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Property is a necessity that produces a ton of benefit as property speculation opens doors for everybody, whether purchasing, selling, or leasing. Pakistan’s authorized land dealers have developed consistently over the long haul, with the best specialists in the land speculation entryway and areas now comprising a few legacy offices that offer answers for likely purchasers. You’re presumably discussing which land property vendor to go to. We’ve incorporated a rundown of Pakistan’s leading real estate group Taj residencia authorized dealers.

Hundreds of real estate alternatives are available, including commercial areas, houses, restaurants, plots, villas, apartments, hospitals, and golf courses, among other things—projects to a wide range of Pakistanis, from the middle class to the upper crust Visit here.

  1. Manahil Estate
  2. Golf Residencia Authorized Dealer
  3. Al- Ghani Real Estate Authorized Dealer 
  4. The Life Residencia


  • Manahil Estate

Manahil Estate is a group of expert land specialists who offer numerous types of assistance for relentless resources including, however, not restricted to Houses, Plots, Agricultural Land, Shops and Shopping Plazas, Factories, Warehouses, and a few other property types. Whether you live in or outside Pakistan, our specialists are qualified and experienced to the point of furnishing you with productive venture potential open doors across various urban communities of Pakistan.

We are filling in as property specialists alongside the regular property showroom business. We reliably investigate the productive ventures that open doors for our important clients and keep them refreshed with the current and forthcoming tasks the nation over, explicitly in the capital city Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi.

  • Golf Residencia Authorized Dealer

The Golf Residencia Housing Scheme is claimed by Mr. Amjad Baig, a renowned person in the region. This voyage fulfills the housing needs of Jhelum, Gujrat, Mandi Bahauddin, and Mirpur AJK, as its area makes it the central community point of the locale.

Another expansion to the place of the Golf Residencia project is the support of PP1 of 3500 Kanal by TMA Sarai Alamgir New Kharian. With all of the benefits and workplaces that this housing experience gives its inhabitants, there’s a fantastic opportunity for the monetary benefactors to contribute here. What else would you have the option to dream of when you have all of the workplaces under one roof.

  • Al- Ghani Real Estate Authorized Dealer 

Al-Ghani Developers Pvt. Ltd. Joins demonstrated particular expert cutting edge methods in the advancement of land, its support and showcasing alongside the selling of new and resale of created units inside the tasks. The center lies in improving private networks, townhouses, condos, home locales, lacking areas, and business venture open doors. Al-Ghani Developer Pvt. Ltd. Keeps a full-time staff of thoroughly prepared realtors who ceaselessly endeavor to offer top-quality support for individual clients and clients.

  • The Life Residencia

The Life Residencia is a phenomenal gated neighborhood at Fateh Jang Road Islamabad, a little ways from the Islamabad International Airport, 200 meters from CPEC exchange, and a short ways distance of 5 minutes from M1 and M2 Motorway that has all the fundamental as well as heavenly accommodations for people who generally like a front line and an exclusive standard for regular solaces in Pakistan. We are delighted to say that our overall population is a gift from paradise for people looking for an example of overall assumptions for recognizable solaces just inside our own Pakistan.

Why Taj residencia?

Taj Residencia is your next ensured extravagant living convenience in Islamabad, created by the Sardar Group of Companies, known for conveying fruitful undertakings and remaining light for a long time in front of the opposition. In Islamabad, it is close to the I-14 sector. Taj Residencia is one such exceptional expansion that has started the city’s land industry. The Sardar Group of Companies possesses the task and has effectively finished a primary wonder in Islamabad, ‘The Centaurus.’

  1. Schools, Universities and Hospitals
  2. Taj Residencia security
  3. Shopping & Restaurants
  4. Modern infrastructure
  5. The Urban Perspective


It’s a well-known question among first-time purchasers and vendors. In Pakistan’s housing market, various domain specialists give replies to likely buyers to examine them.

The mainland development organizations in Pakistan are recorded above in extraordinary profundity, expanding opportunities. The current Pakistani government has been battling like the devil to work on the nation’s economy. The public authority of Pakistan is liberally giving concessions to the nation’s development and advancement businesses.

These concessions are ending up very valuable to Pakistan’s economy. The public authority’s motivation has brought about an increment in concrete and steel creation in significant enterprises. This issue is additionally bringing about an enormous number of business openings.

Since it has become so obvious which stages to trust, you can undoubtedly enter the universe of land. Taj residencia authorized dealers are prepared to help you get the speculation of your fantasies to find out about such land dealers and their cutting-edge development of private tasks.

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