April 12, 2024

There are many questions people asked frequently about the rising bollard installation and bollard itself but they didn’t get the right answers so, they avoid to install them. By reading this article, they can resolve all their confusions and they can comfortably install the bollards and enjoy their benefits.

A Valuable Contribution to Road Safety by Automatic Rising Bollards

Are the bollards being useful and how do they work?

The bollards create a fence and it is useful in preventing cars from entering into building premises on time of parking.

Can you install the bollards in front of your building?

you can install them after seeing you are not interfering in government property.

What is the length of bollards being ideal?

It can come in various sizes but the ideal height is in between 30’’ to 48’’ tall.

Is it essential to fill bollards with concrete?

It is not essential but most bollards are filled with concrete as they are long-lasting and easy to install.

How can you easily install the bollards?

It is not difficult to install bollards. You just need to have the perfect knowledge of installation. If it is a concrete bollard, then you can place the base plate under it. Mark the three holes on the concrete where baseplate holes are present. You can easily make the holes by the help of a drill machine. When the hole in the concrete is done then you can use an impact driver which can hold the concrete. Now drive the anchors of concrete through the concrete plate and tighten them on it. Now place the bollard on the required place.

Is it essential to hire the professional for the rising bollard installation?

The installation of the bollard can be tricky if you don’t have perfect knowledge regarding its installation. there are specific gaps are required between the bollards and also the installation gaps from the curb are tricky. So, it is better to hire the professional for the installation of the bollards if you wish them to facilitate perfectly.

Can you remove the concrete-filled bollards?

The concrete-filled bollards are very heavy in weight and you must have to hire the professional to ensure the removing of bollards without destroying the ground or hurting yourself. The professionals are very trained and they have the machines to help them.in case they are using man-power, they have different strategies and techniques which can facilitate them in safe removing. Hence, never try to remove the heavy bollards on your own.

Can you put a bollard on your driveway?

If the road is private, then you can put the bollards on the driveways. But you can increase the gap between them which can be 1.3-1.5 meters.

Can you put a chain on the bollards and how it is useful?

You can put a chain on the bollards and these are more helpful in fencing the building or the area. The fence creates more effective stopping of incoming cars for parking.

Did the removable bollards are helpful?

Yes! The removable bollards can facilitate you in different areas. You can easily unlock them and shift them whenever you want.

How do the removable bollards work?

The removable bollards are light and easy to move several times in a day by unlocking them. They mostly stay in the below-ground receivers. And you can unlock them and settled on the places where they are required.

Where the bollards should be placed?

The bollards can stand-alone perfectly so, there is no need to placed them all together. Further, it is better than the bollards will be placed 1.5 feet away from the curb. But in case there is no car is parking in then you can place the bollards adjacently to the curb.

What is the weight of concrete bollard?

When you install the good quality bollards which are long-lasting and can facilitate you perfectly without falling, again and again, their weight is 600lbs. they are tall and good when stand-alone.

What is the difference between parking bollards and safety bollards?

The bollards used in parking areas and building to avoid accidents. When it comes to the parking lot, it is chaotic and bollards help make the boundaries between cars and pedestrians. The chances of harm to the pedestrians and other cars are very less by the installation of bollards whereas the safety bollards are barriers in front of many building. These are also used to utilize the parking of cars safely without damaging the building premises. There is no such difference between the bollards. You can buy the bollards which are perfectly fit to your budget.

When you want the perfect service regarding the rising bollard installation, you must have to consider the professional company, SCS Automation UK. They have highly experienced professionals who can facilitate you regarding the perfect installation of the bollards. Hire them and get the perfect advantages of the bollards.

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