May 27, 2024

Magneto is a popular e-commerce platform primarily used to create a fully-functional online store to sell products. Its competitors include Shopify and BigCommerce. Since its inception in 2008, Magneto has gradually increased its share to about 30% of the overall market. More than 250,000 merchants rely on the e-commerce platform to conduct their businesses. 

 The platform is available as an open-source version and a paid version. You can download the free version from the Web. It will allow you to customize and run the platform on your server. In contrast, the paid version provides premium features, cloud hosting, and support by Magneto. 

Magento Open Source vs. Magento Commerce

Magento Open Source

 Magneto Open Source is a free version, which is popular among small business owners and anyone interested in maximum customization. Previously, Magento Open Source was known as Magneto Community. As the name suggests, a vibrant community comprising thousands of users actively uses the platform. As a result, you will also find hundreds of high-quality Magento themes and extensions. 

 If you have a development team or you work with independent Magneto experts, you can create a Magento-powered platform to compete against the best in the market. Besides small and medium-sized businesses, large companies are increasingly using Magento Open Source. Retailers love it because it is lightweight, affordable, and offers endless customization opportunities.

Magento Commerce

 Magento Commerce is the premium version of the e-commerce platform. The base price is around $22,000 per year. You also get an option to host your online store in the cloud. Some of the most valuable features include a page builder, B2B functionality, virtual merchandising, SEO capabilities, and content staging. 

 The paid version is practical for executives and managers who want complete control over the platform. If you don’t have an expert team of Magento developers, this version offers many native features making it easier to manage and operate the entire platform. You can also hire independent experts for more complicated tasks. 

Which Version Should You Choose?

 The decision to use Open Source or Magento Commerce mainly depends on the price and development cost. Magento Open Source is more practical for most Small and Medium enterprises due to its low initial cost and the ability to control your expenses. To keep costs down, you can easily hire web developers to integrate the necessary elements without paying for needless features.

 If you can afford the price tag associated with a Magento Commerce subscription, the paid version may be a better option. It is also practical for budgeting purposes because you know the upfront cost. You can expect uniform maintenance costs for integrated elements and also get 24/7 Magento support.

Magento Review Pros and Cons

 Magento is feature-rich, scalable, and user-friendly e-commerce software. In the last couple of years, the entire platform has undergone numerous changes to fix random glitches and platform issues. These changes have made it a top choice for the e-commerce community. Compared to its nearest competitors, here are some of its distinct advantages and drawbacks:


Magento Is Highly Customizable: Irrespective of the Magento version, you can customize the Magento platform according to your individual needs. Hundreds of templates, third-party extensions, and feature-rich applications support the development process. Compared to other such software, a strong community of users and Magento developers can offer limitless possibilities.

Flexible Magento Content Management: The Magento software offers superior content management. You can use the WYSIWYG page builder to create a store and make changes in real-time. The catalog management will allow you to build customer-oriented catalogs and customer-oriented pricing. Visual merchandising, loyalty programs, and content staging are just a few of many options that make Magento an industry leader.

SEO-friendly online store: Magento is an SEO-friendly platform. It means that you can easily integrate Meta Tags, Page Titles, Keywords, and other useful SEO elements to propel your store to the top of the search engine. If you’re using Magento Open Source, you can hire experts to develop pages and create content according to the latest SEO best practices. 

Scalable e-commerce System: The platform can build huge online stores enabling you to sell millions of items. The backend can support thousands of simultaneous transactions. Unlike its closest competitors, Magento can also process more orders per hour. You can expect near-instant response times during peak hours. 


Time-consuming: Due to the sheer size of the platform and related functions, the development is time-consuming. If you’re non-technical, it can take some time to learn the basics. During the customization process, you may experience slower speeds. 

Requires Development Skills: The layered structure of Magento makes it more complicated than its rivals. Not everyone can handle more than 200 database tables and a massive number of files. Therefore, expert developers are your best option to go through different hoops when integrating multiple features. 

Key Features of Magento

 If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for your online store, Magento should be at the top of your list. Here are five key reasons why it remains a strong contender for the best in its class:

  1. More than 250,000 retailers use Magento. It is among the fastest-growing e-commerce platforms that power more than 20% of online stores. Almost 200,000 Magento developers are available to help you develop your dream website.


  1. The current version of Magento helps you become PCI compliant. The parent company of Magento, Adobe Inc., is also a certified Level-1 Solution Provider. Based on your requirements, you may need to take additional steps to get full compliance, but it’s straightforward to meet PCI standards using Magento.


  1. Using Magento, you can create a super-friendly environment for your customers. Starting from Magento 2.4.0, the administrator can log in as a customer to help the user. This powerful feature also allows the administrator to troubleshoot customer problems and debug issues.


  1. Magento is optimized for the mobile environment because mobile e-commerce makes approximately 75% of the global e-commerce market. It supports HTML 5 and offers plenty of options, such as creating PAW’s. You can also integrate your online store, website, and app into one solution.


  1. You can secure your e-commerce Magento ecosystem through a variety of security solutions. Developers can create security rules around passwords using SHA-256 hashing algorithms. The adaptable file permission system limits access to sensitive files. Magento 2.0 offers consistent updates patching any vulnerabilities in the system.

 If you’re looking for a world-class Magento software experience, you can hire Chetu to complement your existing team. Chetu is an official Magento solution partner, which takes an audience-centric approach to Magento platform development. They are experts in offering conversion-friendly features so you can focus on up-sell opportunities.

 You can count on their experts to integrate third-party systems or create a fully operational e-commerce Magento store with an easy-to-operate admin panel. Among a host of solutions, Chetu offers Magento migration, Magento implementation, and Magento integrations. They also provide customized solutions to support your backend team. 

 Overall, Magento remains a top choice for thousands of retailers worldwide. It is easily the most customizable and feature-rich e-commerce platform in its niche.

Dave Wood, Global Director of Supply Chain and Retail, Chetu Inc.

Dave Wood is an industry expert within the supply chain and logistics technology landscape. He works at Chetu Inc., Plantation, Fla., a custom software development provider and thought-leader within the IT community. He offers commentary on changing tides within logistics and how inventory and warehouse management systems can propel all facets of retail and supply.

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