May 27, 2024

Christmas is not just a celebration or birthday of Jesus Christ. It is the celebration of a different culture, a traditional thought, legacy, and way of celebration. But the one thing is common in all the celebrations and that is love, brotherhood, care for each other, and human beings. This is the beauty of Christmas. This is the only festival in the world, in which every culture, every religion celebrates together on the same day, becoming one big family. Top 6 Christmas Special Delicious Dishes Around The World.

Top 6 Christmas Special Delicious Dishes Around The World

What can be better than this, and Christmas is the biggest example of “unity in diversity”. Like different religions, traditions, and thoughts, every country has its own specialty for Christmas. The diversity shows in their food also. So today, I will tell you about the six delicacies which are exclusively so much on demand. So if you want, this year instead of eating your own traditional dish. You can try some other country’s traditional dishes. Because of this, you will get a chance to try some new delicious dishes this Christmas, and also you will learn how they celebrate. So, now, without wasting a single second, let’s start to search out this year’s Christmas dish. After all, you have to do preparation for the dish you will make this year.  

Rum fruit cake, Caribbean Nations

You and me, we both know that without Christmas cake online, we can’t even think to celebrate cake. And we both also know that so many countries in this world have their own Christmas special cake. This cake is super tasty. There are two ways of baking this cake. One is probably the easiest way, according to me, to make the dough or batter of cake with rum. Another way of making this cake is that most people use it. That is, you can soak the fruit into the rum. These are two ways to make this rum fruit cake. This is a widely popular delicacy for Christmas. In fact, many order this cake online instead of baking and send it as a gift also on Christmas. You can also order this rum fruit cake from the best cake delivery in Bangalore. 

Plum pudding and mincemeat pies, England

Plum pudding and mincemeat pies, is one of the most traditional dishes for Christmas. Both of the dishes they eat in winter. While making it, they used lots of dry fruits, fresh fruits, and eggs, spices like clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, etc. There are lots of things that are used to make these proper traditional Christmas dishes. If you want to eat this Christmas special dish, you have to go to England. Because it is usually found in England and during Christmas.  

Christopsomo, Greece

Basically, Christopsomo is a religious and Christmas special dish in Greece. People of Greece eat this traditional dish on the eve of Christmas. It is sweet buttery bread, which is really very yummy in taste. Let me give you all a short description of this recipe. You have to take a round piece of the loaf which will be infused with some spices, like clove, cinnamon, etc. Some walnuts used for its garnish and orange are also used in it. So this Christmas Eve or on the new year, instead of New Year cake. You can cut this Greece Christmas Eve delicacy. 

Kulkus, Indian

We all know India is a secular country.  If you will see in India, there is a very small number of Christian comparisons to other religions. But as I said, India is a secular country, and Christmas is celebrated all over the world with the same enthusiasm. So the Christmas specialty in India is Kilkus. This is a cookie which is made from coconut. 

Stollen, Germany

It is also a fruit cake, but it is not only sweet. It has a combination of sugar and spices. It is also known as German Christmas bread. This is one of the most special delights that you enjoy. 

Chicken dishes, Japan 

I know, it sounds a little weird but in the last few years, the Japanese love to eat KFC chicken dishes. In fact, this is most ordered this every year, at Christmas. Approximately, every home you will find KFC chicken dishes in every home. 

Now, you have lots of options for Christmas. You can choose what you want to eat this Christmas, and what is interesting and yummy. You will make it for your loved ones. All these dishes, so yummy and mouth-watering. These dishes will make you feel so good after eating. Also, give you a quick glimpse of other countries, Christmas. So isn’t it a good option for making this Christmas memorable?

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