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Before we start discussing how to hire dedicated developers, first we should know who or what is a dedicated developer and how they can help your business succeed in 2022.


Who is the Dedicated Developers team model? 

A dedicated developers team model is a team of developers with different sets of skills hired by a company to work remotely on their projects. 

Here the hiring company organizes a meeting with the development team where they discuss the company’s requirements, the road map of the project, and the deadline of the project. The development team is made up of remote employees who have different skill sets required for the project. Freelancers can also be part of the development team for a particular task in which they are competent. See this here for best dedicated programmers to hire for your company projects.

Nowadays businesses found outsourcing very effective as it is cost-effective and also very efficient in their work. The dedicated developers model is one type of outstaffing where hand-picked professionals work on a specific project at their own pace without being bothered about the administration and HR of the hiring company.



Though it is not changeable depending on the requirements, a dedicated development team consists of a few mixed members. An ideal development team has the following members:

  • Front-end developers
  • Back-end developers
  • Full-stack developers
  • Business analyst
  • Product manager
  • User interface and user experience designers


Before hiring a dedicated development team, you must question the fact that do you require it. In case you are sure enough that this team will help your business succeed then you are good to go. Here are some of the tips that will help you decide do you need a dedicated developers team or not.

  • Early-stage of a startup: If your start-up is in an early stage then hiring a development team can be a real game changer for you. They will help you build your product faster. You will not require to focus on building a team yourself as they will build on their own. And you will be able to focus on projects that require your attention. While your in-house team is working on business-oriented projects, the additional team is doing the extra work.
  • Long-term projects: A dedicated development team is very useful in cases of long-term projects. A team of highly skilled developing teams turns out to be crucial in the long run. Take the example of WhatsApp, while the core team was working on building an android app, the dedicated team of developers was making it suitable for the IOS system. Many tech giants like Apple, Google, IBM like to operate on the dedicated team approach.
  • Experimental projects: It is a wonderful strategy that often companies use when they try something innovative as they are not sure whether the new product will work or not. So instead of using an in-house workforce, companies hire a dedicated development team from a development company to work on the experimental projects. They help in providing time and resources in the developing stage of the product to the company.
  • Requirement of flexibility: You might be working on a project that can change with time and can lead to completely different goals and different requirements. Your in-house team may not adopt these changes quickly. That’s when you need a dedicated development team.

The hiring process of dedicated developers: 

experience on projects similar to yours by looking at their poThe hiring process of a dedicated developers team is different from hiring a freelancer or creating an in-house developers team. Here you hire these professionals from a software development company to do specific projects according to your requirements. Let’s look at the process of how the hiring process looks in a company.


  1. Project Estimation: At first, companies need to estimate the workload of the project, how many developers need to be involved, and how much time it’ll require. For that business analysts will discuss the project with clients to know about their requirements to complete the work.
  2. Make a list of potential clients: There are thousands of companies out there that provide dedicated development services. But you need only one for your project. A better approach to finding out that one company is to shortlist them depending upon your requirements and their specializations.

There are many industry-specific sites on the internet where companies list their developing services. These sites allow the users to filter according to their preferences and narrow down the list. 


  1. Check out reviews and companies’ portfolios: After you have narrowed down the list the next thing you need to do is to check out the ratings and reviews the company has got for their previous services. This way you will figure out which company provides the best customer satisfaction. 

Also, go through the portfolios of the company thoroughly. You will be able to check the company’s reliability. You can also tell whether the company has any previous portfolio. In this way, it’ll be easier to cancel out the in-experienced companies from the list. 


  1. Contact companies to discuss the project: After you are left with very few companies on the list, go and talk with them face to face. Discuss your requirements for the project with them. They will guide you with the information about the funds and time they require to complete the whole project. Once both parties are satisfied, a special team will be introduced by the development company.

After hiring a company you need to take special care in building the best team based on your preference. Depending upon the skills they possess or the experience they gathered over the years, the performance of your team will enhance. Here are a few things you need to take care of while selecting developers:

  1. Prepare a list of questions for the interview: For example, the company you hired has 20 back-end and front-end developers. But you are going to hire only one developer. For that, you need to select him through an interview process. And you want the interview to be as effective and less time-consuming as possible.


For that, you can prepare a list of questions in advance to make the process quicker. You can ask questions on his skills like

  • What does he do to understand the complexities of a new project?
  • How can he assure the product quality under deadlines?
  • How do you test your code?

If you can’t be able to check their hard skills, make sure someone from your company does it on your behalf.


  1. Assess their soft skills: Though hard skills like coding and designing are very important, it is not the end. Knowing soft skills is also important. A good team member should know these soft skills:
  • He should have decent communication skills. They should know how to communicate properly with their team members and bosses.
  • Creativity is a very important virtue in the development field. A developer can make tough work easier using his creativity. It is considered a very valuable asset.
  • He/she must be open-minded. They must take setbacks as a lesson to grow and value others’ opinions.
  1. Asking HR-related questions: At last, you can include some HR questions in the interview like:
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years? To check his visions.


Final Thoughts: Since your business is a growing startup or focusing on some innovative ideas to make it a reality then hiring dedicated developers will help you grow in 2022. Pay clear attention to the points I emphasized above before hiring a development team. See this here for best dedicated programmers if you are interested in hiring. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to hire a team that serves you the best.

Some additional information:

Everything that seems useful brings some pros and cons with it. Here I am going to discuss what are the advantages and disadvantages of the dedicated developer team model.


  • Cost Efficient: This is the most valid reason for hiring a dedicated development team. Hiring a dedicated development team is a lot cheaper than appointing an in-house team.

It is a great way to reduce HR costs for the company.

  • Extremely focused on approach: Another advantage of hiring a dedicated development team is that they are extremely focused on their approach. All the people that are a part of the team are focused on the specific projects they are assigned to.

And that’s not it. The team is flexible as well. You can assign them to a new project anytime you want basing on the company’s requirements.

  1. Fast Development: This is the best quality of the dedicated development team model. They can adapt to any certain changes in the requirements and can act on them quickly. Thus they can speed up the whole project.
  2. Relevant competence and experience: Sometimes your in-house might not provide the competence you are looking for. But you can select external professionals based on their competence and experience. 

Experienced means those professionals you hired have already worked on similar projects like yours. So they are prepared for any certain setbacks and can quickly act on them.




  1. Not good for short-term projects: A dedicated developers team is usually incompetent when it comes to short-term and predefined projects.
  2. Mental Difference: Because a dedicated developers team is a team of remote employees sometimes they can’t be compatible with each other because of their mental Differences.

Though the dedicated developer team model has multiple advantages, it is not the solution to every problem. Be wise enough to recognize when it can be useful and when it is just a waste of money.

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