7 Amazing Web Design Tools For Web Designers

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Due to our dependency on the internet, we tend to browse on the search engine and go through websites for gathering all the required information of regular life. But have you ever thought about who creates such attractive websites and makes them function properly?

A poorly designed website can ruin your experience of finding out information on the internet. If you are a web designer, then you cannot make all the things perfect, but you can put your utmost effort to establish the internet as a cool place with your web design and branding service.

A web designer has a long list of jobs to perform, such as brand strategy, logo designing, graphic designing, brand launch, web development, etc.

Let us take a look at some of the best tools for web designers that can make their job easier:

1. Eagle

Eagle is one of the handiest tools that is used for web design projects, graphic designing, and other branding services. You can use Eagle to view all your previously created and saved designs. Eagle supports endless file format lists. Through the smart use of Eagle, you can save and view your files in different formats, including PDFs, JPEGs, JPGs, Microsoft word documents, PowerPoints, videos, GIFs, and twenty more.

It is the perfect tool for those who want to create a mood board. You can use this tool on platforms like Windows and macOS. As integrations, you can use Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud storage with this tool.

2. Whimsical

Whimsical is the most functional tool for wireframing and flow charts. The tool can also be applied for project planning. The tool guides you for visual planning of the whole process. It is made of four main features, such as wireframe, sticky note, sticky notes, and mind maps. The sticky notes feature makes this tool unique and different from its other alternatives. Sticky notes allow you to create notes for your projects and arrange them however you prefer. On Whimsical, the boards can be easily shared with your clients. This tool only performs on the web browser.

3. Framer

 Farmer’s newest software is Framer X. It is the first app to emphasize on creating animated web designs and its prototypes. Framer X also offers an in-app marketplace. Using their developed tool, you can export your created layouts and animations to react. This developer handoff function makes this tool truly special. This tool only functions in the macOS platform. This tool allows millions of in-app integrations.

4. Adobe XD

 Adobe XD is one of the oldest tools that proudly exists in the market even today. It is the go-to software for any web designer. The main USP of this tool is its smooth function using which you can pull out 5 different designs in almost 8 minutes. Like all of Adobe’s products, it also lacks updates and new features. However, recently, they have added a new feature called, “plugin marketplace” which is experiencing rapid growth. It works on both the platforms – Windows and macOS.

5. Toybox

 Toybox contains three primary features. The first one is Annotate, which is used as the comment and feedback tool for the website. The second one is to Inspect, which hovers over an element and makes comments, and the newest tool is Roller, which allows you to find inconsistencies in your designs and also helps you to fix it. It performs only on the browser. You can use Figma, Slack, and many more to integrate this tool’s performance.

6. Mark Up

 Mark up helps you collect feedback from your clients on your live website. When you have this tool you need not create endless spread sheets and also no need to send numerous emails to your client every time they want to make some change in the website you designed. It is very simple to set up. This tool performs only on the browser, and you cannot integrate the tool’s performance. For now, the tool is completely free.

7. Logical Plan

 The logical plan is the most convenient tool for project planning and task management. It will eliminate all the unnecessary tools before you start working on a project. There is also a portion that is separately dedicated to the task lists. It helps you to create a mind map and a timeline for your project. It performs on Android, iOs, and Browser. To integrate the tool’s performance, both Android and iOs phones can be used quite conveniently. After trying the free version of the tool, you have to pay a maximum of 9 dollars per month.

Web designing needs both creativity and intelligence. The purpose of the best tools for web designers can only be fulfilled with their smart and expert application. Like any other acquired skills, web designing also needs years of practice and experience to achieve the apex of perfection. So, if you possess the passion for creating impressive websites, then do not take a back and begin your creative journey with the best tools for web designers.

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