June 20, 2024

Small business owners such as language tutors, yoga school owners and personal fitness coaches are in for great times. Why?

The reason is simple. Most of these businesses have used WordPress Development Services to build their websites. So far,they were conducting their classes online, but collecting fees from their students only in offline mode – either through cash, or via credit cards or through normal banking channels.

The good news is that with the introduction of new tools such as the Recurring Payments button and the Calendly block, it is now possible for them to collect fees from their students online and directly from their own websites.

In case you are an instructor and interested to include these features in your existing website, then you can easily do this by hiring WordPress development services.

Below are the steps that will help you set up either your own subscription-based service, or move your existing classes online.

Add a “Subscribe” page on your website

Add a “Subscribe” page on your website-click42

The purpose of this page is to promote the subject that you are teaching amongst your students and to explain them its benefits. You will need to provide them a convincing story of how they can gain by enrolling themselves into your course and offer them a few subscription options (different frequencies and price points) that suit them.

To make your case stronger you can add a few video testimonials of students who had enrolled in your course earlier on and benefitted from it.

Use the Recurring Payments feature on your website

This feature allows you to collect payments from your students at regular intervals (recurring payments). Activation starts as soon as soon the feature is implemented.

With this feature on your website, students not only from your own country, but also international students from other countries can make payments to you. For this they will only need to enter their credit card details and make the payment and then they will be charged automatically every month or every year.

As a business owner, you will only need to create a Stripe account, which is a global money transfer service. Your WordPress development services provider will be able to guide you to set up this account for you, so you can start collecting payments.

Create a scheduler on your website using the Calendly Block

As you would be offering classes online, your students can choose the time of the class based on your availability and the time that suits them. A Calendly Block is very helpful in this regard as it balances your availability with the preference of your students.

Simply put, you have to select the specific dates and the timings of your classes and your students will be able to select a free slot from your schedule. Besides this main feature, there are a host of other features that are available.

Select the video conferencing tool to conduct the class

Select the video conferencing tool to conduct the class-click42

There are numerous tools available that you can use to conduct video based online classes. Some of the popular tools that will work with your WordPress websites are Zoom, Google Hangouts and Skype. Zoom has in fact put together a very helpful and handy tutorial for teachers and instructors who conduct online classes.

These tools allow you not only to share your screen, but also send files, or host a session for one, or multiple people in a lecture-style format.


As a WordPress website owner, you are well-placed to offer online classes to your students and charge online fees from them directly from your website. In this way you can fundamentally improve the learning environment and save valuable time that would have been lost in commuting.

If you are motivated and committed in your purpose, then it is advisable to hire WordPress development services to implement the above mentioned modifications in your website today.

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