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Top 7 Software Development Trends for 2022 - Click42

We are witnessing yet another year to end after the month of December. As a result, there are several experts who have started to predict the latest development trends for the New Year.

Software development has immense importance for businesses these days. The value of developers have grown in the business because they are known as vital assets because of their skills. They can make the organization successful due to the latest innovation and strong growth. The expertise of the developers have high value for most of the businesses.

Mobile and software development is playing a crucial role in the success of the business. Any organization that is doing well in technology can win the corporate battle not just in 2020 but even in 2021.

Here is the description of the key development trends that will dominate in 2021.

1. The Native Development will have unparalleled value

The Native app development has a strong relationship with those software programs that can remain compatible with specific devices. They are not like hybrid apps. Smartphone is the best example related to Native Development because it is the most common target device.

IOS and Android have a strong established presence in the world market and they are not leaving anytime soon. It is the main reason because of which a lot of businesses are investing in native apps of Android and iOS.

2. The Node JS| Angular 2+|React are expected to have a strong performance in 2021

The three frameworks mentioned above were top software’s in 2020. We can easily assure you they are going to deliver better performance in 2021. Here is our observation regarding the three frameworks:

  • Node JS: It is not just fast but even has a lightweight. The software is perfect for the scalable networking applications.
  • Angular 2+: It is known as a framework that is indeed fully-featured. It mainly enables simple routing and enhances the user interfaces that matters for any company.
  • ReactJS: It is an important library where there is no need to write a lot of code. Achieving enhanced performance is also easy. ReactJS is the best choice for Developers of JavaScript Framework.

3. Apache Spark has high significance in terms of ruling the space of data analysis

In the previous cases, the framework utilized was Hadoop Map-Reduce. It was mainly helpful in managing large scale datasets. At present, the Apache Spark has now achieved more value and it even has the best-Distributed File System. As a result, the performance and costs are quite better than before.

Earlier, there were limitations related to Hadoop Map-Reduce. Apache Spark has met those limitations quite well. Apache Spark has high value because everything is processed in the memory. The storage of data after every operation is not the best strategy.

It is expected that the Apache Spark will perform quite well in 2021 and even afterwards.

4. Rust Programming Language will have the top-most position in 2021

The top IT companies like the Intel and Microsoft are giving high importance to the Rust Programming Language. The social media giant, Facebook is even acknowledging the high value of Rust.

Even though, the development stages are there for Rust at the moment, and it still has a long way to go before it reaches the value of another programming language that is Java. However, the undisputed fact is that the Rust Programming Language is attaining high level of traction.

We can indeed not say that Rust is just a compiler or consists of set of libraries. The companies that have decided to use Rust are gradually increasing with each passing day. Over the past few years, Rust has acquired a high status.

5. Scala, Kotlin, and Java are expected to perform magnificently in 2021

In 2021, it is expected that Java will turn 30 years old. The performance of Java is still quite excellent. The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) has a solid foundation for Java. The other important languages Scala and Kotlin also benefit considerably.

Though, there is a need to understand one factor. Oracle, has the ownership of Java and JVM’s license is not the same anymore. The companies that are going to use Scala, Kotlin and Java in 2021 will have to make considerable investment.

6. An important database: You need to watch out for Distributed SQL

Every company has made an acknowledgment that they cannot function without databases. In this regard, SQL has the topmost position in the charts.

Many experts have already made a prediction for 2021 that SQL will have strongest value and even in later years. SQL is best in offering transactional guarantees which are a crucial requirement for running business applications.

In 2021, you can expect a major battle taking place between databases. Though, one thing that is important that whichever company will win, they would earn a lot of bucks in the future.

7. Cloud technology will gain immense value in 2021

Every company these days whether it is small, medium, or big is making use of cloud technologies. Every sector is highly dependent on cloud technologies whether it is retail, hospitality, banks, and many more.

Furthermore, the important cloud vendors that include Google, Microsoft, and Amazon mostly encourage a lot of companies to use their cloud systems. It clearly shows the high importance every companies offer to cloud technologies.


Undoubtedly, the software industry has a lot of importance in the world. Over the last several years, many IT companies’ performance declined but some of them had an exceptional performance. The trend will continue in the upcoming years. The development trends of the software can change as well. Therefore, these were all our predictions for the next year, 2021 regarding the custom software development trends. The next year will witness important developments that will have high value for all the industries.

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