April 12, 2024

If you want to personalize an effective and unique design for the custom boxes. You need to put yourself at the place of your client first. This is the most feasible way to make your design more professional, more attractive, and appealing in looks. A lot of packaging suppliers offer you to customize your packages according to your specs and desires. So our professionals at Fast Custom Boxes are giving you a helping hand in the form of these 7 designing tips. This information will make you capable enough to optimize the looks of your packages.

1) Know About Your Clients

This tip must be on the top of the list. Knowledge is the main power! Agree? So detailed information about the buyers of your product is key in making the best design of your printed boxes. We use a term Customer Persona CP for this. Deep knowledge of your clients makes you capable enough to design your boxes accordingly to attract your target clients’.

  • Know about the age of your customers. For example, your customers are women, of age from 25 to 35.
  • Then select the coloring, pictures, themes, coatings, and decorative features accordingly.
  • Print the famous cartoon characters or superheroes images on your packages if you are selling some products for children.
  • Get some knowledge about the location of your clients.
  • If it is a hill station or any other area. You can get an unlimited range of beautiful mountain templates and much more.

2) Take Proper Time:

Designing is the main and the most important factor in your packaging production. Most people design boxes in a hurry. It would cause in making a dull design for your product’s packaging. We suggest you take the proper time and feel your packaging’s remarkability on the paper. After that, you can shift to the 3D model. So give yourself sufficient time as well as means to spend in this most important process.

3) Print Your Product Benefits Prominently 

Add all the benefits and pros of your products prominently on your boxes. This will make the design of your printing boxes catchier and noticeable among a large number of your clients. People don’t have much interest in your product features like how much easy your product is to use. But they defiantly want to know that

  • Either they will get healthier with your product?
  • Will it make you younger and fit in looks?
  • Would this product take their pain away to make them physically more active in their work? Etc.

In simple, the benefits included in the design of your packaging products increase the engagement time of your product with your brand item. So it is very useful to add to your design.

4) Testing & Feedback 

Don’t totally rely on just a single design. It is a bad practice to have just a single design for your product. A lot of people do this same mistake that they submit their design without proper testing. They find that design good according to their own perspectives. They think that all the other people will also like that packaging design on the same. It is wrong!

  • You have to make at least 5 designs for your custom printed boxes.
  • After that select the most eye-catching and attractive design among them.
  • Get help from your family and friend in the form of their suggestions. Don’t forget that they are also the buyers.
  • Don’t think that if you are liking that design people will like it too.
  • A proper survey and testing can make you able to get the most liked design by the viewers.

5) Do Proper Research  

In today’s world of a big race, all the companies look for the most trending and adorable features in designing their wholesale packaging boxes. For this purpose, you can visit the supermarket(s) and look at what factors make your competitors packaging catchier in looks.

  • You need to put your product in that packaging on the racks, where it would be sold.
  • It will make you clear that how your item will look on the shelves.
  • Check different products, compare their hook features.
  • Get help from the google to find trending designs for the custom packages of your niche.
  • Big companies also facilitate you with their graphic designers to assist you in selecting and adding the best trending features for your boxes.
  • This research will make your design rise above.

6) Size Matters A lot

Keeping the shape and size of your product in your consideration while designing your Custom packaging boxes is also a good practice. Take the size of your item in your account first while setting its dimensions.

  • If your packaging product needs a tight casing than make it confirm that your box is not too tight.
  • Always leave 1/16” in every dimension.

7) Use Custom add Ons 

Use custom Add Ons in designing your boxes to make your product looks more prominent and lovely in front of your buyers. At Fast Custom Boxes, you can get a wide range of decoration features to give your design a matchless look. You will get a wide range of designing features that you shouldn’t ignore if you want to make your packaging design successful for your brand and product.

  • You can select embossing or debossing to make your logo more visible and prominent.
  • Shiny Coatings of mate and gloss can also be added to give your custom boxes a more professional look.


A right and suitable design is a proper skill in the customization of your custom packaging. Box’s design has the value like a backbone in compelling its viewers to take your product with them to boost your review. So while designing, one could customize his packages in a much better way, if he will keep these above tips in his checklist.

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