Common Mistakes Done by NEET Aspirants During Preparation

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National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is one of the biggest medical competitive exams in India. It fulfills the dreams of millions of aspirants every year who look forward to get admission in some of the most esteemed colleges. Aspirants enroll to some of the best NEET coaching institute in Delhi and keep looking for effective study material which can help them with the preparation.

Common NEET preparation mistakes
NEET aspirants are always told how to go about with their preparation but rarely do they get to know about the mistakes that some of the former NEET aspirants have done. Here it has been mentioned all the mistakes that can take you away from achieving your much awaited goal.

Not preparing from the NCERT Books

You must have heard many times that NCERT is the best reference book for NEET. Well it is true! NCERT should be considered as the main book whereas any other book can be kept for side revision. Ignoring this point can make you lose your marks in the NEET exam.

Solving too many questions

Practicing the questions is indeed important and should be considered as a priority but if you are solving too many questions from various books then it can become confusing. It is not just about practicing the questions but also revising them is necessary. If you are referring too many books for practice questions then revising all of it in the end can be tedious. Hence, you should opt for some of the best online test series for NEET and keep that only as your reference point for revision.Sleep deprivation

Hard work does require a lot of sacrifice but health shouldn’t be included in it. Many NEET aspirants stretch their preparation hours and sit for the entire night learning or revising the topics. This can take a bad toll on the overall health and can also lead to illness.

Remember, your goal is to achieve your dream and it can be only dome when you have a healthy mind and body. So always try to get at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep daily and eat nutritious food. Skipping the meals can make your brain work slow which can hamper your active preparation schedule.

No revision strategy

The end days before NEET examination is all about how well you could revise the entire syllabus and a lot of your success depends on that. For this you need to keep best study material for NEET handy and mark all the important points in it. You can also make separate notes on a writing pad in your own handwriting. The aspirants, who think that revising from the books is enough, are making a big mistake as going through so many topics in a book can be confusing whereas referring your own hand made notes gives you better target for completing the revision.

Time wasting

In recent years, multiple social media platforms have taken over the society which has turned most of the people into social media addicts. It is advised for the NEET aspirants to take some time off during the preparation and pursue your hobby but even in that free time social media shouldn’t be preferred. It takes up a lot of time and can also make you forget a lot of what you have learned recently. Whereas hobbies such as singing, dancing, reading, cooking or playing some instrument relaxes your mind and increases its productivity as well as retaining power.

Not clearing the doubts on time

The syllabus of NEET is quite lengthy and a lot of it has to be learned. During the preparation NEET aspirants often come up with a lot many doubts but with s thought of getting them resolved later, just shun it out of their mind. Doing so is strictly not recommended! Clearing the doubts as and when they arise keeps you on a proper and much defined track of preparation. Also, the doubt left unresolved can become a hurdle in some other topic breaking the continuity of your learning.

Not having enough confidence

NEET preparation is highly stressful and often during the course of time students start to lack confidence due to stress and depression. Their nervousness starts taking over the logical part of the brain making them doubt on their preparation and the overall end result.

Also due to this pandemic situation NEET coaching institute in Delhi have been shut down which has caused a havoc in the students life who were enrolled in them.

But giving up now is not the solution and you can avail best online test series for NEET and also the study material online which are equally effective. So don’t give up just because you cannot continue with offline coaching.

Hope you would not make all these common NEET preparation mistakes and instead would avoid them in order to reach your goal successfully.

Best of Luck!


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