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Fifty shades of grey are considered an ultimate sexually aroused movie. It involves two people, Anastasia and Christian Grey. The plot of this romantic and intimate movie is simple yet interesting. It starts when a college student Anastasia compensates her sick friend and visits Grey Company for their paper interview. There, Christian, the owner is attracted towards Anastasia. Parallel to Christian grey likeness Anastasia also feels drawn towards him. Though little knowledge about sexual activity Anastasia soon realizes Grey fifty shades regarding love and sex. She realizes Grey has no idea about pain and pleasure.

Top Intimidating Movies Like Fifty Shades of Grey 

Fifty shades of grey is indeed a highly erotic and sexually intimidating film but that’s not the only film loved and liked by fans. There are many movies like fifty shades of grey that can easily satisfy the users who are into such erotic stuff.

  1. Pretty Woman
  2. Basic instinct
  3. Mr. and Mrs. Smith
  4. Wild things
  5. Cruel intentions
  6. Friends with benefits
  7. No strings attached
  8. The girl next door

1.  Pretty Woman 

Pretty Woman - Movies Like Fifty Shades of Grey - Click42

 If you want to watch something romantic yet funny Pretty Woman is a must-watch. The movie revolves around a businessman and a prostitute. The two meet when the businessman meets the prostitute during his business meetings. 

Soon the prostitute gets attracted to his lifestyle and starts liking him. Both fell for one another and they know the boundaries. To get close they must change their old habits.

2. Basic Instinct

Basic instinct - Movies Like Fifty Shades of Grey - Click42

Another romantic, seductive, and criminal-minded film to watch is the basic instinct. Catherine trammel was held by the police and investigated to know the details about the death of a rock star. But no strong evidence was found and she was released.

Catherine is considered a great seductive and she opt for a detective Nick Curran who decides to investigate The seductive mistress had the habit of playing with men mind. Curran detective is next on the list. So this movie is a mixture of love, romance, and mystery.

3. Mr. and Mrs. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Smith - Movies Like Fifty Shades of Grey - Click42

The two famous love birds Angelina and Brad Pitt are featured. Their chemistry was adored by the fans. The movie is all about romance and love. Both the characters led a normal marriage and worked as assassins. But romance was missing in their marriage.

They were given the task later to kill each other. At this point, they realize how much they love and bond well. So the movie shows how they decide to turn over the task and work hard to get back in shape.

4. Wild Things

Wild things - Movies Like Fifty Shades of Grey - Click42

This movie isn’t going to disappoint you in any circumstances. The movie involves two teenagers who blame their counselor for raping them and bitterly harassing them. The counselor opts for a lawyer to prove he is innocent but when the police start investigating the case they feel that both teenagers and the counselor are involved and want to benefit each other.

The movie is indeed wild as the title suggests and shows the pictures of untamed desires that eventually lead to deadly pathways.

5. Cruel Intentions

Cruel intentions - Movies Like Fifty Shades of Grey - Click42

Another intimidating movie is cruel intentions. The movie shows sexual fantasies and desires if you are a lover of fifty shades of grey.

The plot involves two step-siblings who out of boredom start a sick game of challenging each other to sleep with different people. But soon one of them realizes his emotions and gets deep into the game.

6. Friends with Benefits

Friends with benefits - Movies Like Fifty Shades of Grey - Click42 

If you are a fan of fifty shades of grey don’t forget to watch the movie Friends with benefits. The film involves two people who are fed up with their bad and miserable previous relationships.

Sicken of their lives they become each other friends but they add sex into their friendship. This part was pointed out by their close ones but soon things start changing and they fall for one another.

7. No Strings Attached 

No strings attached - Movies Like Fifty Shades of Grey - Click42

Both films No strings attached and friends with benefits have the same storyline and were released in the same year but No strings attached a little better response as compare to the other.

It involves two buddies who are tired of impressing their close ones and end being each other best friends. But there are chances of love getting in between the two. So the movie shows their ultimate struggle to stay only friends.

8. The Girl Next Door 

The girl next door - Movies Like Fifty Shades of Grey - Click42

The girl next door was Jennifer Lopez’s major hit. A mother of a boy who had been a porn star in her day seems to be caught up in the love of a young boy living next door to her house. The boy is not ready to leave her in any way and she is doing her best to get rid of his bad sexual fantasies.

The movie is a major hit and shows romance, sex, and tense fighting scenario. You can watch the movie if you love fifty shades of grey.

Q1. Are there any movies like fifty shades of grey?

Yes, there is indeed a long list of movies similar to fifty shades of grey. Well if you want to watch seductive and romantic movies you can always opt for basic instinct, friends with benefits, and many romantic movies like the above listed.

Q2. Should I watch on Netflix like fifty shades of grey?

Of course why not. The fifty shades of grey and its second part are available over Netflix. You can watch the movie there without any ads or hindrance. And enjoy the movie with your partner.

  Q3. What is better than fifty shades of grey? 

The movie fifty shades of grey is itself way too alluring but on the other, you can watch Basic instinct and cruel intentions. This is another top-listed movie with lots of romance and pleasure.

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