May 27, 2024

The people who use wheelchairs face various difficulties in their life. Fortunately, there are various types of tools and gadgets that can help in improving their life and make their lives comfortable such as safety belts, cushions, wheelchair poncho, etc. Here, in this blog post, we are going to discuss various accessories that will make the life of wheelchair users simple and effective. The regular wheelchair should invest in those accessories that can make the life of wheelchair users simple and comfortable.  

  1. Seat Cushion

The regular wheelchair users have to spend their time sitting on their chairs. Continuously sitting for long hours will lead to pressure on their backbone. Therefore, all wheelchair users should invest in good quality wheelchair cushions. The seat cushions are one of the most common wheelchair accessories and all wheelchair users must use good seat cushions. When it comes to seat cushion, the first thing that will come to our mind is comfort. Different types of seat cushions are available in the market and you should choose the one that offers comfort and let you maintain good body posture.  The seat cushion should be able to reduce fatigue and prevent you from pressure sores.

  1. Back Cushion

The back cushion is just like your seat cushion and it helps in maintaining accurate body posture. It is recommended that you should invest in ergonomic back cushions that help in maintaining balance and providing great relief from your back pain. Well, the back cushions are not as important as the seat cushions. But, the backseat cushions can help in providing comfort to wheelchair users who have to spend long hours sitting on the chair.

  1. Wheelchair Safety Belt

The safety belt is very important for wheelchair users. Well, there is no law for wheelchair users to fasten safety. But, investing in one will ensure the safety of wheelchair users. Just like various other safety belts, the wheelchair safety belt also consisted of the strap and buckles. It will help to keep you fastened and prevent the wheelchair user from any major fall.

  1. Gloves For Wheelchair Users

The gloves are good for those who have a manual wheelchair user. Powered-wheelchair users do not need any kind of gloves. The active wheelchair users who often love to go on a long ride should consider investing in good quality gloves. Wheelchair users have to exert pressure on the wheels and it is very tough on the palms of wheelchair users. By repetitive use of hands, you will get blisters, scars, and rashes on your hands. Thus, the wheelchair gloves are designed to protect the hands of the wheelchair users

  1. Backpack

The special backpacks are designed for wheelchair users so that they can easily carry essential items with them. You do not need to carry various items on your lap. You just need to purchase the wheelchair backpack and put everything inside the backpack so that you can keep your hands free.  Also, you do not need to worry about falling things down.

  1. Wheelchair Poncho

The wheelchair poncho prevents wheelchair users from sudden rainfall. There are different types of wheelchair ponchos available in the market. But, you can also prepare a wheelchair poncho at home. How to make a wheelchair poncho? Most people are looking for the answer to this question. You need to follow some simple steps and you can easily prepare your wheelchair ponchos.

  1. Portable Ramp

Most house entrances have few steps and it makes it difficult for wheelchair users to move in and go outside. The portable ramp lets you create a temporary ramp over these steps so that you can easily move your wheelchair over the steps without any problem. There is a wide range of ramp available in the market such as a lightweight foldable ramp. You can easily carry the portable ramp with your anywhere.

  1. Transfer Board

These kinds of boards are not required by all wheelchair users. The wheelchair users who are not able to move from one place to another should use the transfer boards. The transfer boards are designed for heavyweight wheelchair users. The caregivers find it very difficult to shift the heavy wheelchair person.

  1. Table Tray

The table tray designed for the wheelchair users is lightweight and the wheelchair users can easily carry them. The table tray is integrated with the armrest of the wheelchair. The wheelchair can be used as the work table or study table. The wheelchair user can easily place various things over this try and keep their hands free. For instance, wheelchair users can place the cup of tea on the tray and use your laptop on another side.

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