June 20, 2024

The devastating COVOD-19 phenomenon has changed the world order in an absolutely unprecedented manner. According to reports, the education industry offering customised assistance and digital services is said to be affected the most, most in a good and apparently unfavourable ways at the same time. For instance, most students, these days are seen to seek case study assignment help in UAE via digital modes of communication, which is undeniably the smartest option to embrace right now. On the other hand, the pandemic has caused the world to surrender to lockdown. 

As a result, most academic experts are found to be working from home, thus, causing hindrances in terms of the regular office-based, seamless communication. In case, the internet at home goes for a toss, the concerned academic expert won’t be able to attend the student awaiting his/her response. Thus, it seems that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of education services in quite a few ways. 

Are you eager to explore the broader aspect of this matter? Invest some time in reading this blog and develop the right insights into the topic. 

Education services are expanding all across the virtual realms 

Education services are expanding all across the virtual realms - click42

Even though academic services before the pandemic were found to be operated mostly via digital platforms, things have now turned out to be completely digital. Almost every academic service provider has shifted its base to digital forums with an aim to offer educational assistance online. 

Here’s how most education service providers are pulling through the COVID-19 phase with all might and main. 

  • Academic service providers, these days, have stopped accepting in-person payment. 
  • Rather, they have done the practice of accepting online payment via PayPal, debit/credit cards and online banking a compulsion. 
  • Also, the students are said to be benefitted by the availability of online resources offered by the service providers. 
  • For example, they can simply log in to the potential academic service portal, place queries and receive instant, real-time solutions, simply from the comfort of home. 
  • Moreover, students can easily avoid stepping out of their house during these trying times of the pandemic, and receive customised academic assistance online. 


Digital tools are being leveraged to the fullest

Digital tools are being leveraged to the fullest - click42 

This is yet another strikingly notable way that highlights the impact of the COVID-19 on education services. Earlier, since schools and colleges used to remain open, students would mostly try and clear out their academic queries in the classrooms. 

However, such is not the case anymore. Students, these days, are in a constant need for clarifying academic queries and getting the hang of individual lessons offered via digital windows. 

As a result, students need to go about certain textbook materials, exercises and assignments on their own. This is exactly where the context of digital tools and academic resources comes into prominence. 

Here’s how the education industry is making a difference during the COVID phase by fostering the availability of the following digital academic tools and beyond. 

  • Students get to use free plagiarism checkers online, in order to weed out all critical duplicity errors in the paper, thus, avoiding the hassle of manual labour. 
  • As a fact of the matter, students can use advanced grammar checkers such as Grammarly, Reverso and other in-house digital tools offered by education service providers. 
  • This helps them to replace the hassle of weeding out critical grammatical errors via manual efforts, which, in turn, saves enough time for the students.
  • In addition, most education service providers are offering free word count tools as well. 
  • Now that the schools and colleges have come to a temporary closure, students are said to face difficulties in keeping up with lengthy dissertations and case studies. 
  • Previously, they used to seek instant assistance from their professors regarding keeping a check on the character or word count preferred for each assignment. 
  • Now that the word/character count tools are available for free, and in abundance, students can easily harness their potential on the go. 


There are downsides in the form of scams and frauds 

Things are not all glittery and promising all the time. There are downsides as well. As per reports, now that the domain of education services has expanded its wings across broader avenues, there are too many scammers surfacing all over the internet these days. 

Here are some instances that define how some people are misusing the boon called digitisation in academic services. 

  • According to surveys, every 4 out of 10 academic service providers these days are found to be involved in fraudulent activities. 
  • They would approach students with promising attitudes, along with the assurance of sending across customised academic papers on time. 
  • Once, the payment is done, in several instances, the service providers go unavailable or tend to delay the task intentionally and wait for the student to reject the order. 
  • On the other hand, students are found to misuse digital platforms as well. 
  • There are students who would end up selling off customised assignment samples to third parties. 
  • This is nothing but a clear case of violation of legal policies. Students are not entitled to using customised assignments and pass them off as original works. 
  • Even though this is one heinous crime, not many academic service providers, till date, have admitted to keeping a check on this practice till date. 
  • This calls for stricter online supervision and application of stringent usage policies in the days to come. 
  • Also, there are a few troublemakers who would intentionally try to hack critical information and those data off to third parties. 

Parting Thoughts, 

Now that you are aware of the scenario and the fact that online academic service is the new future, all authoritarian bodies must come together to secure the days ahead. 

Here are some suggestions on how academic services can be upgraded and made more secured down the road. 

  • Every student must responsibly take a look around the potential academic service website and check whether the portal has a legally registered office address. 
  • Secondly, the academic service providers, on the other hand, must embrace stricter quality assurance measures in the matter of hiring experienced writers. 
  • All education services should be given strict directions regarding practising legally acceptable and ethical professions. 
  • That way, we can keep a check on unethical activities, scams and other frauds all over the internet. 


Author Bio: Ema Lee is an experienced academic writer, dedicated to offering case study help in UAE, on behalf of the digital platform MyAssignmenthelp.com. Also, she is a dedicated academic counsellor and data analyst, working on behalf of a leading firm. 

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