June 20, 2024

The graphic designing industry is one of the largest digital industries to ever influence the digital world. All the appealing visual communications are carried out by graphic designers all around the globe. Plenty of skills, talent, and ideas emerge out of this discernible industry every day. One of the greatest virtues of graphic designing is the perceptive uplifting of the Brands. A study suggests that visually communicated messages have a sixty thousand times faster processing rate than text. It is much easier to perceive, discern, and memorize for everyone who has the privilege of vision.

Typical modern-day branding is not possible without taking into consideration the assistance of graphic designing. Graphics have become the language of Brands and Businesses. And why not? When you can visually communicate with your customers and increase your chances of getting noticed by 60,000 times. No brand today operates without a sophisticated logo. It’s all about standing out when there is a dense competition.

What makes a business or brand worth noticing is its aesthetic side first then the rest of the features. Any brand’s graphical journey begins with a visually appealing graphic design logo. A good logo’s inspiration can come from another compelling, creative, and artistic logo. And these inspirational logos come from one creative mind. Logo design ideas can directly be taken from a popular brand’s logo alone, but some people are not that easily inspired, some people need more than that, they need to see the entire branding done using a logo and its associated graphics work. For such people, we will also list down some important online platforms where millions of graphic design ideas can be found.

Let us now see the 5 best graphic design logo ideas for inspiration.

1. Google

When this logo is in front, it becomes quite difficult to move past and try to take inspiration from other logo designs. Google is the kingpin of visual communication and building perception in the audience’s mind. No one is better at grabbing the instant attention of the public than Google. Years after years, Google has been updating and innovating its logo and artwork but the consistency of 4 primary colors is amazingly preserved and that makes it stand out from thousands of logos put together. This model of consistency has been followed by many other big brands as well.

2. Apple

Two famous theories about this world’s most appreciated brand’s logo are found. One suggests that it depicts the biblical reference to Adam and Eve’s story. The second one is more prominent as it comes from the Scientific world’s biggest concept of gravity by Isaac Newton. Whatever the theory is original, the logo itself speaks a lot about the brand. Apple has never failed to inspire the public. The consistency in Apple’s branding is not in its colors but the bitten apple which they have maintained in each and every aspect of their branding.

3. Amazon

This list keeps getting better with every brand that we are putting in it. Who does not know Amazon and what they do apart from inspiring – they sell everything that you can imagine starting anywhere between the letters A to Z. There has been a very interesting history of this globally known brand with the perspective of branding, Amazon’s current logo was nothing like this in its early days. But with time their business matured, and so did their creativity and artwork. Their logo is one of the best inspirational ideas among the leading brands.

4. Coca-Cola

In terms of color palette, Coca-Cola is just like Google. But the history of Coca-Cola’s inspirational journey is 130 years old. In all these years, what we see in the world’s oldest and popular logo is the passionate Red and the peaceful White. Their curvy typeface has also been consistent since the beginning and thus, has made their logo stand out.

5. Microsoft

With the same color palette as its most prominent tech rival – Google, Microsoft has also never set its standard any lower. These logo designs, their amazing color selections, simplicity, and aesthetically pleasant graphics are any graphic designer’s heaven. Their promising branding strategies have proven to work – always. A new tech brand or any other brand that wants to step in the market now must consider all of these compelling and engaging designs before starting to select their graphics work.

As mentioned earlier, we are also going to give away a list of online platforms from where a graphic designer or a business owner can take inspiration for their corporate logo design. Here it is:

  • Dribbble (with three Bs)
  • Behance
  • HOW design
  • Logo Design Love
  • org
  • Awwwards
  • The Dieline
  • A List Apart
  • I Love Typography
  • My Fonts
  • ProofHQ

And many more could be added to the list as there are still tons of graphic designer communities where they share amazing ideas and collaborate with each other. All the latest visual communication tools, ideas, brand ideas, graphics work, trends, news can be found on the above platforms.

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