Major Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation in Home

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation - Click42

Spray foam insulation is pretty common among homeowners. Spray foam insulation Minneapolis or SPF is also referred to as spray polyurethane foam and it tends to serve some major benefits to the homeowners. 

Advantages are as listed 

  • Environmental friendly 

We are well aware of the fact that environmental issues are pretty common. Thus manufacturers are trying to create things that are eco-friendly. Homeowners are also making extensive use of spray foam insulation because it uses less energy and hence creates an eco-friendly environment at home. This is all because of the fact that SPF is made through renewable resources and the plastic used is highly recyclable. This way it tends to bring in better insulation and causes less worsening environmental reactions. 

  • It helps prevents ice damp problems 

Insulation problems can severely affect your house. In case your attic isn’t properly insulated or there’s no system installed then you will notice that your attic roof will get heated up because of the top-layered snow on it. However when it refreezes then you can expect the melting down of it. The spikes and the ice dams exhibit energy loss and water damage. With the help of spray foam insulation the snow on top stays as cold as a brick thus prevents the heating or melting of the snow. Even some of the roof designs require only spray foam insulation to get rid of this issue.

  • Its airtight 

There are few R-values associated with spray foam and it ranges from 3.8 to 7.1 per 1 inch of thickness. It also shows great resistance to air durableness. It shows great durability in preventing all types of air leakage and air entry. This fact lets spray foam work wonders because once you apply it tends to keep the walls and ceilings pretty windproof as well. 

  • It helps dampen noise 

The open-cell foam consists of semi-rigid cells that have the potential to absorb all sorts of sound frequencies. And since spray form is airtight it helps to absorb sound by all means. Though you cannot completely soundproof the area at your home, SPF has the potential to dampen out the sounds to some level that turns out to be comforting for you. It can dampen out the sounds that are coming from running cars and the dogs barking outside the home or other corners. 

  • Maintains good air quality 

People often opt for cheap insulation types and techniques such as fiberglass insulation. It is very easy to install and is quite inexpensive as well. But what happens is that it tends to accumulate a lot of dirt and requires constant replacement all the time. This might tend to cost you a lot more than you could imagine. To avoid this issue you can opt for SPF as it is a lot easier and sturdier work-wise. It is sealed to prevent t=dust and dirt from infiltration. It might cost a little extra but it will save a lot of time and cost further.

  • It seals wiring and piping 

Sometimes there are few details we ignore such as the penetrations we often see in different wires and pipes in our house. These affect air sealing. To avoid this issue it is important to use spf on these minor penetrations to save ourselves from such issues.

  • Combats mold 

There is another condition which requires attention by all means. Mold often invades the little corners and with help of moisture they bloom to higher levels. To prevent the reproduction of such mold and bacteria these must be filtered out of the house. To overcome this we have spray foam insulation present to our rescue. This is highly water resistant and prevents the entry of air, overall terminating the growth of mold.

  • Improves humidity level 

Yes, another great point is that home owners and manufacturers prefer opting for spray foam because it reduces the use of ventilation and air conditioning. As a result of this the overall cost of house expenses is literally reduced to a great level. This is because spray foam when applied to small corners spreads out evenly.  With great R-value the temperature and humidity level remain pretty consistent as well. 

  • Supports the home structure 

The home structure also stays as firm as possible with the help of spray foam because the closed cells keep the structural or building material glued to the core. And this provides obvious structural strength to the building. When you apply SPF it expands and fills all the minor cracks in the walls or ceiling. Thus tends to allow great structural strength 


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