May 27, 2024

QuickBooks, prominently known as an accounting software that has been around for almost 38 years now, and has been one of the major tools for small and medium-sized businesses. Apart from its top-notch on-premises accounting applications it also provides exceptional cloud-based versions that contribute to monetary parameters consisting of business payments, bills, and payroll functions. It was developed by Intuit. The QuickBooks offers different versions that are compatible with different brand models which furthermore helps the consumer to easily choose the appropriate version without any fuss. With the help of some simple steps you can better understand whether QuickBooks are compatible in Win 10 and as to how it all works out;

Features Available on WIN 10 for QuickBooks

  1. Windows 10 offers a task switcher which is more like a virtual desktop for its users.
  2. In contrast with the popular belief that the outlook of WIN 10 is very different, it has some striking resemblance when compared with WIN 7.
  3. The WIN 10 also has the .Net framework (4.6) which sounds beguiling.
  4. It also supports internet explorer11 alongside a rather ingenious browser known as EDGE.

Steps to Check Compatibility of WIN 10 with QuickBooks

In order to learn the compatibility of your operating system with the specific version of the QuickBooks, you will have to check as to which versions are compatible with your version of OS.

Click on the start button and use the about PC option and then check for the versions of your window.

QuickBooks Compatibility in WIN 10

Certain QuickBooks versions work only under certain OS, for instance, if you’re using QuickBooks 2016 later then it will be a smooth sail but if you have updated then it may cause you trouble unless you have updated your accounting software. Next up are the QuickBooks 2015 and 2016. Whether the version is new or relevantly old the software keeps getting patch updates for it to be compatible with the OS and to work efficiently. For instance in order for you to use a 2015 QB a .net framework (3.5) is necessary for it to work properly. Although this version of QB was not for WIN 10, it still gets the job done if met with the right version.  As far as the 2014 version goes it is not at all compatible with the windows 10 OS as it tends to malfunction thus leading to multiple errors.

Versions of WIN 10 compatible with QuickBooks

Which is which!

This side of the blog tells you best about the perfect OS versions that are compatible with their most suitable counterparts. After checking all the possible versions of QB now we will emphasize more on the windows 10 versions. Here are the variants of windows 10 alongside the most suitable versions for their OS respectively.

  1. Windows 10 version 1809– The latest addition in the QuickBooks, the 2020 version, works best with the windows 10 version 1809. Whereas the versions 2017-2019 are the best suitable ones when it comes to the version 1809.
  2. Windows version 1803-This version leads its way to host the QuickBooks desktop 2017-2020 perfectly. It can be used with almost all the latest versions of QuickBooks.
  3. Windows 10 version 1709-Seemingly similar to the previous version this version also supports almost all the QB desktop versions.
  4. Windows 10 version 1507, 1511, 1607, 1703– These are the outdated versions that are not compatible with any QB versions and for this particular reason, no certified QB versions are suitable for these.


Compatibility is one of the major factors to safeguard a wholesome experience and to ensure the smooth functioning of the software. If the QuickBooks version is not compatible with the Windows 10 version then it may result in multiple errors so the only way to ensure smooth performance is to buy a certified QB that is suitable for that particular version of the operating system.

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