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Want to download a movie to keep it in your collection for a big movie night on the weekend or just for sharing it with your friends? Well, you can’t rent one now and your notebook laptop does not come with a CD-ROM, so you can’t buy a CD (not that they are readily available nowadays). Netflix is out, since you want to keep it for when you’re offline and are certain one of your friends will give you a flash drive and ask for the movie.

So, torrenting is your only option left. But which site? And which site will get you straight to the torrent without shoving hundreds of ads containing scantily-dressed women? It sure is difficult being a pirate, but a digital pirate? Don’t even ask about it. Luckily, sites like Zooqle exist, and they’re here to make your journey as a pirate as clean and straight-to-the-point as possible.

Sites like Zooqle and The Pirates Bay or its successors like RARBG are called peer-to-peer torrenting sites, which means that the data is shared between peers who are downloading a torrent or have completed one. If you’ve ever downloaded a torrent, you will have seen, just as the file is completed, the file interface goes from ‘Downloading’ to ‘Seeding’. This seeding process is what enabled you in the first place to download it and will enable other users to download the file after you’re done. So, do your duty as a pirate with personal rules and always seed your torrent to let other people enjoy. To get more news visit

Sites like these are littered with unscrupulous advertisements and pop-ups that can potentially infect your computer with viruses and malware. Why is that? Well, every website uses advertisements to generate revenue and these torrenting sites are no different. However, since these sites are technically illegal and banned owing to the matter they peddle (ripped off movies and digital media), therefore, their advertisements match their legality in content. Plus, they show personalised adverts based on your search history, so..

Is Zooqle is Still Active Now?

As it is with most sites of this nature, Zooqle stays alive under different domain names and different addresses. Pioneering sites like The Pirates Bay have switched their domains multiple times now; they do so to stay afloat and keep operating despite a complete and unrestricted crackdown against sites that dispense such material for free. Zooqle is no different. It has operated under different names, different domains and even entirely different websites.

As of now, its hard to find a link that takes you directly to the website so you may go on torrenting your favourite episode of Rick and Morty or that one Star Wars instalment you were holding off for a good day: you’ll have to go through a proxy to access the website (even if you manage to find it on Google’s homepage). It is especially difficult finding the site just with a simple word search. Google, obviously being the good guy in this fight, teams up with Hollywood and demotes and kicks out torrenting websites from its search index. That is why you see such websites jumping places almost daily, from the 2nd search result to the 8th and onto the second page of Google which nobody has the balls to visit.

To give a definitive answer is a bit of quandary itself. Zooqle is most probably operating, just under a different domain name and could have been downvoted by Google, since a rudimentary search for Zooqle does not return the results us pirates want. It returns a bunch of articles talking smack about it, a bunch of Quora posts that warn other users from falling into the trap of getting to see Frozen 2 online, and finally, substitutes and alternative websites you can use to get your free movies fix. Only the dedicated pirates and the ones desperate for the site’s clean user interface and easy torrenting will stick around long enough to find Zooqle and access it. As of now, you can use other sites mentioned beforehand to download your favourite games, movies or even entire TV shows.

What Else is there Aside from Zooqle?

Well there a bunch of other peer-to-peer filesharing websites that are still banned, still illegal but have better visibility and searchability on Google. Tier one, there are sites like The Pirates Bay, which claims itself to be the galaxy’s most resilient bittorrent site and indeed has proven itself to be. Since its inception in 2003, it has stuck around, operating under different domain names and even switching websites and user interfaces, but still ranks in Google’s top searches and can be found pretty easily. Several iterations and spin-offs of the website don’t even need a proxy to work: they open right away and give you unbridled access to the whole plethora of content stored on there. 

Tier two are sites like RARBG and 1337x, sites that still operate but require a bit of security and a bit of hassle to access. For one, with RARBG, unlike Zooqle, you need to pass a CAPTCHA test to just get to the homepage, which is then two clicks away from the main page, where you can search for torrents. However, one major advantage of using RARBG over Zooqle is that the former has a pretty big library of torrents and all have a good ratio of seeders over leechers, so you may actually download the whole thing. 

However, with tier two sites, you’ve got to watch out for the adverts. Like with RARBG, an ad vert will pop up in a second window almost always when you click on the homepage, so be sure to check that out and close it before it gets to the malware part. Tier two sites are full to the brim with adverts like these, you’ve got to learn to how to navigate past them to get to the torrent of your choice. 

Tier three sites are websites like Zooqle, which, despite having a good run, are now on their final stages. Who knows, maybe they’ll be resurrected or reinvented by a new domain name or maybe they’ll be dead for good this time, much to the glee of Hollywood. However, fear not, for your free-movie escapades will not be disturbed by the closing down of Zooqle: the sites mentioned beforehand run just fine and will keep on running till the end of humanity apparently.

What can you Find on These Sites?

Pretty much everything that can be downloaded. From movies to TV shows, websites like RARBG and Zooqle host a bunch of games, movies, TV shows and even niche products and offerings like mangas or anime shows. Needless to say, there is absolutely no dearth of content when it comes to peer-to-peer filesharing sites; everything from the latest releases and latest episodes to movies from the 1960’s and 1980’s is available for downloading and enjoying. Just make sure to pick out a torrent with a good amount of seeders and a low amount of leechers: that’s the one that’ll be downloaded fast and wont leave you stuck in a limbo, where the movie is half-downloaded and wont go any further than that.  

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