April 12, 2024

Online exam software has taken over the conventional form of assessments with passing time and it is only for the best! Being adopted on a small scale was how the recognition of online assessments came into effect but with the sudden hit of Covid-19, it became a significant technology to continue academic activities.

Many competitive and government exams have also switched to online assessments lately as center-based tests were imposed with limitations on gathering. Also, schools, colleges, and coaching institutes integrated online examination system within their academic curriculum as it is the only way to assess student learning amidst the lockdown state.

Online Examination System

Online exams have undoubtedly transformed the assessment management in the educational sector but have got the same influence on the corporates as well! Recruiters are conducting training, pre-employability tests, and internal exams all with the assistance of online exam software and it has proven to be highly beneficial.

Online Examination System for Secure and Seamless Online Exams!

One of the many advantages of the online examination system is that it lets you conduct exams seamlessly and in a secure environment.

But what makes it seamless in comparison to the conventional form of assessments? Get the answer from the comparisons mentioned below-


Conventional Examination Method

Online Examination System

Administrator Test-Taker Administrator Test-Taker
  • Manually create question paper
  • Report to the center/traveling long distance
  • Create automated online test
  • Attempt exam from anywhere at any time.
  • Physical method of invigilation
  • Attempt paper-based test
  • Online proctoring and monitoring
  • Attempt test under remote invigilation
  • Manually checking and grading the test
  • Result generated after a long wait
  • Automatic and instant grading
  • Results acquired in real-time

Some of the other drawbacks of offline assessments

  • It takes minimum time weeks and a maximum time of months to complete just one set of assessments. Creating, conducting and even evaluation is all manual, and in the case of large scale exams, it can be horrendous.
  • Limitation on assessing students at once. This is the reason why a single test needs to be conducted in batches and every single test requires an equal amount of effort and time.
  • Creating and storing records manually. Not just the registration credentials of the candidates but also the scores obtained and the percentage has to be manually entered in the excel sheet which can also have some inaccuracies considering the load of work.

Some of the other benefits of online assessments

  • The entire procedure of test right from creating, conducting, evaluating, and generating reports is done in just a few days.
  • The administrator can assess a large number of students at once without any lag, glitch, or inconvenience.
  • The records of candidate credentials and scores obtained can be imported at once in the software and can also be changed to different file formats such as excel.

How many question types can the online examination system support?

The administrator can create interactive, fun, and effective online tests with the use of a variety of question types such as-

  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Short answer type question
  • Long answer type question
  • Diagram type question
  • Single-digit question
  • True and false type question
  • Coding questions

Also, the test administrator can make use of multimedia elements such as videos, images, graphs, recordings, and mathematical equations, to get a better outcome from the test being created.

What are the stages in conducting secure exams using online exam software?

Create Exam- Using the multiple inbuilt test creation features, question types, customizable templates, and customized themes the test administrator can easily create tests within a few hours.

Manage Test-Takers- Import bulk student credentials at once in the software. To manage a large number of students divide them into groups and send customized invites either through mail or directly in the group.

Candidate authentication and proctoring of test- A remote proctor can authenticate the test taker’s identity with 3 stage authentication system (available in remote proctoring software). Also, the integrated remote proctoring software enables the administrator to monitor test takers either through human or AI proctoring.

Real-time test results- Instant test results are generated in real-time along with a detailed feedback report which is presented in graphical and statistical formats. The test results can be conveniently shared with candidates and their parents/guardians in HTML/PDF formats.


Online exam software is undoubtedly becoming a well-accepted medium of conducting a variety of tests in both educational as well as the corporate sector. The educators who were once reluctant to switch on this technology are now looking forward to getting the best out of its benefits. This big-time acceptance of the online examination system definitely proves that this is the future of assessment management.

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