May 27, 2024

Apps like Instagram Comparison Chart 

App name  For IOS For Android  Website  Paid/Free
Snapchat YES YES Free
Facebook YES YES Free
Pinterest YES YES Free
Tumblr YES YES Free
Flickr YES YES Free
Twitter YES YES Free
Dribbble YES YES Free
Yummi YES YES Free
Unsplash YES YES Free
Ticktok YES YES Free

With the birth of social media platforms and advancement in every technology, millions of people are making use of such apps to share extracts of their lives. In other words, folks who are seen as less active on their apps are referred to as people who are not existing. Therefore with emerging use and interest in such app, everyone around the world is sharing their images, stories and discussing stuff with people who are following them.

The photo-sharing apps are becoming trendier because it offers amazing features like boomerangs, several new filters and story sharing like Instagram. That’s why a lof people on the internet are searching for what are some apps like Instagram. Let’s take a look at the top 10 apps like Instagram.

1. Snapchat

One of the most commonly used mobile applications is called Snapchat. The word Snapchat is divided into two distinct words Snap and chat which means you can take pictures and videos through your mobile and then share them for at least 10 seconds with your family and friends. The app Snapchat is used to snap with friends like family. You can take videos and images of your business and market them at a much higher level.

Features of Snapchat

  • Snapchat is considered as a photo-messaging mobile application
  • You can share your pictures and images for 10 seconds with your dear ones
  • You can select the time option for sharing your videos and pictures
  • All your posts will be auto-deleted after sometime
  • In the end, it hardly leaves any path of your posts

Pros Of Snapchat

  • Snapchat is safe and does not let anyone sidestep the privacy settings
  • Comes with filters and let the user edit pictures as well
  • You can Snapchat your business pictures and videos to the people following you

Cons of Snapchat

  • Can be a great source of addiction
  • Followers can screenshot your posts and spread it

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2. Facebook

Facebook is one of the most widely used mobile or PC app. Facebook allows users to simply create their accounts and share a few details about themselves and then let the app work its magic. You can add as many people as you want to. You can increase your friend list by adding people you know or you may not know. With Facebook, you can download Facebook messenger and chat for hours or even video calls.

Features of Facebook

  • Through Facebook, you can add people, post pictures, or put stories on your profile Dp
  • You can make groups on Facebook and chat accordingly
  • You can watch parties on Facebook
  • Share all the latest posts or old memories on it
  • You can block people on Facebook who you believe might cause hindrance

Pros Of Facebook

  • The app allows you to stay in touch with friends and family
  • You can keep a journal with help of Facebook
  • You can share your pictures, videos, and posts

Cons of Facebook

  • The app can waste a lot of time
  • Privacy is often compromised
  • You can opt for targeted advertisement

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3. Twitter

Another amazing app that allows folks to obtain the most recent information or happenings around the world then Twitter is a great option. By simply clicking over the bird icon you can use Twitter and get to know the basic information and social media news. You can also make use of hashtags like Instagram.

Features of Twitter

  • If you wish to know stuff from important people then you can create a particular group involving people of your own choice
  • You can make use of interaction design decoration by logging into auto-complete as it provides many text options
  • Tweets threading is very common with the app
  • You can also post metadata through Twitte

Pros Of Facebook

  • The app allows you to stay in touch with friends and family
  • You can keep a journal with help of Facebook
  • You can share your pictures, videos, and posts

Cons of Facebook

  • The app can waste a lot of time
  • Privacy is often compromised
  • You can opt for targeted advertisement

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4. Pinterest

Well, Pinterest is not considered a social media network. It is a picture-sharing visual app where folks can share pictures related to arts, home life, etc. You can post design-related pictures or share your creativity on this visual app.

Features of Pinterest

  • There are certain pictures you want to share with your friends or family hence on Pinterest you can easily dispatch pins to them
  • If you are running many accounts or boards and have completely forgotten which particular picture you posted were to avoid this you can duplicate the pins
  • Pinterest offers push notifications that allow you to see repins or comments as well

Pros Of Pinterest

  • A perfect app for e-commerce visual posting brands
  • Comes with a greater conversion rate
  • Can attract a great number of people

Cons of Pinterest

  • Takes a lot of time
  • The cost to automate is also high

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5. Tumblr

Some people are not comfortable with Instagram and believe it is too noisy for them. In this case, they must give a try Tumblr. On Tumblr, you can share pictures and videos and do blogging as well. And you can also customize your profile which you cannot do over Instagram.

Features of Tumblr

  • The dashboard is a very common feature that allows the users to like, comment, or reblog again.
  • The queue is another great feature. In this, the user can delay the timing of the posts they have made themselves
  • You can edit your post and blogs through HTML editing code
  • You can also add tags to it

Pros Of Tumblr

  • It set your blog in minutes
  • It allows free web hosting
  • it is a user-friendly interface

Cons of Tumblr

  • It gives no plugin access
  • Safety is an issue

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6. Flickr

Flickr is another lively app like Instagram however it is not as popular as Instagram is. On Flickr, you can share, post, exchange, or sort photos, images, or messages as well. It helps you post your stuff in a minute or even less. It is a great hybrid service for sharing pictures or posts.

Features of Flickr

  • The app allows free ads browsing so you don’t have to worry about the added hassle
  • You can store a great number of pictures
  • You can exchange messages over the app Flickr

Pros Of Flickr

  • Let’s you store pictures
  • can save pictures
  • unlimited storage

Cons of Tumblr

  • It is a spam
  • you cannot delete the messages you posted
  • You cannot block the messages from a sender

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7. Dribbble

This app is a little inspiring as it is the most commonly used app by designers from all around the globe. All designers use their profiles as portfolios over the app dribble and get inspired by the work of other designers on it. Dribble is also one of the best apps like Instagram.

Features of Dribbble

  • It is a self-promoting app that allows designers to post their designs and creative ideas on the app
  • One of the common portfolio platform

Pros Of Dribbble

  • You can post pictures of your designs
  • Get inspired by other designers

Cons of Dribbble

  • It lacks customization
  • It is not very trendy

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8. Unsplash

Unsplash is yet another top-listed app. it gives the user the copyright license to copy, download or alter the pictures. There are many photos present over unsplash that can be used for free for marketing or business purposes.

Features of Unsplash

  • The sole purpose of this app is to let the user find a great and a good quality photo for their website
  • You can access pictures at a much faster rate
  • It gives access to wallpapers, textures, or other graphics

Pros Of Unsplash

  • Allows you to download photos that match your project
  • It is free to use
  • Thousands of modified pictures are available
  • safest of all

Cons of Unsplash

  • Not used by everyone

Visit Unsplash

9. TikTok

Well, TikTok is the most entertaining apps like instagram and globally popular app used mainly by adults and teenagers. As the app allows the user to create small videos in which the folk lip-synchronize with the music played in the background.

Features of TikTok

  • A most common feature is that the user upload videos of themselves on the app
  • You can edit the videos easily by cropping, flipping, or rotating them easily
  • You can add filters and many effects to the video
  • Receive comments and shares on your video

Pros Of TikTok

  • Most entertaining app
  • It gives you the most authentic content
  • Can be used for creating awareness for businesses and brands

Cons of TikTok

  • The videos folks upload can be destructive or too loud
  • self-destructing
  • time-consuming

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9. Yummi

As the name says it all this app Yummi is all about food. You can share your diet plans or posts pictures of your food-related content on this app called yummi. All the posts are chronologically posted and everything about this app is related to food or different cultural cuisines.

Features of Yummi

  • The app explains or posts everything related to food and cuisines
  • Helps to create a calendar explaining food diet or habits
  • Let’s you find new restaurants or famous places

Pros Of Yummi

  • The workaholics no longer need to worry about their food
  • Helps food lovers enjoy and learn new dishes

Cons of Yummi

  • This leads to an increase in expenses
  • Health can be compromised

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Social media platforms are becoming a super hit. More and more people are becoming fond of these apps. Some use these for fun while others are making great use of such apps by expanding their business by blogging or video sharing. But the use of these apps must be kept to a particular limit especially for teenagers as every app poses its pros and cons. And to avoid self-destruction limited use is necessary for every age group.

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