How to Recycle Toner Efficiently?

Even if it sounds incredibly tempting to toss out the cartridge or empty toner. The thing is that toner cartridge recycling is a more responsible, sustainable, and efficient way to deal with blank cartridges. Especially in the present times, it is much easier than before. Following are a few methods can you make recycling easier with:

  • Send the toner through mail to any company offering recycling services.
  • Dropping them off at any of their retailer shops.
  • Working with any non-profit organization which can recycle for you.

Reasons Why You Must Recycle Toner

The recycling toner sounds like it will benefit the ecosystem, but what is the harm if a person does not practice recycling the toner? Well, throwing used toner or ink cartridge into trash means they will contribute to landfilling and eventually become a significant problem for our planet and atmosphere’s health.

 If you look at stats, they are incredibly overwhelming and scary. According to the conclusion by National Geographic, approximately only 9% of the plastic today is being recycled. This means that the land will remain filled with unlimited plastic that can take up to or more than 400 years to be broken down. However, there will still be left, which will also welcome the plastic crisis and numerous others.

Also, doing nothing about plastic waste only worsens the problem since, every year, around 8 million metric tons of plastic are dumped into the waterways. This does not only harm the marine life but disturbs the complete water cycle. And, this all be started or prevented with what you shop and how you deal with your trash.

There are now multiple platforms and companies which offer buying of your trash like toners and ink cartridges, which they either dispose of properly or recycle into a new product.

How to Recycle Toner Cartridges?

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This might sound like a hassle, but we looked at how ‘not recycling’ can impact the environment, and therefore, even if recycling means extra work, one must do it. This will help in earning a little extra cash and saving the whole environment, land, and marine life. Here are a few methods which you can utilize to execute efficient recycling of toner:

  1. Recycle in-stores

You can take your emptied or dried up toner to the retailer from where you got your toner and printer. However, before just dropping off the toner, make sure that the retailer utilizes the right and eco-friendly methods of disposing and recycling.

You can even keep track of is being done with your toner, either it is sold or recycled, and what new product is formed from it. You won’t feel empty after putting in so much effort to go out of your way but will indeed taste a sense of accomplishment for not contributing to land and water waste.

  1. Mail your emptied/ dried toners:

The first step in this method is to check if you still have the toner cartridge packaging as there must be a mailable envelop enclosed. If you do not have one, you can even order or book one. This will have you get your mailable package ready to put in the used toner and send it on the journey for recycling.

You will be required to print your shopping material if you do not go for the mailable package. Then you must make your little package to ensure the safe delivery of the toner and ink cartridge.

  1. Use recycling toner collection units:

One more component paired with the toner that helps in proper printing and handling is known as the toner collection unit. It is also referred to as collect kits. These can be returned only with the toner cartridge and are then recyclable. This also allows the recycling of more products, which might have contributed to pollution, landfills, etc. Those products include fuser kits and transfer kits.


Recycling can help produce new products without exhausting plastic supplies and filling the land with unnecessary waste. Still, it also helps in the well-being of the environment and marine life. Apart from these widespread benefits that a person can reap from recycling the used toner, there are multiple economic benefits. You can earn from the used toner, but the companies will have to spend less on their raw materials, there will be more jobs for the execution of the recycling process.

With the economic uplift, environmental improvement, and multiple other befits lined from your proper disposal and recycling are mind-bowing. Therefore, don’t wait for anyone but to better tomorrow by recycling and disposing of your toners and ink cartridges. Companies like Cartridge Recycling in UK are encouraging people to be responsible with their ink cartridge disposals by buying these off of them. In other words, they buy your used ink cartridges for cash and dispose or recycle toner in an environmentally friendly manner. 

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