April 12, 2024

Instagram has become a necessary part of our lives. Whether we dine out or travel to our dream destination. We try to click beautiful pictures for posting on our Instagram feed and stories. The platform enables us to connect virtually with our friends and family.

In short, our every day to day activity is out there for our loved ones. They like our posts and comment on them. It gives us a feeling of happiness. But do you know that there are anonymous Instagram Stalkers out there? Who is silently sitting there and watching your activities?

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They have access to all of your feed, your stories, and your content. Even they can see your location. Do you want it? Maybe, we do not agree with some shared peep of a user! So, what to do? Well, there are many ways to track out who is stalking your Instagram account.


With the fame of Instagram, the trend of Instastalker has also become quite popular. There are many people out there who are viewing other people’s data without liking, commenting, or following their profiles.

But why would they do that? Well, there are many reasons for it- one of the reasons is that – your stalker could be your ex or your old follow. And if you are running a blog or a business page, it is possible that you are being stalked by your competitors. Whether the case, you need to be aware of who is viewing your posted content.

If you are a blogger, you are also under the threat that someone among your stalkers can steal your content. At times, it can be harmful, and even some of the Insta Stalker misuse the photos that are posted on Instagram. There have been certain cyber issues where people came up with bullying messages from unknown strangers.

So, you need to keep an eye on who is actually viewing your posts – is your content safe?

It is better to take security measures for avoiding any hassle.  If you are under the impression that Insta Stalker only has access to public accounts of bloggers and influencers, then you are totally wrong – all of us are susceptible to it. 

You will be shocked to know that private accounts are also accessible as there are many sneaky ways. Your ex may be still seeing your Instagram activities out of curiosity. If you don’t want it – then you need to go through this article and find out who is stalking, you.


If you are interested to know and keep a track of who is viewing your content, Instagram itself is not giving you any data out. It can provide you with metrics for business accounts showing the number of profile visitors, but it cares about the privacy of account holders on Instagram. 

So, you won’t be able to check who is the Instagram Stalker visiting your profile. However, here are a few methods to tell you how you can keep track of your Insta Stalker: 

Instagram Stories

As interesting and addicting it is for me to post my stories on Instagram. I also want to know who watches them regularly and who admires them. Thanks to the fact that Instagram recently launched a feature update that allows the users to see who actually watched their Instagram stories.

There is an eyeball photo right on the screen, where you can see the number of story views along with the profile usernames who viewed the story. Instagram stories are good to increase Instagram followers, it helps you to stay connected to your existing followers. Trending and interactive stories are more helpful than usual posting on your portfolio.

Use Third-Party Apps 

You will find a number of third-party apps that are designed to let you know who is looking at your Instagram content- however, there is always a possibility of fake apps. Some of these are not reliable, and you can’t blindly download them. Instead of bringing a benefit, they might hack your Instagram account or spread viruses. 

I have heard of many apps that extrapolate fake usernames and provide random data. Well, that’s not good – we are looking for some genuine answer to our question that who is stalking our Instagram profile!

I suggest you put some time and effort into finding an easy-to-manage and user-friendly app for the purpose if you are able to find a genuine third-party app for knowing who is staling your Instagram profile.

Some apps are reviewed positively by the users – you can try them, but if there is any point in the terms and conditions sections that revokes your account privacy, it is better to

think twice before downloading the apps.  There are some third-party tools and apps like Instagram available in the market. Some of them are paid and quite useful in terms of performing Instagram spying work. 

If you are desperate to find out who is stalking your profile, then these apps are designed to provide you with relevant information.

Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile

So there is another app I recently heard of called Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile – it has some extra features along with the fact that it makes you aware of the list of people who follow and stalk you. The app will give you alerts and notifications when someone has unfollowed you or blocked you. You can also contact your stalkers and shock them by surprise by sending them a text!

Using this third-party app, you will have a better idea of how to run for more views and subscribers. When you know who the people are watching your content and visiting your Instagram profile, you can study their demands and needs to create compelling content.

As a result, you will be able to rank better among your fellow bloggers and climb the ladder of popularity at a quick pace. One of the most excellent marketing tactics is to study crowd behavior. Just make sure that you create what your followers want. By keeping track of the followers and their liking patterns. 

You can make changes to your working style and make significant changes in your existing social media plan. 


There is a strict privacy policy by Instagram developers – they are not sharing the viewer’s data with you and are tight-lipped on this subject. So, it leaves you only to using only online tools and third-party apps. Last but not least, although private profiles are not also 100% secure. Still, they have a better level of protection as compared to public profiles.

As exciting as it sounds to share your pictures and videos with the entire world. It also gives the opportunity to the creeps who love to cat-fish the strangers. So, a private profile on Instagram, somehow reducing the chances of Instagram Stalking as compared to the public one. Or, if you are committed to sharing your content. You can use web apps and online tools for getting an idea of who is stalking your Instagram profile.


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