April 12, 2024

It is no secret that having human resource management software for your company can help your company a lot. But having the proper functionality in your HR software is the primary requirement. Without the features to suit your business needs, this tool is as powerful as a clipboard. But how do you know what features to look for? We suggest starting with what your business needs or lacks. But if you’re still in doubt, we’ve researched six must-have features your HR software should have. Before you start researching the right HR software for your business, assess the status or current state of your business. Decide where you want it, determine your needs and requirements. Don’t be fooled by the wrong tools with fancy features your business doesn’t need.

Employee Dashboard

In an organization, without effective HR software, HR managers have had to work on repetitive processes. Employees often had to visit the HR department whenever they needed leave, time off or had a problem with their contact information, attendance and payroll. But through HR management software, employees benefit from a self-service feature that allows them to manage their own personal data, request time, check if their time off or leave has been approved, and much more. This does not reduce the burden on the HR department, but it also gives employees easy access to most HR tasks. 

Time Management

Thanks to time management feature in HR software, the HR department can effectively find employee leave, track their records and assign annual leaves within the system. Employees will also be able to find their leave balance. Managers may approve leave based on employee records. PTO sick leave request becomes easier for employees, there is no need to visit HR frequently for requests and approvals. With the help of HR management software, hr department can automate other tasks like payroll calculation, performance management, reimbursement and travel and expense management of the employees.

Policy & Document Management

In addition to providing many features to the policy management business, human resource software also provides compliance with various business laws and policies. To define a defined and personalized policy, you need a system with a flexible workflow. Platforms such as HRMS software help define a flexible, personalized workflow with each action mapped to your manager and senior manager. You can also add, customise policies in the system and store it in the system for every employee to be able to access it whenever they want. 

Employee Records 

Managing employee records has been a problem from the beginning. Traditional business use to maintain employee in physical books or use excel file for tracking, companies even stored their data on multiple systems. For example, employee attendance data was stored on one system and salary data was stored on another system. The HR manager has to obtain all these data from both of these systems, analyse it and approved the employee’s salary. But with modern human resource management software, everything is automated. Once set, attendance is calculated according to integrated monitoring tools and payroll is automatically processed based on data from the attendance management module. All the employee’s record is stored in one centralized database which is accessible to managers and employees wherever they are from.


There is no point in having human resource management tools if you can’t put them together or integrate with other systems in your organisation, they will just look a traditional tool. Instead of storing data across multiple systems, you now use more than one program. Tracking multiple gangs is also ineffective and will only confuse employees. Software that may integrate with your existing HR software already hosted by your company will help streamline the process. It will also be easier for employees to understand. For example, integrating attendance management software with the payroll management software will ensure a smooth payroll process. Performance management software, integrated with attendance management, will provide managers with detailed information to understand employee performance patterns and propose appropriate solutions, calculate employee based on their clock in clock out time and deduct salary on the late comings.

Analysis and Reports 

For detailed information about each process of an organization, HR analysis tools is one of the great features you can have in your hr software. If there is no HR analysis, then the HR tool is not worth the investment. According to detailed reports ranging from employee performance to attendance management, analytics tools are extremely useful for HR employees and managers. With the help of HR analytics tools, HR professionals are able to make decisions based on employee data and reports within the company and keep employees within the company. These tools provide you details on employee performance, goals and achievement and overall team activity and potential of the team in meeting the target. If you are looking for a tool that can help you improve the ROI of your business, this is the one. This will help management to make better decisions that will create a better work environment for the business and increase employee productivity. A great tool for small and medium-sized businesses when used effectively.


There are many providers that offer you each of these functions in their products. But you need to figure out which one best suits your needs. You can choose individual modules such as attendance management, HR analysis tools, applicant tracking systems, or performance management system you can choose a provider that offers them all in one suite. This is a much better deal because you don’t have to manage multiple tools from different providers and you can fulfil all the parts and needs of the organisation, or you can go for one module from the company that have all the modules and can purchase other modules later.

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