February 29, 2024

Fertility in both women and men can be significantly affected by minerals and their sufficient or insufficient level. Although it may seem exaggerated at first hearing, these substances have a significant effect in many respects, such as spermatogenesis or, during pregnancy, on the fetus’s proper development. The essential minerals from this point of view are zinc and selenium.


The first mineral with an effect on potency and fertility in both men and women is zinc. It is a necessary trace element, which is generally found mainly in muscles, bones, skin, kidneys, and pancreas. It is also present in the prostate, especially in men.

In terms of its general effects, here are the most important influences:

  • helps the functioning of the nervous system and the proper development of the brain
  • It also affects the mental state, against depression, and overall calm.
  • controls blood sugar and affects insulin production
  • it also affects the metabolism of nutrients, i.e., sugars, fats, and proteins
  • has antioxidant activity against free radicals
  • it supports the natural defenses and also protects the liver

The source of the mineral is both animal and plant foods. It can be found in meat, oysters, egg yolks, pumpkin seeds, bran, legumes, or yeast. The best source, also in terms of acting on libido, are definitely oysters.

As for zinc’s effect on fertility, in women, it has a positive impact on conception, normal fetal development, and the course of pregnancy. In men, the mineral has an effect mainly on sperm production and helps the prostate, where prostate secretion important for ejaculate is formed. As part of the effect on testosterone levels, it can also help men to libido.


The second mineral is selenium, which is one of the most nutritionally essential elements. As for its representation in the human body, it is true that it is especially found in the testicles in men, generally in the liver, kidneys, spleen, and pancreas.

Selenium is essential in several areas:

  • it is an important antioxidant acting against oxidative stress
  • promotes hair health and condition and reduces nail fragility
  • strengthens the immune system and has antiviral and antibacterial effects
  • is essential for the thyroid gland and the growth of thyroxine to triiodothyronine.
  • helps to reduce the elasticity of the skin and its rapid aging
  • neutralizes some heavy metals and toxins, especially lead and mercury

Selenium is abundant in meat, especially chicken, as well as in eggs and dairy products. An excellent source of mineral from a food point of view is nuts, especially Brazil nuts, as well as sunflower seeds and some types of cereals and fresh vegetables.

From the point of view of male reproductive health, the mineral has a real effect on fertility, especially on the motility and sperm quality—the less selenium, the worse the spermatogenesis and sperm maturation. In women’s case, the mineral has no significant effect on fertility but is important for antioxidant protection.

Zinc and selenium and their use in practice

The use of minerals in practice mainly represents their presence in some preparations and products designed to supplement them and support the right level. Either with the content of only one of these minerals in the form of an active substance or the form of multi-minerals with a wider representation and composition.

In both cases, it can be a general nutritional, the aim of which is to support the level of the mineral and the resulting positive effect. These include antioxidant effects, nervous system support, or effects on hair and nails.

As selenium and zinc are also very beneficial for physical and reproductive health, they are quite often used in specialized products intended for men and women in this area. In women, these are mainly Fildena 100 and vigora 100 designed to support the proper course of erectile, which also contains sildenafil, typically especially the well-known for erectile dysfunction.

In the case of men’s products, these are preparations intended for a complex effect on fertility and potency. These help the potency in general and, in their composition, are also vitamins, amino acids, and proven plant aphrodisiacs with an effect on libido.

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