April 12, 2024

When Kareena Kapoor boarded the exciting journey from Ratlam to Punjab in her Patiala salwar and long T-shirt in the movie Jab We Met, it set a precedent for the next big fashion trend; the chic pajama fashion! Taking from that ‘aha’ moment the fashion industry immediately created a wave with dhoti pants as the new style statement. Dhoti is traditional bottom wear for men; it has now evolved with a contemporary twist to become a popular option in the women’s clothing section.

Dhoti Pants are comfortable bottom wear, during summers. Amazingly, these dhoti pants have crossed international borders and landed on the fashion trends abroad. The craze for dhoti pants lies in the fact that they can work with everybody’s shape. Join us to know how to style Dhoti Pants according to your body shape.

Hourglass-shaped body

Ladies! What else can you ask for? With that perfect figure, you need to pick what you wish to. Combine your dhoti pants with a tunic, or even a plain tee will work for you. To complete the look, add jhumkas, neckpiece, and mojari’s; and you are ready to roll. You can buy dhoti pants online, available in various sizes, designs, and occasions.

Pear-shaped body

Women with pear shape bodies usually have more massive bottoms. While you have to wear leggings with long tops or kurtas, loose pants mostly do not work for you. Well, dhoti pants will serve your purpose. Pair up a shirt with your Dhoti Pants to get a chic formal look. You can even try to tuck in your shirt or top to create the illusion of longer legs. Enhance your look with statement jewelry. Add sexy peep-toe shoes to complete your attire.

Apple-shaped body

An apple is the opposite of the above body type. Generally, apple-shaped women have a more massive middle and upper part of the body, but a narrow bottom. Selecting an outfit becomes quite a challenging task, as you need to create the perfect balance between your upper and lower body. Indeed, a boon for you, Dhoti Pants will add volume to the right places. Combine it with a dark-coloured top. Design your look with some fun chunky bangles and a sling bag.

Banana-shaped body

Although women with this body shape can pull off any outfit with ease, some may find it challenging managing things with dhoti pants. But, fear not, here is a simple trick for you- wear your dhoti pants with a voluminous or loose-fit blouse or top. Make this outfit stand out by adding a chic and stylish statement belt. Design your look by adding matching wedges and a tote.

Straight-shaped body

With this body type, the upper and lower torso is equal in width, and the bust area is average. A flat buttock and an unclear waist with lean legs are what the body type is. For such a kind of body shape, layering dhoti pants along with a loose-fitted top is a suitable option. It gives you a voluminous look.

Rectangle-shaped body

As this body type is the one with straight hips and a flat bottom portion, wearing the dhoti pants with tops that are not very boxy should suit. Choose prints with straight lines and wear the top which structures your waist correctly. Also, avoid square-shaped footwear.


You now have an idea of what kind of Dhoti Pants style best suits your body type. Go ahead and try your style. With these exciting tips and tricks, dhoti pants are the best option to make your summer wardrobe vibrant.

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