April 12, 2024

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” Toni Morrison, Novelist 

Rightly said by the celebrated writer, if you wish to weave words and mould the same with your perspectives to make it a perfect read, then venture out in your endeavour, right away. This very moment is the time for you to write and publish books that you actually want to read and let others read through the pages as well. Many a time, most budding writers would sit back and contemplate whether or not to get started. Well, my mantra is, “Go for it!” Instead of giving it a hard thought and wasting the next couple of hours in dilemma, simply get started with your composition. iU PartsofBook - Click42Read this interesting blog to unfurl the five most compelling reasons why you should start writing your book, right now. Here you go!

  1. Book writing is one purely productive exercise

Let’s feel safe to assume that amid all the odds and challenges of the devastating pandemic, you are at home at this moment, safe and healthy. Now that you are at home, having your own time and space, how about investing these hours in doing something as productive as writing a book? You might have waited long for the perfect moment, time and space to initiate the final draft.

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Now, my friend, is the right time. Make the most of your idle hours and allow your thoughts and perspectives to seep in. The daily hustle-bustle of a chaotic corporate lifestyle had hardly allowed us to foster creativity in a way it is supposed to be. So, now that you are home, with the right mind to invoke the writer within you, do not waste the opportunity, and start penning down your thoughts right away.

  • You don’t have deadlines to meet at any cost

There is a difference between writing a book and preparing PPT slides for your corporate seminars. The latter comes with strict deadlines to meet. However, such is not the case when it comes to writing your own book. You can enjoy your own sweet time, and allow creativity to guide you through the entire process of drafting the book.

As a result, with enough time in hand, you can finally settle for the right musings, give shape to your imaginations and land the perfect book successfully. So, without much ado, simply start accumulating all scattered thoughts in one place, form the perfect flowchart in your head and venture out to live your dreams through words of creativity.

  • You can get the right exposure via digitised mediums

With the pandemic impacting the entire world order, most conventional modes of communication, finances and corporate concerns have gone digital. People are mostly operating from home. Thanks to the phenomenon called digitisation, we are able to stay connected and carry out regular chores without any major hindrances. From students seeking English assignment help online to corporate employees carrying out meetings via video/audio calls, things are being streamlined in commendably successful ways.

Also, the digital communication platforms have paved the way for aspiring writers to publish and share their compositions online. And believe me; it is as simple and effective as seeking online English assignment help.

And when it comes to going digital, you can pretty well gauge the intensity, reach, and potential of your creations. So, if you are planning to have your voices heard through your words and creativity, then embrace digital mediums, right away.

Here are some suggestions on the prospective online publishing houses you can consider for your next composition.

  • Kindle Direct Publishing
  • CreateSpace
  • SquareSpace
  • EzineArticles
  • Issuu
  • You get to read enough books at this very moment

There’s something about bookworms. They have a one-stop solution to potential challenges in life. For example, pertaining to the present situation of the pandemic, the word is under lockdown. This, as a result, has taken a toll on the mental health and peace of mind of millions.

Well, an ardent book lover would always try to escape from the monotony and chaos around the world, by devoting creative hours to read good books. If we are to talk about the perfect time to write and publish books, then the exercise of reading would apparently be correlated to the practice of writing books.

Here’s why and how.

  • The more books you would read, the better chances you would get in terms of seeking the right inspiration for your next draft.
  • Trying out the latest reads would allow you to stay updated with the new words, phrases and jargon in the block.
  • As a result, it would give you an advantage in terms of attracting young readers in more numbers than usual.
  • Also, you would get an idea of the preferred length of the book or the number of words that to be maintained in order to stay at par with the readability trends these days.
  • Pre-determined readership games up your effort

At the end of the day, it is all about the plan and the approach that would matter. So, once you are done following up with the steps mentioned in the previous pointer, you would be able to determine the right readership for your book.

And determining the right readership is apparently the gateway to composing the perfect, saleable draft. It is always better to write for a specific demographic than beating around the bush in a clueless manner.

Parting Thoughts,

Now that you know and have enough reasons to believe why it is the right time to write your book, buckle up, put on your thinking cap and pen down what goes in your head. Just let your ideas flow and woo readers to sign up for more of your compositions. However, you should always try and be careful regarding the aspect of drafting grammatically correct sentences with 100% syntactical accuracy.

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