April 12, 2024

Traveling is, without a doubt, the highest risk activity that any couple can face. Even those who have already lived together for years, when they leave their comfort zone, they behave and respond in ways opposite to how they usually do.

The statistics do not lie, and anyone can see that during the holiday period is when there is a greater number of romantic breakups, even marriages that had already celebrated several anniversaries together.

If you can travel with someone, partner or best friend, and you can resolve the conflicts that may arise, as well as the compromised situations in which you can find yourself immersed, it means that that other person has a very high degree of affinity with you, totally necessary for a relationship, of any type, to last over time.

10 Tips for Your First Trip as a Couple

Remember that saying that no trip is long with the right company and that if you turn it around, you will find that any trip can be eternal if the company is not the right one.

From Turama, we want to give you a hand so that you do not screw up on your first trip, and we offer you these 10 tips so that you return home with the same smile you had the day you started your adventure:

1. Short Steps

The first trip as a couple should consist of a maximum of 2 or 3 days, which would be equivalent to a weekend.

If you travel with your partner first, you choose a distant destination, where you will be for more than 3 days, and any complication arises, you will feel overwhelmed by the situation.

Knowing that your own home is at a considerable distance and that whatever happens, you will have to endure and wait until you can return to your “comfort zone” , will create a state of anxiety in both of you. It will make it impossible to enjoy those days off.

Think that if you plan a short first trip for the weekend, and a problem appears, of whatever kind, it will be easy and fast to return home.

If everything you planned goes to waste, you won’t lose a lot of money either, compared to taking a much longer and more extended trip. Remember to always start by taking short steps.

2. Establish Your Budget

It is the main thing before choosing your destination. In this case, the leading voice should always be carried by the couple’s members with the lowest income.

Suppose you let everyone who has more money pay. In that case, it could be considered as a kind of blackmail towards the other person and this would be “forced”, in some way, to put up with the likes and hobbies of the other, since they have not contributed to the organization of the trip economically.

If both of you contribute similar amounts of money to meet your first trip’s expenses, you both have the same right when choosing a destination, a place to sleep, or a place to eat.

In principle, the fact of being invited to a trip by your partner with all expenses paid seems very attractive, but finally, it can become a throwing weapon to establish who is boss and who has to obey.

3. Choose Your Destination

Each of you likely has a list of places you would like to go, and if not, you should do it beforehand and separately.

If you finally share preferences, there would not be too many problems when choosing the place you want to travel to. Still, if you do not find a common point, it is much more advisable that between the two of you look for some other new place, about which you had not spoken rather than choosing one of the other’s favorite destinations.

In this way, if finally, the trip does not go as planned, both of you will be equally responsible for the organization, since otherwise, the one who imposed his preference will have to assume a too high degree of guilt before the one who decided to give in.

4. The Campsite, for Later

Going camping the first time you go out together is not the most recommended unless you both have previous experience in this outdoor activity type.

Having to sleep in such a small space, where there is no space for any privacy, seems very attractive, but think that if finally, that affinity with the other person does not exist, it can become an authentic nuisance.

Inside a small tent, where if you are not used to it, it is not easy to rest, change, or move, friction (the unwanted ones…) with the other party may increase.

If you do not sleep in a tent since your boy scout days, it is better to start with a hotel, no matter how cheap it is, it will always be a better option.

5. Something New

If the ultimate goal of your first trip is to do precisely the same as you do any other weekend in your places of origin when you return, you will realize that you have thrown away a significant opportunity to meet the other person and have experienced new.

If every weekend you go to the cinema, or dinner, or to see a concert or go for a walk, consider the possibility of doing something different, taking advantage of the scenery change.

Some couples have a hard time taking this first step as they feel much more confident doing something they know they can do. Trying something different can totally change your partner’s opinion, seeing how he works in infrequent areas, but this works for both bad and good.

6. Activities

Each trip should have a space reserved for improvisation.

If every time you go to a site you already know in advance what you are going to do and what you are not going to do, you lose an important part of the surprise factor, which, after all, is what can make the difference.

This does not mean that you have to leave your home without knowing what to do or where to go or do it with a complete table of places, times, and activities. The best thing is to find out in advance about the options that our destination offers us and make a list of those that could please both members of the couple and those that, for whatever reason, one of them could not carry out.

In this way you could, if necessary, improvise on the fly and choose one of the ones that you both like, and not have to suddenly deal with the fact that one of the two has decided, overnight the morning, which was born to jump into the void from a plane at 4,000 meters high, and wants you to accompany him in the experience.

7. Meals

Oddly enough, this is probably the most determining factor that causes the most problems when two people, who still do not know each other well, decide to go on a journey together.

Keep in mind that when you are hungry, you are in a very bad mood, and this situation is prone to starting arguments that would not have occurred at any other time.

Some people have to eat something, eat a sandwich, feel satisfied and never remember food again; however, others need their time, table and tablecloth, and a certain amount of food to settle their stomachs.

You must talk before leaving about the hours you are going to reserve for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, what type of food you like the most, and the budget you will reserve for this concept.

The plank can be very important if either of you goes with the idea of ​​going to well-known restaurants or trendy places, and then you find that the other person only has prepared sandwiches, or energy bars, to eat outdoors.

8. Skills

To some, the fact of having to depend on the other member of the couple for certain situations seems a symptom of weakness. Quite the contrary, this not only does not denote weakness but rather intelligence.

Not everyone necessarily has to know everything or do everything well. Each one has its weak points and its strong points, and it is best to put the two in common to seek a full understanding of the couple.

If, for example, one of the two speaks perfect English, it does not make sense that it has to be the other party who speaks or negotiates when abroad, since the chances of mistakes or misinterpretation increase, and with them the risk of arguments.

Similarly, if one of the two is better at driving when it rains, for example, there is no point in showing that the other party can do it too, as it is likely to go wrong and end up ruining the experience.

9. Your Time

The fact that you have decided to travel with your partner does not mean that you have signed an implicit contract to have to be with her 24 hours a day.

The vast majority need time to enjoy themselves alone, reading a book, watching TV, or walking on the beach. This does not have to seem bad to either of you; on the contrary, it is ideal for clearing your mind and recharging your batteries, especially if things are not going as planned.

This also applies when it comes to meeting other people. It is very important to travel with an open mind and know that many other tourists are eager to start a conversation, comment on anecdotes, or simply have a little chat.

If the couple goes on a trip tucked inside their shell and with little or no prospect of getting out of it, the chances of friction and ending up having an argument increase considerably.

Traveling is not only the ideal opportunity to see new places, but also to meet new people.


The best, most important, and foremost advice of all: relax.

You do not have to prove anything to anyone; try to be yourself in all the occasions that arise. If you pretend to look like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft when it is the first time you leave the house, the chances are that you will end up in a ridiculous situation that will leave your ego on the ground.

It is very difficult and exhausting to pretend 24 hours a day and pretend to be someone you are not. Sooner or later, when you least expect it, the real you will step up and show up, whether you want it or not.


Save yourself time and money, and show yourself as you are: if you have an affinity with the other person, the chances are that your trip will be a real success, and you will remember it forever.

Please relax and enjoy it; the first trip as a couple is only made once.

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