Bridal Makeup Artist and Other Key Considerations for Brides To Be

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Are you going to get married soon? If you are soon going to be a bride, then you need to consider a few points beforehand. 

And it also includes booking an expert bridal makeup artist as part of the wedding planning checklist. There are many bridal packages also that you would like to consider. 

Why don’t you go ahead and go through this post to know some key elements of bridal makeup? This way, you will help yourself become the centre of the attention on your D-Day! Read on!

  • Start taking care of your skin months before the wedding date 

It would be suggested to start taking care of your skin at least 3-5 months before your wedding date. It will help you get that natural glow that you would crave on your special day. It will not be smart to get your facials done just before a few days as it may harm your skin. It is especially if the acne breaks after the treatment. Overall, you should give your skin enough time to heal. It would also be recommended to book an expert bridal makeup artist so that you can continue taking advice.  

  • Go for makeup trials 

One of the key considerations to make before your special day is to get the bridal makeup trials done. You should start trying out various bridal packages as per your skin tone. This will help you know which one is best suited for you. Some bridal makeup artist offer full/half trials and that will help you discuss the exact look that you would like. Also, get some pictures clicked before and after each of the bridal package trials. As soon as you book the bridal makeup artist, you should go ahead with the trials. 

  • Keep your skin tone intact 

Many soon to be brides want to look extra fair on the wedding day and that’s why they go for one tone fairer look. It is not recommended as anything fairer than the base of your actual skin tone makes your face look grey. Always go for the foundation’s colour that is closest to your skin tone. Thus, make it a point to tell your bridal makeup artist in advance that you don’t want to become one tone fairer. 

  • What about eye makeup?

Any bridal package looks good on a bride only when it matches with the colour of the attire that she will wear. Your bridal makeup artist should help you get a look that enhances the look of your eyes. Most of the brides opt for a red, pink or a golden lehenga. Thus, it would be smart to settle for a bronze or golden shimmer. It should also be laced with brown/wine eye shadow. This way, you will be able to give your eyes that natural and warm look. Experiment with a few during your bridal package trial and choose only what suits you the best. 

  • Coloured contact lenses, anyone? 

Wearing coloured contact lenses on your most important day of the life of a bride has become a new trend in recent times. Your bridal makeup artist will be the right person to suggest the colour of your contact lenses as per the looks of your dress. Generally, now almost all bridal makeup artists include contact lenses in their packages. You may also undergo a trial of the same a few weeks before your marriage. It will help you know if you should go with it or you can continue with your natural eyes. Yes, it is because some girls may not be ready or habitual in wearing colour contact lenses. But yes, if it is able to suit you, then lenses can surely enhance your looks to a new level. 

You are now aware of the simple yet vital makeup tips that brides-to be could go for. Based on these tips, you can assess your own situation and then follow them accordingly. 

Months before your marriage and even later, you should ensure to stay hydrated. To do that, you should ensure drinking enough water during the day. It will flush out toxins and impurities off your skin and help you glow like never before!     

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