6 Simple Logo Design Software Alternatives

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You want to design a logo for your brand??

Well you can hire an agency or a freelancer or a graphic designer or can just outsource your design. But there are times when these can be expensive for you. So, at those times online logo makers or software can come to your rescue. It is a very inexpensive way to get your own logo within no time. Thus, Designviva has set down 6 simple logo design software alternatives which you can opt to build your own logo.

Adobe illustrator

It is a part of the Adobe Creative Suite. It comes with a wide range of features for every aspect of your logo design. This has become super easy to align objects using a pixel grid. It provides you with precise shape-building tools, brushes, and advanced path controls. Thus, giving you the space and adaptability to create almost any logo design you want. This tool also helps to create realistic depth and distance. It provides a well defined layout and logo positioning feature. Also comprises a wide variety of color palettes you can even apply gradients to individual strokes while still controlling placement and opacity. It can be a bit difficult for beginners. Also, it is more on an expensive side. Talking about its user friendliness and customizability it is a good tool to explore. 

Tailor brands

It has emerged out to be a well-known logo design tool. This provides you ample number of features to help you to create a fine logo for yourself. It provides you a questionnaire asking about your style preferences, that is what kind of logo you want and then based upon that it provides you a wide variety of logo options. It comes with professional templates, a range of fonts and styles along with a good color palette. Even after creating and buying the logo you can customize it. It is good for beginners too. It has got good professionalism and user friendliness.

Designhill Logo Creator

Powered by artificial intelligence, Designhill logo creator is a leading tool that makes logo designing fun. The software comes with a simple interactive interface that allows even novices to create a logo in just five minutes and a few clicks.

The tool has been developed keeping in mind the beginners, but it’s equally useful for pro-designers. Using its advanced features, pro-designers can create high-quality logos. The tool has an exclusive library of templates, fonts, icons, colors, along with other design elements that help you fully customize your logo. 

You start creating a logo design by entering your company’s name or the text that you want to see in your logo. Then, in the following steps, the software will ask you to choose logo style, fonts, colors, layout, etc. And in just a few minutes, you’ll have hundreds of logo designs. Choose one that suits your business the best and start customizing. 

The best part of the tool is it’s free to use and charges only when you download your logo design files.  


This is a complete package for graphic designing and other designing projects. It provides you with an easy drag-and-drop tool making you able to arrange and organize design elements as per your need. This is for both beginners and professionals giving you a sleek, neat, and well-defined layout. It has hundreds of templates which are of high quality and look very professional, enabling you to build and design logos very effectively. Moreover, it is free for you to create logos if you have your own elements or you can also use its provided free elements. Additionally, they offer premium elements for $1 each. Canva simplifies design, so it is an especially great logo maker even for the beginner. But yes, it has less customization features than more advanced programs. It gives you optimal results with sheer brilliance in the design. It has got very good user friendliness and professionalism.


It is designed for mobile devices. When you want to create a logo in minutes then Designviva suggest you go for this software. This app uses machine learning and create brand assets for you and your business. It offers a wide selection of templates. It gives you suggestions based on your chosen industry and other customizations. This has both free and premium templates so you can opt as per your requirement. However, designing logos on small screens can be bit difficult but this tool ensures great convenience to you. So, if you want to quickly build a logo then you can use this on your mobile or tablet screen. User friendliness and professionalism is fine and gives you the option of customization.


It was formerly known as logojoy. This tool uses Artificial Intelligence to determine what logo designs users might like based on their color, style, and icon preferences. It also offers marketing assets building and website designing too. It offers you designs which are bold in nature and intricate in designing. If you want to build logos on the go then you can opt for this tool. However, customization is low in this tool as once your logos are created, you can mainly just alter the colors and size shapes on the logo template. It charges $20 for a single low-resolution file of the logo and $65 for multiple high-res files and color variations. It also offers an enterprise edition to you consisting of social media kit and business card designs. Very good user friendliness but average customizability and professionalism.


This tool generates logos from your own sketch. It takes conventional inputs like color and other preferences and creates a logo for you. This generates logos from inputs like name of business or brand, initials of business, colors, and custom sketch. It comes with unique fonts, styles and icons giving you a fine touch of professionalism. After creating the logo, you can customize each element’s color, logo positioning, size, background, font etc., It provides good affordable rates. It is good for beginners as well as for professionals. Offers you high quality, optimal and custom logos. very good user friendliness, professionalism, and customizability.

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