Five Best Painting Contractors in Minneapolis

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Before hiring the best painting contractor in the state of Minnesota one must make sure to opt for a well-generalized written contract with knowing the exact amount of cost, the cost of material,  the total quantity of coats and paints that are going to be applied, and complete description of surface preparation that is required to be done. In this article, we have listed down the list of five best painting contractors and we also explain why these five painting contractors in Minneapolis are considered the best in the entire state of Minnesota.

Home Drywall and Construction 

Home dry wall and construction had been working for the state of Minnesota for over more than a decade. They provide a lot of different types of services. Home dry wall and construction provides both residential and commercial painting clarifications and it offers sound proofing solution for your home and residential spots.

They paint both the interior and exterior portions of the area. They work by applying window reglazing, waterproofing, and paint spraying and of course fence staining. Home dry wall and construction painting also help in rotten wood replacement, changing the disrupted wallpapers and power washing services. You can contact the company to know more details and get a hold of their services as well therefore search

Best Painting Contractors in Minneapolis

Benson Painting 

Benson painting is also recognized as one of the best painting contractors working for almost 15 years in the industry. It is working for both the twin cities metro and the southern suburbs. Benson painting provides both interior and exterior painting solutions to the folks who appoint them. They provide painting spraying, staining paint repair, stripping along with staining, texturing and removal of wallpaper as well. The staff working for the Benson painting company is pretty qualified and is available all day long to answer all company related queries and give out the best results.

Big B Painting 

Big b painting is working for the industry for over a decade now. It is much of a local plus a family runs business. This local company is providing both commercial and residential services to the people living in Minneapolis. All the services are insured. The company big b painting offers wrought iron fence painting, interior painting, exterior painting with fence staining and pressure washing as well. The owner of this company is Brian who is all eager to provide its clients with the best services they can. 

Corr Painting and Restoration 

Corr painting is one of the well-known painting companies working in the metro state for 18 plus years. Corr painting has worked for a number of clients in the state of Minnesota. It offers all type of painting services such as staining, texturing, cabinet refreshing and spray painting. It has worked in repairing minor wood and painting services options as well. Corr painting has worked for Victorian houses and commercial areas as well. All the members working for corr painting and restoration are professional work-wise and are highly qualified as well. All the trainers work as a big happy family and settle down all the client services.

Custom One Painting and Prefinishing 

Custom one painting is working day and night for residential-based clients and remodeling companies. The custom painting company comprises of a well-organized team members and all of them are highly professional work-wise. It offers both exterior and interior printing services. One of the greatest things the company exhibits for the people who are allergic to paint smell is that they have a 20,000 square foot finishing area where the painters and craftsmen work and paint the cabinets and objects. The custom one painting company is an insured company with lots of advantages.

Why choose them?


  • Availability 

This is the first most important thing to consider. All these listed painters are available 24/7 to answer all the queries and to give out the best information possible.

  • Qualifications 

All the team members are authorized and have better certified courses and qualifications that make them a perfect choice for the companies they are working under 

  • Experiences 

All the listed companies had been working for over sometime which makes them well- experienced as well. All the companies are quite professional. They know how and from where to start. Thus the list of companies we are mentioning are all top-class and outstanding.

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