April 12, 2024

 11 Sociology Research Topics to Get the Best Grades in 2022

Sociology is the study of people, society, cultures, practices, and customs. Therefore, sociology is a vast area of research. The traditions and culture keep changing with time, so the scope for research and writing also never ends. You can write about anything under the sun, from Pop culture to Science in Sociology. This is why students struggle to decide on a topic while writing Sociology Dissertations. They prefer to get Sociology Dissertation help from online writers to get guidance about topic selection.

If you list down the topics that can be covered by Sociology, there can be 11 broad topics –

  1. Mass Media

One of the most interesting topics of sociological research is media. People tend to believe anything they can hear or see. So, whatever we can see on television, computer screens, theatres, or magazines has a more significant effect on society. There are a lot of topics that fall under media. It all depends on how they are presented in the media. Some of the most popular elements are –

  1. Women
  2. Men
  3. Children
  4. Any race
  5. Disabled People
  6. Celebrities
  7. Political parties
  8. Sports teams

The media always targets to portray them in ways they seem fit to generate profit. Some of the topics you can write about while writing for media companies are –

  1. What commercials will play at what times of the day?
  2. Which Channels will they be played on?
  3. Which genre of music is most popular?
  4. Movies portraying Erotic as well as Cartoons for children
  5. Romantic Comedies
  6. Women-centric programs
  7. Fitness programs
  8. Tech-based programs.

Social media is also an integral part of mass media. Almost everyone has a mobile phone or tablet in their hands. The abundant availability of the internet enables all smartphone users to create social media accounts and access them any time they want. Since they can log in to Facebook or Twitter any time, they now have more exposure to social media than any other form of media. Some of the topics you can think about while writing for social media are –

  1. Youth and how social media impacts them
  2. Social media and Celebrity
  3. Harassment and Cyber Bullying on social media
  4. How are millennials using social media?
  5. Facebook vs. Twitter vs. Instagram: Why will you use each, and who uses them?
  6. Is social media making us lonely?
  7. Does social media promote fakes and narcissism?


  1. Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality

These three are some of the most covered topics since the beginning of sociology. Many budding sociologists also love to write about these topics since they give abundant options. In addition, the cultures, practices, and customs always keep changing within a race or in a country. So, there are always new things to write about.

Sociology Dissertation help services can guide you in choosing the right thing to research if you feel unsure. Here we present some of the topics you can write about in the meantime –

  1. Race
  2. Racial compartmentalisation in cities
  3. Relationship between Race and Class
  4. Education levels in any particular race
  5. How does society think about Interracial Marriages?
  6. Racial Stereotyping
  7. Effects of Racial Stereotyping
  8. Attitude towards Police Brutality
  9. Cause of racial unrest
  10. Relationship between education and race
  11. Co-relation between class and race
  12. Ethnicity
  13. What is the relationship and difference between Race and Ethnicity?
  14. Position of multi-ethnic individuals in society
  15. How ethnicity affects class?
  16. Dominant Cultures and Multicultural Society

III. Nationality

  1. Patriotism
  2. How does one country views another country?
  3. What makes you a patriot?
  4. Immigration and assimilation
  5. Melting Pot or Salad Bowl: How can you describe America better?


  1. Food and Beverages

Food is an essential part of any culture. It’s been touted that you can be close to a new culture fastest with their food. So, there can be a lot of topics related to food as well like –

  1. Rise of Organic Farming
  2. From where does any specific food come from?
  3. Food Laws
  4. Use of chemicals and pesticides in farms
  5. Slow Food Movement

You can also write on quite a few topics related to food distribution and consumption –

  1. Import and export rules
  2. Food packaging rules and laws
  3. Class inequality in food distribution and consumption
  4. Child Obesity
  5. How do serve portions change over geographical positions?
  6. How has technology impacted the way we eat?
  7. Vegans and Vegan Movements
  8. Myths about MSG


  1. Youth Culture

The young generation adapts to many subcultures while residing in a country. They illustrate the impacts of various cultures in their lifestyle, clothing, music, attitude, etc. Studying the youth gives us the cheat code to know how the world functions and how media affects them. Some of the topics about youth culture are –

  1. Anarchy and rebellion in punk culture
  2. Hip Hop and how it changed over decades
  3. The self-destructive culture of EMO teens
  4. Cyber Bullying
  5. How Adolescents get affected by media


  1. Social Movements

You can learn how communities get illuminated through revolutions and social movements. Social movements have always helped in changing social beliefs and norms. Hence, it is always a hot topic to write on social movement topics like –

  1. Civil Rights
  2. Feminist movements
  3. Animal Rights
  4. French Revolution
  5. Gay Rights
  6. Human Rights
  7. Black Lives Matter movement
  8. Disability Rights
  9. Anti- Vaccination movement
  10. Anti-nuclear movement


  1. Gender and Sexuality

There have been conflicts and debates about gender divisions in every major culture around the world. Men and women have always been seen as two opposites in society, thus creating numerous inequalities. Some of the topics on this topic are –

  1. Gender inequality in workplaces
  2. Roles of women in offices
  3. Homosexuality and its portrayal in media
  4. Why “coming out” is still considered taboo?
  5. Anorexia and women
  6. Feminist Revolution
  7. Gender stereotypes in workplaces or countries
  8. Women’s rights
  9. Transgenders


  1. Cults, Clans, and Communities

Sociologists have found out that people always prefer to stay with people who share the same beliefs. They also like to stay in places or countries where they feel comfortable, and the customs match their expectations and beliefs. However, people often develop radical or extremist thoughts which prove to be destructive. These kinds of beliefs unite people, and that gives birth to many terrorist organisations and underground clans. On the opposite side, people also come together to form a harmonious community and show solidarity.

You can write about a lot of research papers on topics –

  1. Christians
  2. Catholics
  3. Moonies
  4. Nazis
  5. Ku Klux Clan
  6. Hindus
  7. Buddhists
  8. Judaism
  9. Antoinism
  10. Pagans
  11. Heaven’s Gate
  12. Aum Shinrikyo or Japanese cults that poisoned hundreds of people with sarin gas on Tokyo Subway in 1995
  13. Muslim Terrorist Organisations like Hizbul Mujahideen or Al Qaeda.


8.Inequality and Class Conflict

The curses of inequalities are embedded very deeply in our minds. The problem is so deep-rooted that classes have always been treated differently in every society. Of course, we can always reduce those notions, but it is practically impossible to eliminate them.

The classes remain segregated geographically. Thus, it is even difficult to overturn the inequalities. However, this can be an excellent topic to write a research paper. Some topics are –

  1. Difference in foods in rich and poor areas
  2. Geographical and class segregation
  3. Wages and Taxes
  4. Ghettos and Gated Communities
  5. The Ghetto Cycle
  6. District Zones and City Fundings
  7. “Culture of Poverty”
  8. Poverty and Education
  9. Can money buy happiness?


  1. Spirituality and Superstitions

You can write excellent and fascinating topics about the myths and legends of different countries. There are a lot of exciting background stories, spiritual beliefs, and histories that lead to the birth of such superstitions and folklores. Here are some of the interesting urban legends and folklores that you can write about –

  1. Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire
  2. Leprechauns
  3. Vikings and Norse Mythology
  4. Legends around Egyptian tombs and pyramids.
  5. Afterlife
  6. Biblical events
  7. Mayan Culture
  8. El Dorado
  9. Pandora’s Box
  10. Lochness Monster
  11. Big Foot
  12. Aliens



You can also write about commodities that have revolutionised society in some ways or have significant historical values. Usually, writing on such topics need a little bit of additional research since they have historical backgrounds and eyewitnesses. Some of the topics are –

  1. Vinyl Records
  2. Historical Arts like Mona Lisa, The Starry Night or The Last Supper
  3. Ancient gold and silver coins
  4. Artefacts
  5. Antiques
  6. Old Technologies like the steam engine or light bulb.
  7. Old recipes
  8. Toys


  1. The Family

Sociologists love to write about Family. One reason is that almost everyone has a family. Secondly, families play an essential role in influencing an individual’s decisions. Here are a few topics that you can write about –

  1. Unconventional families
  2. How do children’s behaviour get influenced by parents?
  3. Child Abuse
  4. Cross-racial Adoption
  5. Single Parenting
  6. Teenage Moms
  7. How does a divorce affect a family?


Parting thoughts

Sociology is exceptionally vast, and students can come up with hundreds of topics to write about. However, students must ensure that those topics are relevant in 2022. You can take the help of Sociology dissertation help services to decide the perfect topic. You can also go through the options we provided to get further assistance.

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