Pros And Cons Of Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing has taken over traditional marketing by a storm. Many new and old businesses are turning towards digital marketing to sell their products to their customers. However, as with every system, digital marketing also has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Many blogs for marketing out there discuss these differences. The pros and cons of digital marketing are mentioned below:

Advantages of Digital marketing

Enhanced global reach

Digital marketing allows its users to reach globally in pursuit of potential customers. It enables them to reach their target audience more cost-effectively.

Ease of personalization

By having the customer database linked to your website, you can have customized offers for different customers whenever they make a visit to your website. So, increased interaction between your customers and your brand will help you market the right product to them more effectively while at the same time, helping you improve your customer profile.

Low cost

All blogs for marketing will agree that digital marketing is the most cost-effective way out there to market your products to customers in which they use channels like Instagram, youtube, google ads e.t.c. If the digital marketing strategy is planned incorrectly with the right thought process, then it can reach the target audience at an insanely low price as compared to traditional marketing. The low cost also enables the business owners to spare the money to invest their remaining capital in their business where required.

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

Increased competition

Now that every business in the world is turning towards digital marketing, it means that your competitions are all into it too. This can prove to be quite a challenge to set your brand apart from the rest and build a strong and loyal customer base.

Negative feedback can affect your brand

Almost all blogs for marketing will agree that a downside to digital marketing is that any sort of negative feedback or a comment can be visible to the world through social media sites and other means on the internet as well. This can have a negative impact on your brand.

Security issues

Like all things online, your business can also face security issues once you enter the world of digital marketing. There are chances of hacking or fake pages with the same name as your brand. Other than this, there are certain rules and regulations that you must comply with as well to safeguard the data and personal information of your customers.

Doing Digital Marketing By Yourself

A lot of people want to do digital marketing for their businesses by themselves but they don’t realize how much time is needed, and the requirement of skills for a successful campaign. So in terms of specialism and skills, you need two things creative and technical skills, money requirement is obvious. So you need a bit of a right and left brain to deal with both. So I’ll give you an example or a list of examples of the kind of things that you need to learn or practice to implement.

First of all, you need creativity for creating something unique to attract the audience for buying your product or services. Another one is copywriting – if you don’t know what copywriting is, it’s basically the art of writing persuasively whether that’s in the form of an email, on your website, or whether it’s in an ad for example – you need to know how to write great contents.

Number three is online advertising platforms like Google Ads Facebook, Linkedin, they’ve all got their own quirks and their own algorithms and their own bidding systems and you’ve got to learn those things as well if you don’t want to throw your money away. Number four is Analytics: there’s something called digital analytics: that’s a particular field or discipline which is basically understanding how to interpret all the data that comes in and how to make use of all of that data and then turn it into actionable insights and changes that you can do with all your marketing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Marketing By Yourself

By doing DM yourself you can save a lot of money and you may learn new things from different blogs for marketing and tutorials every day, also you can offer your services to other businesses,  but you may also face the lack of time problems in your existing business which can ruin your business. The other big problem obviously if you do it by yourself is that the changes are very fast so if you learn something today, within two or three months it’s probably changed because digital just moves so quickly.

The second option is outsourcing. So this means that you’re going to work with, for example, a consultant, a freelancer, an agency. A digital marketing agency typically covers all the different disciplines that I just mentioned above. So the big disadvantage – obviously – is that you’ve got to fork out your hard-earned cash. But generally speaking, if the agency is good they’re going to get your results relatively quickly although marketing will take its own time; there’s lots of testing to be done and so on. But marketing – generally speaking – when you outsource it to an expert, they can get it done fairly quickly for you providing they’ve got data and budget to work with. So that’s a big advantage.

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