary and possessed house.

There she gets trapped in the wild things that are ready to leave her alone. If you want to feel jump scares this is a must-watch with your partner.

9. Insidious

Insidious - Movies Like The Conjuring - Click42

Movie that managed to attract a lot of viewers after conjuring was insidious. The movie has two parts released yet. The movie shows how a demonic figure overshadows a father and urges him to kill his family.

The demon inside the father is proclaimed to be his childhood horror and scare. 

Q1. What should I watch if I like Conjuring?

Well, there’s a long scary list of movies you can watch if you are already done watching The conjuring. The above listed movies are one way or the other alike of The conjuring and are pretty popular too. 

Q2. What movies are scarier than conjuring?

The scariest movies of all time also involve conjuring. Above all you can watch the Exorcist and of course Insidious as they have gained pretty much attention. 

Q3. Is there Conjuring 3 Coming

Yes we are expecting part 3 of conjuring which is more commonly called as The Devil Made Me Do It. It is surely going to be released in 2021. So stay tuned. 

Q4. Is insidious a true movie

The movie Insidious was directed by James Wan and Leigh. The movie is a work of fiction and it is not based on true events. The movie was written by James wan.

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