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17 Best Plex Alternatives

Plex Media Server is a popular media streaming software service that helps its  users to rush a huge quantity of content coherent with one channel or device. This company was established in 2013 and is located in California and Arizona. Basically, Plex is like an interface or a link between the different worldwide platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon etc. So, viewers can watch TV programmers, movies, and different world’s famously broadcasted TV channels like HBO and much more. Here, you are 


Kodi does not censure the use of its software to watch or listen to unofficial or illegal content, but along this; it is in use by many primary users. Many media players are sold as “jailbroken” or “fully loaded” with Kodi and other add-ons already installed on the device, but Kodi has attempted to stop this by threatening legal action to those who use their copyright in this manner. 

We are giving you a list of some specifically designed special substitutes for plex and its multiple uses.

This app is presenting an unusual simple connection and promotes the streaming of programs from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, PlayStation, Xbox, Sling TV, HBO Now, Starz Streaming, and a lot of more. Its viewers and users can get and free download apps or programs rapidly and directly to the software in order to form only one approach key for all digital and online amusement.

Viewers or the persons who are using this platform can also download and stream live news programs ,videos, photos, sporting events, and music with this software system. Plex Media can be enjoyed on or offline, making it versatile to many users. It also has a digital media organization system that produces file distributing a breeze. Plex Media is a free software app that requires just to be downloaded from the official website and installed on a computer or tablet or any kind of device like this. This software has been described to vastly grow and improve media organization and also help its users to get a lot of out of their online streaming media purchases. Plex Media’s customer support team is approachible while its sequenced business hour.

  1. Kodi
  2. Stremio
  3. Express VPN
  4. Universal Media Server
  5. Emby
  6. PS3 Media Server
  7. Media Portal
  8. Subsonic
  9. Serviio
  10. JRiver Media Center
  11. TVersity
  12. Playon
  13. Media Tomb
  14. rezdy
  15. Younity
  16. Mezzmo
  17. TVmobili

 Kodi-Click42 Kodi:

It got its start from Xbox console and is an excellent media alternative , with an award winning achievement. It is now provided to you on many devices and is used specifically to stream television and movies shows online, but it’s a bit more tangled than that. Kodi does not provide you with such content or stuff itself. It’s all on you to choose an add-on to install that will permit you to pull from repositories online or use your local storage.  Many media alternatives are sold out as “jailbroken” or “fully loaded” with Kodi and other add-ons already installed on the device, but Kodi has tried to stop this by threatening legal action to those who use their copyright in this way.

kodi Click42 - Click42

Stremio-Click42 Stremio

This media server is permitting its users a huge amount of content boundlessly just one device. This was developed in 2013 and is located in California and Arizona. Users can also enjoy movies, live TV programmes, sport shows, music, photos and some games etc. And not only this, this media software also provides offline content  to its users.
In this way, its users have much fun with it. And this Plex Alternatives are also available in sequenced or regular business hours. 

 Express VPN-Click42Express VPN

This alternative is established in such a fast process in the phones, computers and big screens TV.  This is one of the best Plex Alternatives, which provides fastest downloading for its users.

Universal Media Server-Click42Universal Media Server

Universal Media Server permits you to lead your whole or complete library of entertainment like movies, vedios,  music, and pictures, and broadcast them comfortably to a wide category of different devices. This Plex Alternative promotes the free downloading of such stuff to its users. Moreover, it is regularly refreshed in its business hours


This is the most classy Plex Alternative media software for private streaming of movies, vedios, music, tv programmes, photos in mobile app or browser for all devices like android iOS, windows, phone, apple tv, android tv, smart tv, and dlna. Not only this, but this will give you an access to the world of entertainment, news, sports and much more. In short, this is giving you a free hand to download this kind of stuff on this media server. You don’t need to register your account on this to install this app, although this is also a media streaming app.

PS3 Media Server-Click42PS3 Media Server

It is the most new and updated form of media streamers. This media server has included the latest releases of PS3 Media Server for Windows and Mac OS X along with tarballs for Linux/Unix and debs for manual installation on Debian/Ubuntu. …

 For furthur instructions on installing and continuing the PMS from a tarball, so its users can install it free of cost. That’s Why, this one of the best and advanced Plex

Media Portal-Click42 Media Portals

Media streamers are basically used for downloading aims but this software is a little exceptional. Due to its extraordinary functions like it permit its users to get not only the downloading but also adding and sharing the content on this site. So, such Plex Alternatives are available to its users so that they can enjoy its features. It can also be installed for free in any android or apple device.


Subsonic media server is promoting a complete packageFor its lovers. Because it is the software which is allowing you to show and download your favourite content like your stuff of choice. Therefore, it is one of the Plex Alternatives which is providing you the feasibility of access to the variety of entertainment stuff. Also, it is refreshed on a regular basis during business hours.  


Serviio is a free media streamer for Windows, Linux, and Mac. It leads the streaming and downloading of  videos, audios and photos to your DLNA certified and liscensed device. Such a media server which is the PlexAlternative and also provides the best content for downloading purposes.

JRiver Media CenterJRiver Media Center

It is designed for the promotion of downloading apps, games, PDFs, ebooks, shows and much more in the world of entertainment. Hence, This Plex Alternative is the one which is permitting its users to deal with the multiple things like they can download, watch by online streaming, they can do browsing and also they can do sharing of content. All they can do is that they can have more fun and amusement in using this app.


The TVersity Media Server is a DLNA media server software developed for streaming video, audio and images to your DLNA device (including game consoles, smart TVs, Blu-ray players, and Roku), to mobile data and much more. This Plex Alternative is the most famous in its entertainment lover users and not only this but also it is known for the best promotion of positive content to the world.


PlayOn is an excellent software which can be used for the digital world, especially the digital marketers. This is an amazing app for its users. Because they can enjoy their favourite stuff and also they can run their business through this application.

Then we can say that this Plex Alternative is such a multi tasking app.Through this app, you can do browsing, gaming, marketing and much more like this.So you can say  that it permits you to perform and tackle all of your digital video streaming activities from a single, simple dashboard.

Media Tomb-Click42MediaTomb

As you can have an idea from its name, that it is somewhere related to the digital media world which means that you are going in the world of entertainment. So, you can play games, listen to music, watch videos, shows and much more like this. For this, all you just need is to install this app in your phone and then you can download whatever you want to.


The world’s rising and the most latest independent online booking system for tours is now provided on this site. This software is unusually designed for these tasks. For sure, it is included in the Plex Alternatives, but it is presenting many different services. Also, if you are looking forward to entertainment as well as the buisness aspects, it seems perfect. It is doing all these seamlessly with just one device. 


Younity is a kind of media software that compels to gather all of your digital stuff into one simple menu. By installing the software on all your computers and phones, you can unify and organize all of your content on these sites. This is also a unique one included in all other Plex Alternatives. So, its users always gave a best review about these kinds of sites.


Mezzmo is the ultimate media server for streaming movies, music and photos to your UPnP and DLNA devices and web browsers. Mezzmo permits you to stream all your music, movies and photos from your computer with the help of this software. Mezzmo is included in a unique  kind of Plex Alternatives, which promotes the online streaming of media stuff along with the online business for the marketers in a digital market. 


TVMOBiLi is a High Performance Smart TV media server for Mac, Windows and Linux. Not only this, it has gotten with the excellent commands that are really helpful for its users. So, it is ofcourse one of the best Plex Alternatives, that provides the best content to its users.

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