April 12, 2024

The aftermath of a fire is never easy to face. As you look around at the damage, it’s not clear where to begin. What you need is a team of experts who have experience with different forms of fire and smoked damage repair Alpharetta Georgia. What can they do to help things get started? Here are a few of the tasks that they will take on and complete on your behalf. 

Dealing With Soot

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Where there’s a fire, you can bet that there’s plenty of soot. It’s clinging to just about everything from the floor to the ceiling. Before anything can be restored, the soot has to do. That’s where the experts come in. 

Professionals who deal with fire restoration projects have the equipment and the know-how to deal with soot. Far from being a job that can be handled using a little soap and water, it takes a certain skill to remove the soot without making things worse. You can bet that the team will be able to remove it from all sorts of spots without smearing or causing any additional damage. 

Cleaning Furnishings

The smoke and soot have left much of the furniture in terrible shape. Fortunately, a lot of it may be cosmetic. When that’s the case, the focus is on cleaning the pieces thoroughly. Once that’s done, it will be easier to tell if some of the wood pieces need to be stripped and stained, or if they’re fine. 

The same is true with upholstered pieces. It’s only after examining the upholstery that it’s possible to decide if cleaning will undo the damage. In some cases, that will be true. In others, you’ll need to say goodbye to those pieces and plan on replacing them. 

Doing Something About the Smell

The smell of the fire will linger for a long time unless the cleaning is thorough. A team with experience in fire and smoke damage repair Alpharetta Georgia will know how to deal with the deep cleaning and ensure that the smell is all or at least mainly gone. There’s still the need to take care of other issues, like replacing architectural elements that are beyond saving, but the deep cleaning will go a long way toward getting rid of the smoky scent. 

Getting Rid of What Can’t Be Cleaned

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In the best of situations, homeowners can still expect to lose part of their cherished belongings. Experts will be able to tell what can be cleaned and restored versus furniture and other items that are a total loss. With the latter group, the experts can also arrange to remove the belongings from the property.

If you’re concerned about what’s done with those items after they’re hauled away, most of them will be destroyed. If anything can be saved for recycling, it will be done. Rest assured that the methods used to break down the materials will ensure that no one will ever be injured by those remnants. 

If you’re facing a long recovery period after your home is damaged in a fire, don’t despair. Call in the experts and see what they can do. Little by little, what you thought was a total loss may turn out to be much easier to restore than you thought possible. 


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