May 27, 2024

The behavior of the consumers has witnessed the sprouting of new dimensions with the dynamism of growing technology in the market like the booming of E-commerce. Most of the buyers having access to the internet now prefer to buy goods and services online.

So, market players and enterprises have recognized the potential of digital marketing as against the traditional ways of marketing so that they can now plan their online strategies with the appropriate tools and business tactics for reaching out to their audience-building their brand value.

By using the paraphernalia involved in online marketing, businesses may take informed decisive actions and attract, pitch, convert, and delight their customers online.

What is digital marketing?

According to one of the experts at assignment help service, digital marketing is a means of marketing that is carried out on digital platforms like social media, search engines, websites, emails, etc. It lets the businesses control what is reflected in the SERP when someone looks for them or the services they offer.

Most of them have targeted audiences and consumers; digital marketing is about making them aware about the existence of the brand through online platforms by analyzing the activity of these customer-users and reaching them where they spend most of their time.

This could be achieved by implementing SEO friendly rules and tools like:-

  • Making the content on the website SEO friendly
  • Displaying ads across the web by using pay per click policy
  • Email marketing
  • Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Website marketing

A website decides the fate of a brand and lays down the foundation of the digital marketing campaign for every business. Whenever a brand is being looked for, if it doesn’t have a website, it becomes less trustworthy. It is also an indispensable part because if any leads that you might have generated through mass media or digital advertising would look for a website to contact, buy, or retrieve information.

If the website has been made, is that a mobile-friendly? Businesses often forget that users spend approximately 70 percent of the time accessing the internet through their smartphones. Statistics have revealed that only 50 percent of internet surfing is done through a desktop or a laptop.

So, it’s high time that business now understands the user behavior and with optimizing their website they must make it mobile-friendly.

What’s the fuss about SEO!


Everyone is talking about Google Analytics, SERP, and SEO. But, are they worth spending time? The answer is simple. If brands want to generate leads and convert them into generating sales, search engine optimization is what is needed. 71% of the consumers’ lookout for different options for any buying activity on Google. Google has become the Oracle of Delphi who knew everything; only it doesn’t talk in crypts. It reflects whatever is there online whether positive or negative.

The permutations and combination of PageRank

Google algorithms and search engine spiders look for the most relevant SEO friendly content for featuring the websites on Google SERP in a chronology. This ranking becomes important as the users psychologically go for the first few results. IT is done so that the most relevant information is displayed to the users. This PageRank is calculated based on the quality of the content and quantity of the links leading to a particular webpage. The more the PageRank, the more visibility and organic traffic.

Google doesn’t disclose any information regarding the essentials of a PageRank. Moz has developed a quantifiable metric that assesses the website on the same parameters as PageRank and gives results in terms of ‘Domain Authority’ that could be increased by creating Backlinks. It reveals how well the website would function on Google.

Content Marketing

content marketing

Users are not interested in watching ads. It is the content they want to consume. So, content assets are created by companies to create brand awareness, escalating site traffic, generating leads, and engaging customers. An advertisement hidden in a strong message related to some social evil is likely to generate more customers as it is invoking a subconscious empathy in the minds of the spectators.

So, here the focus is to make the leads and customers understand that they are very important for -the company. This can be done by sending greeting emails on special occasions or when someone subscribes to your newsletter. The newsletter may contain content with which the user may identify. The content could be floated on the following:-

  • Website’s landing pages
  • Blog posts
  • Guest posts
  • E-books
  • Social media posts and videos
  • Research reports
  • Case studies
  • Press releases
  • Interviews of key managerial personnel of the company
  • infographics

Pay Per Click Marketing

A website reaches higher in SERP ranks when it derives organic traffic. One of the ways to draw leads is through PPC. PPC advertising is about paying the publisher of the ad when someone clicks on it and reaches the advertised website. There are many kinds of PPC ads that you may employ like:

  • Google ads
  • Bing ads
  • Facebook ads
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Twitter ads
  • AdRoll
  • Yahoo Gemini

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