May 27, 2024

For restaurants, food is not the only weapon that’ll help you woo your customers; social media marketing can do it too!

Currently, there are more than 500 million posts tagged with #food and 200 million with #drinks. But ever since the pandemic created havoc in our lives, restaurants have been suffering pretty hard, therefore, necessitating the need to market their services in a boastful manner.

But how can you do that?

Well, by using various social media channels.

Social media plays a predominant role in influencing 88% of people, mostly by reviews and online comments.

If you are a restaurant and you aren’t using social media for marketing, then you should definitely do it, and if you don’t even have an account on social media, well, you’re not far from the former type.

Social media is the right platform for your marketing mix, improving brand awareness about your restaurant, motivating people to trust your services, and help you secure more orders or get more customers through your restaurant doors. You can even hire a social media management company to build your brand’s reputation online.

Can Social Media Help Restaurants?

Considering human perception and the reputation of online buying and reputation management, around 75% of buyers purchase a product after they see it on social media. The buying behavior of people is not very different from that of restaurant hunting.

So, yes! Social media can help restaurants in plentiful ways. And, if your restaurant is still not visibly active on social media, then you are missing out on a large customer base.

The top tips that will ace social media marketing for your restaurant include:

Fill in all your profile details:

A proper restaurant social media page comprises of a catchy bio, address, contact information, directions, and real-time photos of your food items. For Facebook, you need an appealing cover image, page tags, exclusive offers and group deals, contests, sweepstakes, geo-target of your ads, and embed videos.

Basically, you need to structure your social media page in a way that customers could get all the information they want once they stumble upon it. The information you add to your page does play a role in deciphering a customer’s perception of your brand. So, make your page worth a read.

Try Instagram marketing

The public is particularly obsessed with Instagram. It is like this new social toy for people, offering engaging content and amazing features. Now, as a restaurant, you can use this platform to your advantage. Plus, Instagram marketing is easy.

All you have to do is create witty and engaging posts and use trending hashtags belonging to your niche for it. Since the world is always impressed with the food posts, you will receive the coverage you’ve been looking for.

You can even opt for paid marketing on Instagram. The best fact about Instagram paid campaigns is that you can decide the area you want to cover, improve brand awareness, target free Instagram followers belonging to your region and make your restaurant known in the market.

Use videos

On social media, videos are rewarded more than images, by 1200%. Videos are shared more than images and texts combined. Therefore, it is more than imperative for a brand to implement video in your social media marketing strategy.

Videos formats receive successful engagement on the profiles, are quite intriguing, and are an ultimate weapon for brand endorsement. You can use video formats to promote new specials, feature your employees, behind the scenes look into your customers, cooking tutorials, or even do a Q&R with your chef or cook.

Such content grows a definite interest in the minds of the customers. With this said, video marketing is one way you can reinvent the reputation of your restaurant. With the positive customer reception received for your videos, you would generate more comments, likes, and shares using this new-age tool.

Create social media contests:

People love contests. More than that, such social media contests present a road for you to build your rapport, loyalty, and engagement with your customers and followers.

Social media contests can be a rewarding way for a restaurant to connect with people on a higher level and invite people for a relishing meal. You can offer free dinners to the contest winners, gift cards, coupons for events, or tickets to a party as well. In fact, contests might help your social media page to gain more likes and engagement on your social media profiles.

Optimize your photos to enhance their appearance:

Did you know, around 63% of users say the visual appearance of a product influences their buying decision?

This is why restaurants need to post attractive and beautiful photos on their social media profiles. The images should hold an enticing value for the customers so that they feel influenced to visit your restaurant.

You don’t just have to upload good quality of photos, but try all types of content posting ideas. Over time, your restaurant will develop a unique image in the minds of the customer. This, along with the visually appealing ambiance, will capture the sight of all the food lovers out there.

Respond to all queries and reviews:

Reputation management is everything for a restaurant. One bad review and all that glorious image of your restaurant would come shattering down. 71% of the users say that they are more likely to recommend a restaurant that responds quickly to social media. So, there is no way a restaurant can live and flourish even with one bad review.

The average response time for any customer should not be more than an hour. Also, for a restaurant, reviews are mean to comprehend your strength and weakness. If a customer doesn’t like the dish served by you, you can always ask them to visit again, and you would cook it differently. A customer loves when a restaurant responds and takes initiative to improve its services.


For restaurants, social media is everything that’ll help you stay at the top of your customer’s mind. When users scroll their social media feed, your posts should capture their attention in such a manner that they feel inclined to visit your restaurant. Moreover, the engagement you receive on social media will help build brand awareness and even improve traffic to your restaurant.

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