Face The Facts Instead Of Denying!


Nobody’s best interest benefits from the choice of officials who do not face the facts, refuse to accept / reject them, and consequently do not act in a well-considered, timely and proven manner. Voters deserve not only better representation, but also the best, most relevant and most sustainable needs, goals and priorities of this nation, and citizens, demands, elected officials are constantly facing the facts rather than denying them! Despite the fact that President Donald Trump, as it often seems, formulates a message explaining his rejection of the realities of climate change, environmental protection, and currently the importance of effective testing for the corona virus, etc. Don’t make any consequences, wow! With this in mind, this article briefly tries to examine, investigate, revise, and discuss what this means and what it means and why it is so important for the American public to make better demands using the mnemonic approach!

1. Focus, Trust:

Wouldn’t we be much better if those of our choice put their focus and emphasis on meeting needs, goals and priorities not only today but also in the future? We need trust in our officials, but how can most of us feel like this if we cannot provide factual evidence and evidence and can follow the facts? If we were witnesses to the free world leader, if we didn’t try the pandemic, the state would look a lot better and deny the dangers of climate change and protect the environment (especially clean air and water). ) endangers the nation, our citizens and the world.

2. Setting:

Attention; Fitness; Articulate: Political fact: inspectors, the state and President Trump lie or make misleading statements at an alarming and unheard-of pace! If you formulate a message that promotes your personal / political agenda and / or your own interest and not the common good and does not seem to pay enough attention to the relevant and sustainable priorities, this affects everyone! We need leaders with a positive and positive attitude and a well developed and relevant set of skills and abilities!

3. Clarity, Creative, Cooperative, Coordinate & Courage:

Wouldn’t we be better off choosing people with real courage and serving the common good instead of taking the path of least resistance? Cooperative leaders who try to coordinate others for the common good will be much better able to articulate a message with considerable clarity!

4. Empathy, Emphasis, Impact, Energize & Encourage:

How can someone serve and represent us in the best way, unless / until they act with the greatest possible empathy? This should alert you to your emphasis and recognize the potential impact of a leader’s efforts! Only when we choose people who are ready to encourage others and constantly demand their highest personal excellence instead of being satisfied with the good, will the public be served enough when needed!

Wake up, America, and constantly challenge those we choose to face facts rather than accept and deny the path of least resistance! We can and should do better!

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