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Real estate is always booming. Except for when it’s not (2008- the perfect example). But the fact is that real estate is a money-making machine, if done right. Same goes for real estate marketing. If done through a good press release site like Wire. RealEstate, it can work wonders. If not, its 2008’s recession part two for you. But one look at the services Wire. RealEstate provides at https://wire.realestate/ and you’ll see why it’s among the top-rated real estate press release marketing sites.

But that’s not all there is to Wire. RealEstate. The website hosts a bunch of other features are articles that will help visitors get up to speed on real estate. More specifically, the website has news on the real estate sector, articles on the different aspects of the market and press releases from major players around the world. It is truly a one-stop destination for stalwarts and players of the real estate market and for newcomers too. Everything is available in one website, arranged neatly and intuitively, at your disposal. Hard to see a reason to not like this site.

Why use Wire. RealEstate?

Aside from its wide range of features and extras that they throw in with their variety of packages, the website and platform boast a high ROI and a visibility rate that gets your press release through the roof. Their services go above and beyond at getting your real estate press release the kind of coverage only the top dollar can buy. But there’s another advantage: it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The website is among the most cost-efficient services of its kind and for the fraction of what a full media campaign would cost, they deliver some pretty good results.

What are the features Wire. RealEstate provides? Here’s a quick sneak peek,

  1. Distribution on Wall Street Journal, New York Times, MarketWatch, Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance
  2. Free translation upto 8 Languages
  3. Free Facebook & Google Paid Ads
  4. Geographic & Demographic Targeting
  5. Choose Country, State, and City with Zip Codes
  6. Choose Age Group and interests

And that just the tip of the iceberg that is this website. It also has hundreds of other digital marketing tools that they use to give your press release the unfair advantage over other competitors. All that for a pretty toned-down price. Seems hard to resist.

The website utilises a host of digital tools for the optimum distribution of real estate press release. In addition to those tools, the service will actively and accurately pinpoint the target audience and will effectively penetrate it with your release. What this achieves is a marketing success story and a press release that finds every nook and cranny of the intended audience. That’s effective real estate press release marketing, done right. All thanks to Wire. RealEstate.

More on Wire. RealEstate

Wire.RealEstate is the eminent and premium service that provides a dedicated real estate press release distribution and marketing service. They combine geographic targeting with demographic targeting that allows users to choose age groups, interests and industries – no other press release distribution service at any price offers this ROI. The website also has an added incentive of artificial intelligence-driven translations, every release is distributed in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. To further increase SEO value, Wire.RealEstate has Google’s long tail keyword API to facilitate the user’s ability to choose the optimum keywords for their message.

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