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If you are already part of the world of digital marketing, surely you have realized that it is an area where a large amount of information is handled. Simultaneous tasks are developed, all related to each other that we must monitor to correct actions on time and make the best decisions.

Without a doubt, it is hard work if you do not have the necessary tools to organize all this type of information, and more importantly, to give it a useful meaning in your business. Discover in this article why a CRM is one of the key tools to enhance your digital strategy.

What is a CRM?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a marketing strategy that collects, organizes and analyzes all the information regarding the interaction of your company with customers and suppliers. Currently it is carried out through applications or software that act as a centralized database, integrating messaging functions, calendar, social networks, operations management, etc.

To carry out marketing focused on customer satisfaction, CRM is a vital tool for the following aspects of your digital strategy:

1. Accurate Customer Segmentation

Every successful digital strategy starts from a good segmentation process for which you must know your ideal client very well. A CRM can help you first of all to decipher who your buyer persona is. That is, that buyer with the ideal characteristics to be attracted to your offer.

Not knowing this will waste time and money, sending a message to a market segment that may not be the most suitable for your brand. With a CRM it is very easy to collect useful information about what type of people approach your website, interact with your online store, through what means they do it, etc.

All this allows you to more easily build a profile like Children’s book illustration of tastes, needs, professional environment, to which you can adapt your message.

2. Timelier Commercial Prospecting

The prospecting process without the use of technology is less efficient because you end up losing control of your leads much easier.  It is possible that your leads arrive at emails that you forget to open, that you cannot organize yourself to return all the calls or your conventional database does not allow you to visualize this type of thing, etc.

In short, a lot of mistakes that make you not contact your leads from the first moment they come to you and have great interest in your product or service. Through a CRM you can manage all communication with your contacts in one place, since it is possible to synchronize your messaging services, mail, calls and your social network accounts.

Thus, once your audience is segmented, you can feed relevant information to each segment, without losing track of any type of interaction.

3. More Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

The email marketing is essential in any digital strategy of a company, regardless of size. Most people are most attentive to their email inbox during the day, making it a very powerful communication platform if used correctly.

The problem with email marketing is that it can easily be classified as SPAM if your emails are not accurate or personalized. Consumers are not interested in receiving advertising.  Through a CRM you can create contact lists to send selected information according to their characteristics, tastes, needs, etc.

This personalized approach must be accompanied by information that adds value so that the client sees your brand as a benchmark of experience in its sector. Through these digital tools you can also measure how the campaign is evolving, measuring variables such as:

  • Open rate.
  • Click rate.
  • Response rate.
  • Bounce rate, which refers to the percentage of emails that could not be delivered to the recipient.
  • SPAM rate, which refers to the percentage of people who added your email to the spam list.

4. Measurement and Analysis of Results

Any digital strategy requires monitoring of results in order to apply corrective measures on time. A CRM makes this task much easier because it allows all departments to view the progress of designated tasks. This, in addition to improving interdepartmental communication, also makes it possible to identify failures or errors, including the stages of the sales process in which customers are lost.

This is possible and easy to do thanks to the fact that many CRMs include results analysis functions, as well as the creation of reports and reports that will help you better understand the sales process of your company.

5. Customer loyalty through Satisfaction

The profitability of a business is given by regular customers, and their loyalty should be one of the main objectives of your digital strategy. Mainly because it is much cheaper to retain a current customer than to get a new one, since the most difficult part of the job is done. The current client already knows you, knows how you work and what to expect from you.

Your task is to value and give back that he chose you over other options!

Customer gratitude is demonstrated in many ways, one of which is based on loyalty programs and strategies. With a CRM you can know which customers buy from you frequently and thus design gift packages, exclusive promotions and content. You can group your customers in lists like:

  • Customers who have bought more than one item in the last month.
  • Customers who have not purchased for 6 months.
  • Customers with purchases greater than X euros.
  • Members of our membership club for 1 year.

And like these examples, there are many others to design rewards and even ideas that attract those customers who have not bought in your store for a while.


A CRM is that tool that every entrepreneur must have to enhance their digital strategies, since they greatly facilitate the performance of tasks that were traditionally done manually or using obsolete and impractical programs. Having centralized information to manage a global vision of the interaction with each client is the perfect combination to improve the user experience and streamline all internal processes.

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