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Helpdesk software refers to frameworks and applications that track client demands and handle customer care related issues. It is a part of customer support software. Infact

the principal element of the customer support process. Without this, your customer support isn’t inadequate but also practically ineffective. With the right helpdesk system and implementing SaaS helpdesk , organisations can smooth out client conversations across numerous channels into one place, monitor all client demands, and engage with them on their preferred channel to solve all their customer support queries smoothly .


Why do we need help desk software?

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It is intended to resolve issues of your organisation’s internal(representatives) and external(clients) audience in an orderly and exact way. Consumer loyalty and satisfaction is the principal objective of any business. By  installing and implementing a help desk software management tool, you can gain this principal objective.


Must have features of Help Desk Software


While assessing a help desk software management tool, you should think about a couple of things: price, reviews of users, key features, and the tool’s target audience group.


Here is a guide to help you out –


  • Ticketing system

A ticketing system is a customer management tool that allows customers to raise inquiries and queries, further resolved through tickets. Once they raise a ticket, the ticket is passed on to the concerned agent. A user-friendly ticketing system adds value to the customer, agent, and management.


  • Chats

Visitors can respond to common queries and get their issues tackled quicker through the talk. One more massive advantage of a helpdesk with chat is the possibility of automation. SaaS helpdesk Chatbots helps convert leads to conversion by solving all their doubts and queries.


  • Phone

Chats majorly help solve frequently asked common queries and issues while over phone one to one interaction with customer support agents helps to solve significant customer queries, giving them the ultimate solution and customer satisfaction.


  • CRM

CRM helpdesk is an integrated software programming that permits you to collect and order all data in a single place. It monitors each ticket that is being resolved and those that are closed. Your team can then respond to this ticket from inside the framework itself. Therefore, a good CRM is required for workflow processes’ efficient and smooth functioning.


  • AI

AI majorly involves two centre technologies: Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP). It enables you to boost client engagement, encourage brand visibility, and further develop loyalty towards the brand. AI is the future, and one such example of AI integration in helpdesk software is SaaS Chatbots as a helpdesk management tool.



  • Knowledge base

Knowledge base information permits your clients to self-serve their solutions to their frequently posed inquiries, reducing the high expenses involved in live customer service agents. It will lessen your primary concern and assist with holding and retaining your hard-won clients. It is seen that through knowledge base helpdesk management tools, almost 80% of customers figure out their queries themselves.


Let us know the best help desk software for business in 2021 –


  • Peppy Biz help desk software – Need of an hour

Peppy Biz desk software is a customer support system that gives attention wholeheartedly to its customers through automation.

It permits team members to manage shared inboxes the same way they deal with their email inboxes. As a result, monitor nearly everything and effectively manage everything with a shared inbox. PeppyBiz is among the couple of SaaS with a strong versatile mobile applications facility that lets you take the system and your information any place you’re web connected. So take a trial and start growing your business today .


Key features

  • Suitable for all businesses – big, medium and small.
  • Access to emails for multiple users at the same time.
  • Markdown all your urgent needs and priorities by setting SLAs.
  • Provide a facility of integrated inbox, which is the solution for all your forgotten and missed mails.
  • Track and Analyse your team performance
  • Advanced CRM tools
  • Seamlessly integrated with tons of application


  • JitBit helpdesk software – comprehensive and user-friendly helpdesk

JitBit HelpDesk is a solution that uses AI to automate customer service tasks. Suitable for all types of organisations, all things considered, this platform offers a basic and streamlined UI that makes it simpler to follow support requests, assign tickets, as well as monitor the performance of help desk agents. You can make the most of the JitBit HelpDesk free trial if you’d like to try these functionalities first-hand.


Key features

  • Suitable for all types of organisation
  • Easy to install and reliable ticket management
  • Comes with a mailbox that merges all service requests and inquiries.
  • Mobile friendly help desk
  • Robust Security Features
  • Comprehensive and user friendly


  • Zoho – most notable multi-channel support

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The Zoho cloud-based platform has incredible features like automatic localisation and ticket routing and upholds a large number of the top channels. The most outstanding aspect? It’s competitive pricing with free and paid plans beginning at $12/agent for a month. To offer extra benefits to agents, many businesses deploy a Zoho chatbot.


  • The key features like
  • Auto-labelling of tickets
  • Information base management
  • Ticket assignment and routing
  • Quick accelerations and alarms
  • Reporting and analytics dashboard
  • Multi-brand help focus



  • Gladly – Help Desk for people

It focuses on enhanced personal services that deal with customers like individuals, not tickets. The platform gives this customised customer care by enabling a lifelong customer discussion across all channels. As a result, the customer’s context is carried forward, no matter the channel they connect. This client-driven mindset transforms customer service teams into income-producing machines by furnishing experts with tools to increase contact centre revenue by up to 10%.




  • Omni-channel – native voice, text, email and more tools
  • Client profiles with saved preferences, buy history, attributes and relationships
  • Intelligent routing
  • Local information base
  • Context oriented engagement
  • Savvy routing and consistent escalation
  • Task management and collaboration tools


  • Hubspot service hub- For small and medium-sized enterprises

Customer support software HubSpot Service Hub is free to live chat software programming for small and medium-sized organisations. The stage empowers organisations to build exceptional solutions that amuse customers and help grow business. It engages clients to react to questions from customers and prospects in real-time, subsequently facilitating instant communication.

Through centralised customer interactions and details, HubSpot Service Hub makes it simple to monitor sales pipeline activities and the progress of every interaction. Thus, agents can change over leads easily, close more deals, and convey personalised reactions to all customer questions.



  • Hubspot CRM tools
  • Live chat
  • Conversational bot
  • NPS survey
  • Meeting and Scheduling
  • Ticketing
  • Shared Inbox



Final thoughts

Delivering a robust client experience can add a massive amount to your client support system. In today’s era, digital client experience is so significant for conversion and  building brands .

By adding help desk software into your strategies, you can be sure to retain your hard-won customers, grow your sales and remain competitive.

If you are curious and would like more information on how to start with this useful digital tool into your customer service management tool, get in touch with one of our expert and friendly team here at PeppyBiz and start your enhanced customer service journey today.



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