April 12, 2024

Pets are an important part of our lives and our families. They help us to increase our social activities and provide us valuable companionship and help us to fight loneliness and lessen stress levels and also add positive development in an individual. So, as a conscientious and responsible pet owner; it is important to take good care of the health, food and shelter of the pet to keep them fit and healthy. According to a case study, “there are 223 million dogs and 220 million cats worldwide, excluding strays.”

Pets also bring many benefits to their owners such as dogs helps out in many societal ways. So, as a responsible dog parent, it is important to learn about general dog care to keep your dogs happiness and health a most important consideration.

Pet care is a very prime concern for pet parents. While going anywhere, leaving them behind becomes a very gritty situation for them. The difficulty of leaving them behind while traveling is one of the main motive that people decide not to travel. By knowing best pet care options, it would be easy for them to overcome this situation.

Here are some best pet care options while you travel:

  • Professional pet sitting
  • In home pet boarding
  • Friends family and neighbors
  • Leave them at kennel/ boarding facility
  • Hire a volunteer
  • Take them along.


Professional pet sitting:

Professional pet sitting is the most feasible option to maintain your peace of mind. Your mind will not get stuck about the health and comfort of the pet. This option is most preferred because pets such as dogs and cats feel more cozy and safe in their own surrounding.

Having an experienced pet- sitter (certified of pet care businesses), will surely comfort your state of mind. This option is finest for keeping your pets schedule usual and you can also easily customize your pets proper feeding schedule. Pet sitter will keep you up to date about every situation of your pet via text message or a mail or a customized note. So, a professional pet sitting provides a familiar setting to the pets and you can easily enjoy during your time away.

In -home pet boarding:

In home pet- boarding allows you to bring your pet in a pet sitter’s home while going away for some time. If you are not satisfied and contented for letting someone stranger into your home, then in home pet boarding is a great option. This option is more affordable than hiring a pet-sitter. Your pets will get socialize with other dogs and cats under the proper supervision and attention. In -home pet sitter can also go on with your pet’s normal routine such as daily exercise, feeding schedule and grooming necessities etc. So, this option is more secure and comfortable both for the pet and for the owner. Many websites such as dogvacay.com and sleepover rover, allows you to search for an in- home pet sitter.

Friend, family and neighbors:

This is the most convenient and cheapest option for your pet care. Family, friends and neighbors are the most trusted one and you can easily leave your pet under their supervision. This option would also be great because your pet can be familiar with them. If you have a good relationship with the person coming into your home, then you will be more comfortable about your pet. This can be a great option but sometimes it is also possible that you might not find someone for taking care of your pet. So, be sure to have a backup plan.

Leave them at kennel/boarding facility:

Leaving your pets at kennels or catteries is one of the standard option for pet care. Your pets will be under the supervision of professional and well-trained staff and they know very well that how to take good care of them. Dogs are more social than cats so they feel more pleased with other dogs. Pet boarding facilities treat pets with love and affection they needed. If this is your preferred choice, make sure to check references and certification of the kennels. You can also go on with a short run trial; this will make you sure about your decision regarding pet car.

Hire a volunteer:

Hiring a volunteer is also an important consideration for pet care. This option is also an affordable option as you can easily hire a volunteer from any shelter house or an organization. Volunteers show love to your pet and treat them with proper affection and care. Volunteers can accompany your pets with other animals under their care.

You have to arrange food and supplies for your pets. By choosing this option, you can assist the volunteer as well.

Hiring a volunteer is also an important consideration for pet care.

Take them along:

Taking your pets with you is a wonderful option if you are travelling through a car. If you are going away for a short period, then you can consider above options, but if you are going away for a long time period, then you should prefer to take them along.

You can take them along for shopping as they are widely accepted in public and private places around the world. It is also a great peace of mind to take your fur baby along with you. If your pet feels uncomfortable with other people or new people, then it is the finest option. If you are traveling abroad, then search basic guidelines for travelling with pets.

From hiring a professional pet sitter to in home pet boarding or kennel facility, try to choose the best option while you travel as you know your pet well.

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